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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In my world, 790 is in love with Daryl

Just added to my rotating wallpapers. Click for gigantic. Even if photobucket still readjusts it to fit your page load screen, it should download huge.

 photo coffeedarkside.jpg

So, yesterday felt pretty good, huh? 490 views in the first 18 hours. Gonna miss that weekly rush for the next six months, but maybe I'll get the book finished now, duh.

Getting a tag team tweet thing going with a new twitter account for a cool new scifi show that says Jeffrey Hirschfield is on their team.

For those I haven't gotten around to corrupting yet, Jeffrey Hirschfield was a huge part of Lexx as one of the main writers, 790's voice, and other odd character parts here and there, and many more projects since.

And my insomnia is coming in so handy, 2 a.m. link queen at your service, my pleasure, and I hope it helps.

Meanwhile, real life yesterday, no one saw me deep cleaning bathrooms, patching up a feisty neighbor who looked like the zombies got into her rocky slope-side garden (I wanna be that wild and crazy when I'm her age), texting with Batman's mama about the bloody eyeball (doctor said seasonal allergies and sleep-scratching, will take a month to heal), and trying to keep up with the usual making dinner kind of stuff. Today is town stuff, so I had to get as much done as I could yesterday. My whole week is going to be like this, 100 mph and many things getting done. There will be very little of this kind of stuff.

Meanwhile meanwhile, I think this is one of the coolest new TV show ideas I've ever seen. I really hope these guys can pull it off.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

world class webmasters- a Jurassic expedition

The glory days of fan sites and forums is slowly ebbing into an unnoticeable extinction as all new tech and software interfacing change the way fans find info now. IMDB and Wikipedia, bless them, grew into the bibles of info gathering, making it easier over time for deeper wikis and advanced searches to channel hunters and gatherers into camps, and before long, TV show creators learned the ways of the web force and started constructing their own wikis, blogs, and forums, which have become a staple of fandom, sending onelist and bulletin board forums the way of the dodo. The latest trash-glam fan support, thanks to Nerdist creating an all new band of marauders, is all about the competition of recapping- who can get theirs out the fastest, who can get noticed, who can outshine? Nerdist has become the Graham Norton/Oprah/Rachael Ray of fandom. Now it's all about syncing devices and live twitter interaction.

In the meantime, I'm still working on an old dinosaur fansite.

Well, the truly old dinosaurs have vanished. Remember geocities? "In 2009, Yahoo! succeeded in destroying the most amount of history in the shortest amount of time, certainly on purpose, in known memory. Millions of files, user accounts, all gone." Yeah, talk about an asteroid wiping out all life as we know it. But thanks to retro becoming uber fashionable with the nerd geekery upper crust, it's actually back. A lot of Lexx fans had stuff in the old geocities archives. I have no idea if salvage will be the next cool internet thing (y'all know I paid big bucks to help keep Xanga alive, right?), but CHECK THIS OUT.

That's right, Cloaked's original links to the Lexx game, comic, legos... Some actual content is still jaggedly missing, but the original pages are being revived, much like Prince bringing Xev out of stasis. (Does this mean I'll eventually be able to reaccess old youtube videos I deleted? There used to be a way to get those back, but then youtube changed a root command because too many users were resurrecting other people's embarrassing flashes of exhibitionism. But I'm going off track.)

I go off into these jaunts on days where I get lost in working on minor code fix-its, transfers, general maintenance, stuff most bloggers nowadays don't even know is a thing. Myspace was the ultimate code playground (like the evil side of facebook) until 'Tom' stomped it so flat smashing bugs that he had to rebuild it into the $6mil facsimile from Alpha Centauri. I was a huge fan of Lycos gears until they shut down, and as the years go by, internet life seems to be about trudging from one blog host to the next looking for an ecosystem that isn't already doomed. I facepalm every time I see posts on buzzfeed, omg, if that isn't the rock bottom of 'journalistic' digging and sharing, what is?

So, lately I'm learning how to figure out the percentage of proxy visits coming through translators. I don't think this is being done on purpose, like Codingfreak goes on about, and I know from my own laptop that my exact locations vary from browser to browser. One of my own proxies puts me in Florida, another in Monett, still another in New Jersey, depending on what device I'm using and even the blog I'm working on. Throw in the service my device is using, the browser using this or that service, the building I'm in, on and on. Some days I'm out in the wheat fields of Kansas when I accidentally ping one of my stat trackers. But back to the point, the Mountain View percentage thing kind of matching the outside the U.S. percentage thing makes sense now.

The weather app on my phone places me in four different geolocations just moving from room to room in my house because I'm in an oddball school-voting-city line-county line-whatever piles of districts. My IP might never change, but facebook has logged me in from several states. I've actually watched this happen live on my facebook login activity with SMS backup codes going between my laptop and phone, shut the log history, start over, it's incredible. Try it, you can watch yourself pop in and out of existence.

I know that the cities, states/regions, and countries I see in my stats aren't necessarily spot on. The info I get is generalized. Yes, I can use particular IP geolocators and actually see the real areas where most of my visitors originate, and I've even used maps to pinpoint a few neighborhoods, but odds are that actual locations are much more solid coming from campuses, hospitals, and military bases. I say that because one of my browsers insists I am sitting in the middle of a street about ten miles from my house, between a clinic and a restaurant. I know many of you probably never do all your logging in from open fields and industrial warehouses, but that's where the maps say some of you are. Once in awhile I get an actual house if someone is paying for all their bundled services locally and the host proxy service is turned off.

Stat counters are not an exact science. Well, at least not for those of us on the outside of those cool super computer nerd scenes in TV shows where all it takes is 3 seconds to find someone somewhere on the earth. I have found my blogs and youtubes linked to some really oddball sites in other countries, but usually the only way I find them is because of pingbacks, which are actually very annoying, so I turn them off. I've seen the difference between having bot filters and spam filters. If you want to run numbers up really fast, just turn your spam filter off, but then it won't be long until your site picks up a pile of trojans, worms, and all those little bugs that make up internet VD. I think I mentioned somewhere a few years ago that I once crashed my hard drive hacking a song off a super cool abandoned scifi site that was infested with code germs. Wound up paying $300 for a rescue that could have been avoided with a 99cent purchase from a legitimate sharing site. @bonenado will never let me live that down.

Why in heaven's name is all this even coming up? Because it felt so good this week to gab a little bit of code fix stuff with another genuine webmaster. Site building is a brain sport, a sort of joie de vivre that sometimes out rivals coffee and bacon in the mornings, and I'm seriously not kidding.

Becoming a webmaster for one's own enjoyment is a hobby. I use webmaster loosely, I'm obviously not building my fansites from absolutely scratch with a webkit, although that actually is how I got started years ago. I tend to be lazy (don't laugh) and choose to use the inbuilt preset parameters of blogs, which are making archiving and filing easier all the time, although I sometimes turn even that into a mountainous chore because simplicity needs a touch more elegance. (I'm sorry, creating a WordPress 'menu' is laborious and artistically dull, par exemple, not to mention stymied in its usage parameters.)

I'm a triceratops in a world of dying brontos, stegs, raptors, and T-rexes. MetaphoricallyTop 10 Biggest Errors in Jurassic Park Current fandom is all about trending on twitter. Lexx will never trend. The actors from Lexx will never trend. But I intend to leave solid evidence that Lexx was once here. Resurrecting sites is great, but broken links and missing images makes piecing fossils together ridiculously difficult for fans picking through the last vestiges of an ancient era that ended yesterday. The idea that the internet will contain all human knowledge is a joke. The idea that the internet is used to spy on people is hilarious. The idea that TV show recaps and trending is the bulk of what we have to show now for fandom loyalty burns my hide.

Fandoms have become a fleeting thing. Riding the live interaction wave of hardcore investment rivalries is exhilarating, yes, but it's not a real commitment. I call the continual reconditioning of audience jerking experience addiction. The same emotional and relationship stories are told over and over in different characters, settings, art forms. The same feelings are being evoked over and over in the audiences, no matter what is being watched.

As long as this formula holds and money keeps rolling around, the stories and characters that fall by the wayside will continue to be perishable. So many series have gone out of print, and I manage to get a few because someone in another country illegally recorded them and found out they could sell them to a warehouse to be remarketed (hopefully not illegally), and even though the condition is much poorer than originally created, it's better than never seeing it again at all. Fans screaming over cancellations is easily satiated with a continual barrage of new shows that themselves will fall by the wayside in the near future. Entertainment has become a bonanza on building roller coaster experiences, and it must be extremely profitable. Evidently, the more the fans are jerked around, the more merchandise they'll buy as quickly as possible before it disappears.

Lexx fans are more hard core than that. I honestly couldn't tell you whether or not this is fan-made or an actual original trailer. I caught Lexx from the very beginning on Showtime, including the featurettes before the first airing. When Lexx disappeared it really was ~gone~ until fans started their own salvage. It's available for purchase again, but it's been edited and some original content is gone now, from what I understand. The acquisitions page probably indicates why Lexx is so difficult to expand on, while other franchises right and left go through reboots galore. Because of this, Lexx remains unique and untainted, a true original.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

gen alpha Bunny to the rescue

#TeamJanika continues to be a thing.

That's right, my feet all over your mug.

I've spent the last 24 hours torn over whether to let go of trying to get permission from Peter Lopez to hire his awesome Rosette Nebula colorization as a book cover and just go with an awesome stock image whose licensing and processing fee is already included in my contract. Super aspie is having a really hard time letting go. Funny how photographic art can carve its way into someone's soul.

While part of me slumps into minor introspection on how the gloomy weather reflects my current mood, another part of me popped up and said 'Hey, we haven't opened that funky cheese from Holland yet', and whadayaknow, I'm sitting here feeling better nibbling on heavenly rock hard and sock smelly aged gouda and sipping a delightful cup of tea. Oh, dang, I just now remembered I have some jasmine tea tucked away. That would have been even better.

But seriously, when does cheese not fix everything?

Aaaaaand self indulgent malaise time is over. Bunny is on her way, yay! Gen Alpha in da haus.

Friday, March 27, 2015

helping you get through Friday afternoon at work

So you wanna fill out a quick bio but you're not sure what to say. Let the professionals help! Robot twitter accounts have made a science out of filling out bios. In fact, I'd bet these are fourth graders doing hi-tech billionaire home school tutorials on how to conquer the world. Just follow these simple guidelines.

Both have 11 words that make four distinct phrases.
Common words- bacon, wannabe, alcohol, fanatic
Words with similar meanings- specialist, maven
Cool kid words- ninja, practitioner
Double meaning phrases- social media scholar, twitter lover, pop culture
Words that can't go into the same bio together- certified & unapologetic
Words left over- coffee, twitter

You can learn from this how to set up a bio that targets quick audiences. Obviously, bacon is the top word anyone can and should be using. Begin and end your bio with tie-in words, the way specialist and scholar go together, and fanatic and lover go together. Wannabe is critical for grabbing followers who will identify with your struggle. Pick one- certified or unapologetic, but don't mix them in the same bio. Be sure and sprinkle in other top words like coffee or twitter.

In case you are still screaming bored and cranky and want to keep being entertained, feel free to glue your eyeballs on this video and get sucked into weirdness. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


There is only one famous literary quote containing the word 'pinky'.

Without spring, life would be much less pinky!
Mehmet Murat ildan

 photo 2.jpg

Everyone knows what this means and why it's significant. It's more special than anything all our other fingers do.

And it's important.

(I just discovered this in my drafts, apparently I started it months ago.)

Monday, March 23, 2015


This morning was all about the Tropical Pinky spring collection. When I go all Alfred Dunner and my sox match... That's like James Bond walking through in a tux and you know the guy has at least 5 different weapons and some kind of lethal toxin on him.

You can tell by this solid streak I'm leveling up. It's cool if my friends don't use my official Wizard title when addressing me.

Stuff, stuff, more stuff. Delete. Wish I had saved it. Oh, well, never mind.

This awesomeness arrived in the mail today. I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.

By the way, #TeamJanika is a thing now. I didn't invent the idea, I don't expect anyone to buy stuff, but it actually is a thing. I decided to play with it. IF by any chance under the sun I eventually get some kind of tiny paycheck out of it (I'm hardly serious, it would take forever), I will let the Team Commander decide what to do with it. I have a feeling he would disperse it to inside friends trying to make it to a party over the next couple of years.

My day has felt a week long. I'll try to repeat what I deleted as succinctly as possible. I learned today that if the 3.3cm generically termed 'cyst', that was accidentally discovered 7 weeks ago while looking for something else, is still there in 5 more weeks, I will wind up in a completely different and unrelated surgery than the one I'm actively trying to avoid in the meantime. If the original problem blows up within this time frame, I may wind up with a huge double thing going on, which would greatly extend risks, recoveries, treatments, and consequential therapies.

Growing accustomed to these ongoing forays into comedic timing and feeling like a cosmic bulls eye about has me to the point of meh, just stay busy doing stuff, because it never has boiled down to any of that yet. I've been eating my brassica veg and looking into fermented foods, I'm at the top of my game in bloodwork, I'm healthier now that I've been in the last 2 decades, so I just have to keep my head jammed in this laptop while time passes.

Video, different video, delete delete. Ok, this one is cool.

:edit: 3-24-15 I imagine the miracle that is Google Sync created this opportunity for Penney's to contact me after I made a link in this post... 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Star Trek be going all Renegades on the Horizon

Still keeping an eye on the Star Trek- Horizon movie, also on facebook. Release date tentatively set for 2015.

This is a different project from Star Trek- Renegades TV show (web series), also on facebook. Renegades has announced Star Trek Renegades will premiere in Europe at Fedcon May 22nd - 24th. Tim Russ, Manu Intiraymi, Sean Young and the Producer Sky Conway will be attending.

Gary Graham does NOT play Soval, in this one he's Ragnar.

Ok, TODAY. I really need to crank out the rest of that Thodin post. We've got some mild Bunny recovery to do after having her over here yesterday. Need to get ahead on some cooking so Scott will have yummy lunches for work. And I stalled out in the middle of a spring cleaning project, which makes me feel jumbled up for no reason, so finishing that up will bring that pleasant 'world is right' feeling back.

After a strange spring of no crocuses last year, @bonenado is all excited about several hundred sprouting like tiny out of control wildfires across the yard, so he's out stealing dirt *cough* I mean picking up some dirt from a dump pile up the road, maybe more basements or foundations being put in or something, and it won't be long till he's one with the yard. In years past he's come home with zoo doo. Not many people can boast being eccentric enough to spread elephant poop all over their yard. I felt like the smell the first week made us pretty unique.

You know that dirt commercial? That's Scott.

I am so far behind on checking in with other people's blogs and facebooks. In the meantime, a single notification tweet has sent me off another another wild romp through the ether.

Why yes, there IS a rubber duck-little pony smash.

It would be so cute to have Brunnen-G, Xev, Zev, and Stanley Tweedle LEXX rubber ducks. If I'm ever rich, I'm going to see if I can custom order one-offs like I did my t-shirt. That's a real thing.

I need some go music. Time to WORK.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


MT out of context not creepy at all... #mypeople  photo monkey02.gif

I love games. That's why I'm Lady Rainicorn.

Why yes, starZship, and I think you are Oz.

click for the article
Loving that the bio link sends me to an RT America feed.

click for bio link
starZship is no one special, it was just a fun game today.

I've come a long way since mRpl. Stay innocent, guys. I'm serious when I say it's ok to keep your eyes closed.

Friday, March 20, 2015

it's alarming how charming I feel

At first I was all

and then I was all

and now I'm all like

because my day looks like this

and pretty soon it'll look like this

before it can turn into this

but I feel really good that at least it won't reach this level.

I may be a difficult person to talk to today.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I really should be doing some laundry

If anybody needs a pick-me-up today, browse these memes. I just made this one.

I couldn't stop there.

I must confess I'm the first one to willingly drop everything I'm doing at any moment for the cuteness. I must have some kind of inherent programming that I wasn't aware was quietly laying dormant all my life. I told my kids NOT to have kids right away, and they were cool and waited a few years, and then alla sudden both girls pregnant at the same time and I was really dreading babies and now they're going on two years old this summer, and you know what? I'm not the anti-baby evil villain I thought I was. I'm a pro-baby evil villain. I have in my power the chance to conduct the greatest brainwashing experiments of all time.

Monday, March 16, 2015

my zombie immunity Jedi training is complete

It actually came down to hours and minutes, whether or not I could pull off a Walking Dead live tweet if I started barfing.

It all started with this cute little germ factory. No, that's not their dog. Neighbor had a spare floating around.

I missed all the urping at her house and all over my car when grampa was driving them around, thank goodness, so Bunny recovery at my house was a cinch. What is the coinkydink that we'd both wind up with super matching sox at the same time?

So I had all kinds of yummy stuff at my house while @bonenado went to a draft party Saturday, and Bunny's mama filled up on taco nachos, bbq sliders, brownies... Saturday was an awesome food day.

@bonenado had a great food day, too, brought home a giant salad after the draft and munched out after the girls went home. Somewhere in the night they both asploded, and I realized Sunday morning that I dare not eat a thing for a countdown of hours until the danger passed. I've tried this before with moderate success- if you know it's coming, get as empty as you can before it all starts. If there's nothing in there cooking germs in your gut, there's nothing to hafta violently purge, yea verily.

It WORKED. Well, I had to eat *something* so I stuck to one tiny little carton of yogurt every 4-5 hours. That and I cranked up the fluid volume because they say the biggest danger of any norovirus is dehydration, right?

If my infection time had followed @bonenado's, I'd have just made it past the live tweet, but I could tell that if I'd have eaten anything more, I'd have been out of the game 2 hours before it started. I've gone a whole 'nuther 12 hours past and still nothing, so I'm gonna call this my most successful defcon ever. I may not be out of the woods yet, but I'm this close to passing the symptom time range. I urge you all to try this for yourselves when the stomach bug hits your household. Report back to me at your convenience.

Meanwhile, in Gotham...

Batman Reacts
Yeah, no idea what that was about.

This weekend's getting-through-all-this-craziness theme has been

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Edward Izzardo, the only man @bonenado has ever been jealous of

Force Majeure
One of the few people on this planet I stop in my tracks for. Passing time while I wait for Bunny to wake up and maybe go bring her to my house while mama barfs in peace. #norovirus

Friday, March 13, 2015

kinda leaning toward blueberry

Every month there is a statistical amount of crap we must all go through. We got smart and filled out one of those little forms so we could get our crap scheduled out more conveniently.

Internet goes out. Scott: This says 2 days. I can't do 2 days, I've got a draft coming up. Me: See if they'll let us spread it out, like one of those blinky things. You can be at work so it's no big deal, but then it works for some reason when you get home. Scott: Ok, and how about get it out of the way before the big draft? Me: Your stress relief is my stress relief. check

Bunny gets nasty stomach bug. Me: Um, you said you're off Friday? How about then? Scott: I was wanting to get some stuff done around the yard. Me: But it coincides nicely with running up to the hardward store. Scott: And I see it's supposed to rain, too, so that'll be half a day wasted. Friday it is. check

Toilet explodes. Me: Is there any way we can work that into everything else and just get this done all at once? Scott: Ok, how about this- we get a call about Bunny, I vacuum real good first and then the toilet explodes just as I'm ready to walk out the door so it won't flood the house while I'm gone. Me: That's perfect because I would have have just deep cleaned the bathroom a couple days before that, so it'll be a cinch to mop up. Scott: Oh, for YOU, I've gotta mop up the basement. Me: Well, it's still good timing. Scott: I agree. check

I seem to be doing the same thing with really weird dreams, too, like alla sudden just weird after weird after weird. Woke up at 3 a.m. from a little gem out of the blue where my liver had collected $3 mil worth of silver crust around it (they took it out and showed it to me, I even got to hold it and show my sister), then they put it back in but couldn't do anything about it and said I had only 2 or 3 days, and I decided it would be a waste to die with all that silver in me, so I was getting ready to have it removed (and die) so my family could get the money out of it. Weird.

Tomorrow is a very special Pi Day at 3/14/15 at 9:26:53, this from wikipedia-
In the year 2015, Pi Day will have special significance on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., with the date and time representing the first 10 digits of π.

We'll probably celebrate with a real pie of some kind, like lots of people do.

And if you know someone whose birthday is on Pi Day, maybe go for pi cake!

Or, if you're like me and suddenly wonder if Pi Day means you have everlasting pie that can be cut into tinier and tinier pieces and whether that might have anything to do with a Koch curve, you wind up in weird places like this. I can't help it, I'm a Koch curve enthusiast.

Back to pi drama!

He had me at pi instant-