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Sunday, September 21, 2014

rounding up the Sunday brain cell posse

Yesterday was a very burrito day. Her first beeline was straight to grampa.

After a big breakfast of pancake and banana and egg she helped her mama sort her old clothes and put them in the ebay store. I can already see a natural knack for retail because she just loves being busy.

The road trip to see Great-Granny next door was fun! Grampa found her mama's old wagon in the basement, yay!

Of course, on a day like yesterday you have to go buy punkins, and she came home with an apple as big as her tummy.

Things got a little crazy after that. I am now the proud owner of Pumpkin Art.

I wasn't surprised when burrito and grampa both conked out for a couple of hours, they got pretty worn out. Not sure if she'll be back today for football, but after the brainwashing we've done in the past switching her out to a Moss jersey, that's probably our fault.

Oops, this turned into Burrito blog. Better turn it back into Pinky blog. 

Pinky is halfway through prednisone taper. I'm usually pretty crabby with it by now, but either I'm handling it better or I just needed it that badly. Yesterday I got the blood pressure drop that sometimes comes with it, so I had to skip my blood pressure pill and monitor. My fasting glucose has been wonderful, but rises with a vengeance through the day because prednisone forces the liver to dump all the backup emergency stores every time you take a dose, so all it takes is 5 carbs to keep me around 180 all day, which is pretty ridiculous. I made the mistake of cutting a small carrot into my caramelized brussels sprouts and onions yesterday, won't be doing that again. Since I don't control with meds, I can tell exactly where the high blood sugar headaches come from, and they suck. And since I'm severely restricted to only one pain pill a day, I can't go around popping pills for mistakes like that. By the way, yes, carrots = donut to an untreated diabetic. Not all veggies are 'healthy' all the time.

On the other hand, I've had remarkable clarity since this all started. The brain fog I've lived with for YEARS has been nearly nonexistent this week. No idea if that's thanks to the prednisone or thanks to getting off wheat. I'm discovering that wheat intolerance is sometimes associated with brain fog and even mental illness, yowza. I don't think that's my original cause, because onset in 2004 came with a viral infection that hit my neurosystem, but it seems to be becoming part of my ongoing healing now. The intolerances I've developed since another severe viral infection in 2007 directly impact all my systems, including my brain function, so I'm really not surprised to be running into other people noticing stuff like this, too.

At any rate, I'm getting a very pleasantly surprising amount of work done lately, huzzah! I'm playing musical chairs with deadlines, have some decisions to make by Halloween about directions for the rest of the year. The blog moves HAVE to be done by then, the continuing investment must be sorted out, and *then* it's back to getting the first book off the ground. I can't take this annual Xanga shredding.

Advice to writers- if you are literally writing blogs in order to publish, omg back them up continually on a disk or something. I'm very seriously not joking about having written probably 2 million words in the last few years. All of it is raw and unedited, and none of it was backed up on anything else but a blog host that suddenly nearly went *poof*. The only thing that stopped it all from disappearing was the opportunity for heavy investment. Lesson learned. I will never again assume any other blog host won't nosedive any second, not even wordpress.

Today needs a plan. Looks like lunch will be bbq pork steaks, baked beans, and cheesy broccoli. The apple pie is nearly wiped out, so maybe I'll make autumn cupcakes for Scott to take to work tomorrow. Need to keep an eye on my team this week, had reached the point of 21% underdogs before I started fixing on Thursday, egads. I am currently 8th in the standings and as of this moment my week 3 matchup still looks pretty dismal.

It's nearly 5:30 a.m. now, the day's a-wastin'! This post got pretty long.

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