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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

prioritizing lists for world domination

Today is a multiple lists kind of day. I'm running to town nearly every day this week for stuffs, so I've got a list of errands all over creation, plus a list of internet chores to do in between all the running. Yes, on top of the blog transfers. Also have a list of food I need to cook this week because I'm already getting so scattered that I'll wind up throwing food out if I forget to make something with it or make too much all at once.

I'm a big believer in lists. Sometimes I even make a list for the lists. I used to think this was ridiculous, but learning how to meticulously organize and then choreograph all these things has pretty much saved my home life from falling to pieces. I still thank Chris Hardwick for that. He says I can still rule the universe with epic brain fail and that it's crucial I spend real money on cute spirals to make this happen. In 3 days it'll be 2 years since I blogged about how he changed my life. I never dreamed I'd become so capable on the webs again. Lotta small steps got me here, can't wait to see where another two years gets me.

In the meantime, my Let's Get Spocked survey rocked right up to the top of my Surveypalooza posts yesterday. I think a lot of us are just looking for distraction while we get through our days. I love it when I find other people creating cool distraction on the webs.

This happened yesterday, bit of discussion going on facebook about ghosts in my house.

Grinding through physical therapy a little differently this time, alternating therapists with very different methods with instructions from the therapist who first assessed me this go-round. I feel like I'm working harder and recovering faster than the last couple of years of physical therapy, but I can also tell my pain tolerance is slipping. Is that a good thing? I used to be able to tolerate continual soul draining pain, and now I get crabby over little pain spikes. I'm hoping that means I'm getting used to feeling better and that my body finds it unacceptable to allow backsliding. Like doing computer work, sitting here sucketh mightily on my neck and the back of my skull after holding burrito so much a few days ago. I mean, it has always hurt to sit and I have to keep getting up and moving around, but I almost feel like I'm being punished now trying to work, which means I'm taking it personally. That leads to bitterness and anger and the dark side, so I need to get my head straightened back out. This one clicks to pinterest if you want to grab it.

Amusingly, I should probably confess that as my capabilities have increased, so has my demand on my output, and I'm probably so intensely focused that I'm not realizing I'm hurting myself locking into position like this. I'm probably lucky I have a body that screams at me. I know people who eat what they want and do what they want and never really notice discomfort beyond a little heartburn, but it's getting a little scary how many people we know who are suddenly dropping dead in their 50's now. Maybe it's a good thing to feel DISCOMFORT. Unless you medicate in order to ignore it so you can keep on doing what you're doing.

Ok, going off on a bleak tangent was not my intention. I can tell this is going to be a rough day, so I need to stay busy. Back to the lists!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

pinterest is saving my gramma life

First day off the prednisone, yay! 17 days on steroid and no weight gain, but I know I'll still hafta watch it for awhile because rebound. Still doing zyrtec around the clock just to be on the safe side. Still haven't had any chocolate and only a couple eggs (possible triggers). Speaking of eggs, I'm somehow caught up to the hens and looks like I might even have to pick up a dozen eggs in town this week. The rest of the gang had big ol' pancake, bacon, and egg breakfasts a few times, plus I made cupcakes last week, so the eggs are gone.

This clicks to my Pinky board.

When I first discovered pinterest I was very skeptical, but especially since I've had grandkids and now all the pictures being texted to me every day, pinterest is the fastest and easiest way to organize and store them. I moved 400 pix off my phone yesterday, was pretty brutal on the eyes and wrists, but that's because I was flying so fast doing it. Bing, bing, BAM, a ton of pictures moved. In the old days I'd have laboriously uploaded to photobucket. Don't get me wrong, I love photobucket, but pinterest is da bomb, especially now with secret boards, board sharing, and auto locate if you want it.

Scott walked by while I was updating board covers on my laptop and saw his board and almost freaked out that I'd put THAT picture out there (vanity is a funny thing, isn't it? lol), and then went WHEW it's not like anybody ever sees it... Um, well.... Pinterest gets more hits than anything else I've got, actually.

Gotta run, but that doesn't mean you have to. This is cute.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Being randomly added to G+ circles by the manager of Tengdi Machinery in Shijazhuang isn't weird at all...

My angst today, besides accidentally burning through my data plan a week early when I should have been using wifi, is about whether to keep Fasano as my tight end.

Last day on prednisone taper, yay! I've been slightly easily miffed last couple of days...

But it's all cool because I'm the Pink Shadow now.

My Mennonite hippie dad turned 85 this last week.

I keep stalling out on my pinterest catching-uppinging. Maybe I'll work on that today.

Kinda feeling the pre-holiday jitters. I'm down to the last 6-7 weeks now before my brain dissolves into koolaid and my uselessness prevails. Already having stress dreams about forgetting things and losing things and missing things and generally screwing things up. Since this is a real life pattern solidly established over the years and my family knows I'm not exaggerating in the least, I will try to hold my angsty self down to silliness. I hope some day when I really do lose my mind that I'm the sort of old person that laughs more easily than whines or frets or cranks. Brain training! Let it go! Enjoy the moment! Pinky!

Friday, September 26, 2014

pumpkin spice

Punkin season is upon us. Burrito and her mama did this one.

I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin custard... but I really don't eat pumpkin very often. I might make pumpkin pancakes and/or waffles sometime this fall, haven't tried that yet. I think burrito is going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow. My chickens have already eaten a pumpkin. Every year I lurk around the webs looking at jackolanterns. Remember when Strong Bad was a thing?

I admire the dedication this kind of stuff takes, but that's as far as I go with my own dedication- admiration.

Since I live out in the wild woods, it's fun throwing pumpkins off the deck and smashing them on trees. The critters can pick it apart from there. Between squirrels, woodchucks, armadillos, raccoons, chipmunks, field rats, possums, and all kinds of birds including wild turkeys, something out there is bound it clean it up if my chickens don't beat them to it. I have no idea if deer like pumpkin, but they love persimmons, so maybe it's a treat for them, too.

I'm partial to Libby's pumpkin. Don't know if you remember the great pumpkin shortage. I saw where one ebay bid from a chef outside the U.S. went over $20 a can. The shortage lasted a couple of years and set a precedent for pre-stocking that still shows up here and there when I look around the webs. Libby's has over 96,000 likes on their pumpkin facebook page and have put their ultimate pumpkin recipe collection on pinterest.

I'm one of those weirdo foodies who has been reading recipes since 7 years old and can't help obsessing over food history, so I find sites like this one. Click the pic.

One of these days I might try making a pumpkin custard right in the shell or try pumpkin spice bacon, but even better (maybe?) might be the bacon flavored pumpkin spiced coffee.

Why not go for the gusto with a pumpkin spice burger? That page is truly awesome, I'm not even going to try to put the picture here.

I've gotta run, but you can stick around and learn how to make super awesome jackolanterns if you like.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

a Jeff kind of morning

Quite often my day is all about someone else tagging me on twitter and sending me vaulting off in various directions. THIS IS SO COOL, thanx Jeff Faria for tweeting it. Clicking the pic goes to a site that sells a variety of super awesome specialty rolling pins, including Halloween, robots, and even personalized.

Jeff is author of Patriots of Mars and has a blog you can follow and a facebook page you can like. Click the pic for more info as it arrives.

I'm not being paid to link, no exchange or swap, but this is helping me wake up while I gather all of my brain back in after an exciting burrito day yesterday. I hit the wall pretty hard around one-ish and my brain kamakazied and I never saw it again. I slept hard last night (a blessing during prednisone taper), but not sure my brain is even in the same room with me yet, so thank goodness Jeff tagged me bright and early with these boys.

Time for coffee and a Plan. Today I'm making homemade caramel sauce to dip local Honeycrisp apples and constructing my fave hotdish, maybe I'll get pix for a recipe post later. I've officially started my very sparse Christmas shopping, because by the time November gets here I'll be permanently brainless up through January. I know this from years of experience, have learned to just swing with it. Need to keep crunching through the transfer as long as my arms will hold out on the keyboard. They kinda feel like rubber from so much burrito yesterday.
Okaaayyyy... just got a nudge from ask.fm, but the question is blank. I am surprised to see I have 13 followers.

Ah, here comes my left frontal cortex. Now is a good time to maybe get a shower and start organizing my kitchen for massive yum construction. Y'all have a good day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

shoe coasters and pie


Scott is one of those compulsive neat freaks that rearranges the basement every little bit. Our walk in closet is spotless. I've been teasing him for years about needing shoe coasters because I keep finding his shoes on top of mine, and it doesn't matter how muddy or grungy his shoes are, they wind up stacked neatly on top of my dress shoes and very expensive asics gels every time he unconsciously 'straightens'. I like neatly lining my shoes up, but I often scatter them into different areas of the house so they can catch a break and remain stack-free. I'm so used to this now it doesn't bother me, but the slippers caught my eye yesterday and cracked me up. Whole big bedroom, lots of empty floor in there...

This is what I'm talking about in fantasy baseball. Nobody has figured out yet who Joe Namath's Coat is, and he's stomping robot butt. 
 photo bad.jpg

I'm nearing the end of the prednisone taper, 3 more days and hopefully I'm done. I conked for half an hour last night and then suddenly was wide awake again for several hours. I tried everything, but the only thing that finally got me nodding off again was, weirdly, a cup of coffee (at midnight) and getting into the aged gouda I picked up yesterday. If you have never tried aged gouda, it's totally worth it, even at $20 a pound. 

I'm also trying new coffee from a local gourmet roaster in Eureka Springs (also known as "Little Switzerland in the Ozarks"), click this logo to check out their site. I ground the beans fresh myself yesterday at Mama Jean's (I got the breakfast blend) and the first brew is already one of the loveliest coffees I've ever had, and I have tried a LOT of coffees.

Not getting paid to link any of that, lol, just sharing.

Good thing I couldn't sleep last night, got a late call, burrito's daycare is closed tomorrow because fever spike and sickie stuff, so today is a burrito day at my house, yay! I'm really good at early mornings, so I popped up when Scott got up for work at 4 and had a pie out by 5:30. YUM! Scott loves pecan pie and it's a rare thing around here because of my across the board nut allergy. I'm actually only confirmed on peanut and cashews (both real bad), but since most nuts are processed in a facility that also processes those other two, I am automatically exposed to severe allergens just being around any nuts in any form, including makeups and lotions. Thankfully, I can snip the pecans open and stir them in without having to touch them (but I still wash my hands after handling the package to be on the safe side), and voila, today we have pie.

Need to leave the house in a few minutes to get burrito. I'm ready!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

autumn rhythm

Guess I've gotta make a wheat plan.  photo 19rolleyes.gif Thought I'd be able to keep using it for Scott and whoever else for holidays but the dust gets in the air and I get croupy when I get the flour out. Probably a good idea to switch out to flour substitutes. In the meantime, I'll use up the rest of what I've got and be really careful around it. Pretty sure I'll be mixing up my own substitute in case some of these places have nut facility warnings on them, bleah. I really don't use a lot of flour in my own diet, but it's nice being able to bread stuff before you fry it. I know I could bread with all parm, but that flavor across the board can wear a person out.

I. Need. Meat. I am so hungry. Yesterday my protein was a can of vienna sausages. Getting really tired of cheese. Still avoiding eggs while I take a break from allergen triggers. Milk is too carby for the prednisone. Definitely stopping by a grocery store on the way home from physical therapy. I've got visions of roast chicken and hotdishes dancing in my head.

Scott discovered over the weekend that the Pink Robots are playing Joe Namath's Coat in the Snarkalec fantasy baseball league championships. It's kinda funny because I don't think anyone in the league has paid attention for weeks, and now we have no clue who the Coat is. Scott is an ~avid~ year round fantasy player and took over my robots without a lot of resistance from me because I'm not a big baseball fan, but I run my own fantasy football team, the 790s. I'm in 8th place right now.

Having interesting dreams on this prednisone, like finding a set of pewter measuring spoons that look like dragons from antiquity, and twitter developing these cool root command functions that create pinterest-like options for multilayered convo tracking. My head is feeling so funky weird last couple of days tapering off this stuff, go into sensation overload and keep moving through stuff like a mindless automaton. As long as I get the bills mailed out...
 photo winky.gif

Gotta run, time for PT.

Monday, September 22, 2014

autumn barbie

50 chilly degrees at my house this morning! Looks like that's a thing all week. The chart clicks to intellicast.com.

This is the most nearly black I've been drinking my coffee in my whole life. A week and a half of that isn't making me any fonder of it at all. I'm not adapting. I've been drinking coffee-milk since I was a child, and black coffee just isn't a pleasant morning beverage to me. I'm mostly needing to severely restrict carbs while I'm on prednisone, so this is temporary for about another week. I must be honest and say this is still better than the year I had to cut coffee out completely. I've had to cut many things out of my life, but coffee is one I've been able to allow back in over and over without terrible consequences, thank goodness. You'd think my coffee board on pinterest would be brimming over with luv, but I'm super lazy about pinterest. I really need to catch that up this week.

Follow Janika Banks's board Coffee on Pinterest.

I miss a LOT of stuff. This year I'm missing my dad's 85th birthday, and I just missed a wedding, because I'm on a big load of prednisone. I've been so sick for months in the past with stuff that knocks other people down for only a few days or a week that I don't dare get out and mingle on this stuff. Just wanna say to everyone who complains about social media blitzes and selfies and food pix and whatevs on friend and family sites- shut up. There are so many more of us who lurk through that are so grateful there is a way to 'be there' with people now. We live in a golden age, and I embrace it. Life can be very beautiful, but we've got to want to see it.

Time to pull my day together with a Plan. I split-shifted my sleep last night, conked before 8 pm and slept 4 hours, then got up and worked for 3 hours, then conked for another 4 hours. That's the most sleep I've gotten in one 24 hour period in ages. I've got a little burrito recovery to do with the house, get food organized for meals this week, get a birthday box off to my dad, and keep grinding through this neverending file transfer project.

I haven't been putting vids up on posts lately because I've been keeping the house really quiet. My ears have been ringing like crazy on this prednisone and listening to music has been feeling like work because of it. However, this song is on my brain and I'm enjoying listening to it, so maybe I'm about past the weird stuff. Despite a couple of almost nasty mood swings last couple days (poor Scott, bless his heart), this is the best I've ever felt on a prednisone taper, and this cool autumny sunshine is perfect today. Time to git bizzy.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

rounding up the Sunday brain cell posse

Yesterday was a very burrito day. Her first beeline was straight to grampa.

After a big breakfast of pancake and banana and egg she helped her mama sort her old clothes and put them in the ebay store. I can already see a natural knack for retail because she just loves being busy.

The road trip to see Great-Granny next door was fun! Grampa found her mama's old wagon in the basement, yay!

Of course, on a day like yesterday you have to go buy punkins, and she came home with an apple as big as her tummy.

Things got a little crazy after that. I am now the proud owner of Pumpkin Art.

I wasn't surprised when burrito and grampa both conked out for a couple of hours, they got pretty worn out. Not sure if she'll be back today for football, but after the brainwashing we've done in the past switching her out to a Moss jersey, that's probably our fault.

Oops, this turned into Burrito blog. Better turn it back into Pinky blog. 

Pinky is halfway through prednisone taper. I'm usually pretty crabby with it by now, but either I'm handling it better or I just needed it that badly. Yesterday I got the blood pressure drop that sometimes comes with it, so I had to skip my blood pressure pill and monitor. My fasting glucose has been wonderful, but rises with a vengeance through the day because prednisone forces the liver to dump all the backup emergency stores every time you take a dose, so all it takes is 5 carbs to keep me around 180 all day, which is pretty ridiculous. I made the mistake of cutting a small carrot into my caramelized brussels sprouts and onions yesterday, won't be doing that again. Since I don't control with meds, I can tell exactly where the high blood sugar headaches come from, and they suck. And since I'm severely restricted to only one pain pill a day, I can't go around popping pills for mistakes like that. By the way, yes, carrots = donut to an untreated diabetic. Not all veggies are 'healthy' all the time.

On the other hand, I've had remarkable clarity since this all started. The brain fog I've lived with for YEARS has been nearly nonexistent this week. No idea if that's thanks to the prednisone or thanks to getting off wheat. I'm discovering that wheat intolerance is sometimes associated with brain fog and even mental illness, yowza. I don't think that's my original cause, because onset in 2004 came with a viral infection that hit my neurosystem, but it seems to be becoming part of my ongoing healing now. The intolerances I've developed since another severe viral infection in 2007 directly impact all my systems, including my brain function, so I'm really not surprised to be running into other people noticing stuff like this, too.

At any rate, I'm getting a very pleasantly surprising amount of work done lately, huzzah! I'm playing musical chairs with deadlines, have some decisions to make by Halloween about directions for the rest of the year. The blog moves HAVE to be done by then, the continuing investment must be sorted out, and *then* it's back to getting the first book off the ground. I can't take this annual Xanga shredding.

Advice to writers- if you are literally writing blogs in order to publish, omg back them up continually on a disk or something. I'm very seriously not joking about having written probably 2 million words in the last few years. All of it is raw and unedited, and none of it was backed up on anything else but a blog host that suddenly nearly went *poof*. The only thing that stopped it all from disappearing was the opportunity for heavy investment. Lesson learned. I will never again assume any other blog host won't nosedive any second, not even wordpress.

Today needs a plan. Looks like lunch will be bbq pork steaks, baked beans, and cheesy broccoli. The apple pie is nearly wiped out, so maybe I'll make autumn cupcakes for Scott to take to work tomorrow. Need to keep an eye on my team this week, had reached the point of 21% underdogs before I started fixing on Thursday, egads. I am currently 8th in the standings and as of this moment my week 3 matchup still looks pretty dismal.

It's nearly 5:30 a.m. now, the day's a-wastin'! This post got pretty long.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

the stuff that really colorful autumns are made of

Wet. Yesterday was a series of emergency flash flood alerts coming over the phone, my umbrella giving out, the Weather Channel contacting me for permission to use photos, my dry cleaning getting damp even inside the bag, a card I mailed getting smudged up even though I protected it... I've been through some pretty good rains but yesterday was an hours long neverending fight for dominance. Even with an umbrella, an entry carpet, and being careful where I set the sacks down, my kitchen and I were both so wet after I got the groceries in that I had to change every stitch on me and then clean up the floors. WET. But I was glad to see it. August going into September had gotten so dry that I was afraid we'd wind up with a quickie autumn and the leaves would suddenly turn brown and shrivel off overnight. I've seen that happen in years past, it's depressing. Our longest lasting most colorful autumns seem to happen after torrential rains soak into the trees just before the leaves start turning colors.

Quick disclaimer- please don't take pictures while you are driving, especially in bad weather. It's very dangerous and not worth your life and limb or a smashed up car. I have been photographing weather and scenery in the Ozarks for years, and I'm usually stopped or going very slowly for some reason. Please don't 'copy' me and zoom around taking pictures while you drive.

This is one of the southernmost lights in Nixa, the only one still working in the entire town by the time I arrived. 

And just as I got there, the lights stopped working and the rain got so heavy we had to pull over and sit there. My camera could see better than I could.

I wound up routing through flooded parking lots through part of town, this is the northernmost end before the official crossover into Springfield on the other side of the James River. This pic clicks to a cute convo on twitter.

This one from National just north of Battlefield in Springfield by the park clicks to the tweet that prompted Weather Channel to contact me. No idea what became of that, I'm sure it got 'drowned out' in all the Hurricane Odile coverage.

This next one clicks to a tweet that might have started rumors... O_o haha. My daughter called up during her lunch break and told me the local weather was saying flooding around Campbell and was worried about driving, well, I had tweeted this a little earlier with specific coordinates.

Nice little break from the rain in Mama Jean's, my fave organic shopping in Springfield. Click this pic to go to my facebook checkin if you'd like to see more. This is gratuitous, not paid to link.

Finally headed home.

Autumn in the Ozarks is a real treat. I've done other posts in the past. These are from a blog that no longer has mobile viewing after a rough migration to new servers, so I'm moving them to my chicken blog. They come up on mobile and devices now.

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