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Friday, March 30, 2018

my thoughts on opinion vidders freaking out

This is how long I've been out on the webs again. It's funny and fortunate that I actually dated that pin. This clicks back to the pin I made.

As you can see next, pinterest started keeping stats in 2015. At first I thought that was because I connected it to a dotcom as a business account, but I checked and apparently I did that in 2014, and I remember when pinterest alerted me to the new analytics after I had already verified it with that connection. Anyway, who knows how many more times this pin was engaged in the 3 years and 3 months that pinterest didn't yet provide statistics for me.

That is one item in one fandom in one specific analytics summary.

Leaving little bits of ourselves here and there is important. I'm currently watching freedom of speech reactions on another host going crazy about algorithms against opinionating, debates over who is the real truther vs some kind of psy-op, and I have a different angle on it.

I trust no one. Someone could be completely right but that doesn't make them someone to trust. I'm watching mass flocking sifting people out into little 'fan' groups obsessing over 'truth', and what they're missing is asking how trustworthy are *we* as the little fans in these groups? We might be completely innocent and well-meaning on our ends, but so stupid about something that we don't realize we are doing something detrimental to the whole group.

I remember dreaming about this. That link took forever to find because I didn't tag it in 'dreams'.

Pinky blog is still blocked in China.

Please note there are ways around this.

'Muricans need to learn to think outside our 'freedom' boxes. A lot of people panicking lately had no idea we've actually been inside a deprivation tank for a long time, and they're finding out we do actually live in just as much of an information block as the rest of the world. Whatever this 'freedom' is that we think we have is so pale in comparison to actual truth and news outside our sphere that it would appear we are living in a fish tank.

Everyone wants 'truth'. The truth is that there never has been 'freedom', and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can move on and actually find ways to spread truth. Some of us use a form of encryption that has nothing to do with computers or internet.

Humans tell stories. Mythologies, nursery rhymes, prose, plays in theater- these all carry meanings embedded into word arrangements that conjure visuals. People using platform hosts to share 'truth' and hitting walls simply need to wake up. You are still asleep if you are feeling irked and riled up over your sudden loss of freedom of speech. You never had it. They just let you think you did.

We still have the freedom of expression. We are still allowed to tell our stories. God knows how much I've written in Pinky blog about finding my personal meaning by sharing my stories and some of my dreams. I may not reach ten thousand people in a 15 minute live rant, but I have reached over 100,000 just typing silly words. The goal is to get past the borders, the vehicle is fandoms, the message is encrypted in stories and dreams.

This is how ideas have survived occupations during wars for countless centuries. I think Americans have forgotten that. Maybe it's time they learned how to do that again.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

in case you're barely hanging on to TGIF

For those  who need a youtube trail bcuz suckage, here you go. Btw, plz to stock enough food and water for 2-4 weeks and keep your gas tanks filled up. It just makes sense.

And if you're really in a funk, you can check out my playlists page.

Father Brady on hashish, or, Lisa's Back!

Grab your coffee, this is what you missed from last weekend's #latenightmove with @LNMGang in the SyfyDesigns.com chatroom.

That's right, @LisaMarieBowman was back! Get her into your circles, guys. +Lisa Marie Bowman

Just letting you know in advance I sifted out 44 screenshots this time, which is wildly over my 'went to town' compulsion, and what you are getting is a really rare historical documentation of quite a lot of our chat yap.

I can't believe how casual that flight was. Planes back then were like flying hotels.

Hunsecker? How have I never heard this name before?

Eep, forgot to text Holly, my totally bad. 😬

All that white.

That was a really beautiful place.

Aeo didn't know who Mr. Brady was. o_o Let that just sink in a bit. A generation that doesn't know the Bradys....

More white...

No one in the writer's room questioned this script.

Everyone's night was ruined, actually.

Dat jacket, tho.

This movie was painfully sexist, racist, mysoginist, and every other kind of ist you can think of, yet we were glued to what comes next.

Aw, Lisa missed us. 💖

Lol, yes, finding out the older gens are way more messed up than you could ever imagine. 😂😁

Guys, always keep a 2-4 week supply of food and water and your cars gassed up. It just makes sense.

The dock of hell.

Apparently some of us are a little too familiar with nitro.

Myke slid into this scene perfectly with the wife excuse, omg. He didn't even know. 😂😂😂

By this point we were starting to filter into survivor bets. Long before reality tv, there was Haunts of the Very Rich.

Anxiety is a b*#@h, just saying.

Sartre would have been pleased.

Did Kurt fall asleep???

Everyone missed my Spaceballs reference.

Kurt was definitely not asleep, lol.

Actually, Kurt needs a better laptop, and we're thinking we may have to do something about that. Some of us in this gang go back to 2013, and we can't do this without Capt. Kurt.

You can tell we are a seasoned group of television survivalists. 😆😋😀

I'll forever be wary of Hunsecker now.

You had to be there. That's all I can say.

Pat playing with the controls, lol.

Looking back, I was not making an ED joke. That's an Ed Asner joke. That looks really bad.

The Father pun, lol. 😄

Wait, wut, Hoff???

If the Brady kids had ever seen their dad like this, they'd have stopped whining and straightened up pronto.

What is the world even like for people who don't know who Ed Asner is? Wow. I feel a sudden desire to protect the innocent.

Nailed it, Pat. Nailed it. And we missed her.

I swear, no bestiality entered the convo. Bless the innocent.

This really was outrageously confusing, which turned out to be brilliant for the ending.

Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? Real life?


We were all so stunned...

...that we kept talking after the movie ended instead of leaving.

Poor Kurt. 💔

These chat watches happen every Saturday at 11pmEST, links go out a few hours ahead of time from @LNMGang, and you don't need any kind of registration to join the chat at SyfyDesigns.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Per a few of the posts I've made lately, I'd like to mention that I'm getting calls again, this time from Las Vegas from alleged 'publishers' who want to help me with my book. I have the message saved on my phone, along with the phone number. I thought the timing was cute, and it's disconcerting as I am not only unlisted, but especially as they tied my pen name to my phone number when the last publishing solicitor in California used my real name. Before that, other publishing solicitors called trying to interrogate me.

Real publishers don't solicit. I am already contracted, so I had already called my own publisher and asked them about this. They sounded pretty shocked this was happening and assured me they don't give out client info.

The calls I'm getting might actually be legit, but it has the feel of someone working very hard tracking me down and letting me know they know where I am. I could be crazy, but my psychologist keeps insisting I'm not. It's funny they keep trying to help me sell my book, instead of other spammy things. They're trying very very hard to help me sell a book... The very first one who called let me know that if I handed over all my blog material they could put together the book *for* me. I'm a nobody, what in the world makes them think I have material worth any kind of money to them? They haven't even seen what is going into the actual book, and I'm sure not discussing it over the phone with a solicitor.

I've said before and I'll say again- If I ever disappear off the webs, it won't be because I left on purpose. I made a promise to stay public. I have my own story, and I'm already contracted. I'm not part of the entertainment industry except as a fan and an unpaid reviewer. The personal secrets I'm dealing with uncovering for my book are much more pervasive to all of us as a developing culture, but very disturbingly turning up in entertainment. Much to my surprise, eggs have started cracking throughout that industry unbidden by me, and I'm knocked over by how similar those stories are to my own.

If none of this is real, all I have to do is ask- Why the obsession, then? Because I'm not the one making up the obsession the entertainment industry has with certain themes and retelling the same stories over and over in varieties of ways, and I'm most certainly not alone noticing this.

I am The Elephant's Child, and I ask ever so many questions.