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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

season four Harry

"Is there anything you can't take the fun out of?"

"Reef beeping."


I was spacing out but that put me back on full alert. Reef beeping?

And as if that weren't amusing enough on its own, throw Harrison Wells into the search with reef beeping and you get this fun article.

Some lines from the article struck me as synchronistically funny- For a car that’s spent so much of its time not being anywhere that people knew, it’s a little remarkable just how many places and stories this car features in... But that process—the restoration in which the past and the present meet, where the Harrison is reborn—is a whole separate story. This story is the story of the Harrison Special as it was, its myths and legends, its creators and caretakers. How it connects people, some family, some colleagues, some generations apart.

Kinda like Harrison Wells, lol, since he wasn't in the original comic.

Back to reef beeping, this article reads like an instruction manual for handling on set problems with multi monitor displays during filming of Harry scenes.