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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Exponential Stickyness, Part 2

 A Sliders fanfic by Yablo

Continued from Part 1

Panic and bewilderment were quickly replaced with critical analysis once it hit Quinn that all the Colins were wearing different kinds of clothes. At first he'd assumed Colin had somehow been replicated in the accident, but it was obvious from the clothing this was not so. The Colins were dressed in everything from the latest in Amish fashion to togas, with a wide variety of jams, levis, suits, and tank tops in between. A few even had on what looked like pajamas and swim trunks. The oddest thing was just how many different kinds of hairstyles these Colins sported. There were mohawks, ponytails, crew cuts, waist length with headbands, and several with their heads completely shaved.

"So," Remmy sidled up to Quinn in what he thought was a rather inconspicuous way, "have you figured out what's going on yet?"

"Yeah," Quinn breathed grimly back. "I think that every Colin who happened to be in a wormhole at the precise time we slid were somehow jerked to our vortex and dumped here all in one spot." Quinn looked like his eyes would pop out.

"Never dreamed I'd seen him in a dress," Remmy raised his eyebrows and shook his head, hands on his hips. "Where's our Colin?"

"I don't know, I though he'd come looking for me in all this, but I don't see him anywhere."

"Do you remember what he was wearing?"

Quinn made a 'who knows' face and shrugged. "All I know for sure is he had to have those toe socks..."

"Yeah, he definitely likes to shop," Rem chuckled nervously.

"You know, pants and a jacket."

"Yeah, but what kind?"



Quinn and Remmy gave up and just stared. There had to be at least 50 jackets identical to Colin's milling in that crowd.

And one of them finally broke through the crush of bewildered Colins and came toward them.

"Oh, man, are we glad to see you!" Remmy gushed, grinning from ear to ear. Nonstop tension was a little hard on Rem sometimes, and he countered it with jubilance on shorter notice than anyone else Quinn had ever met. But Quinn didn't smile.

"Toe socks," he demanded, not moving.

"What?" Colin stopped and looked puzzled.

"Take off your shoes."

"What? Wait a minute,  you're not my Quinn, are you?" Colin drooped. He'd been swallowing down is own rising panic, but the only Quinn in sight apparently wasn't the brother he'd come to know so well. It was hard not to give in to a sense of overwhelming self pity, but at the same time he was feeling pretty angry about whatever had caused this freak accident. Surely it had to be SOMEbody's fault. He'd gone through nearly 100 slides without any problem whatsoever, so this has to be someone jerking the physics around like a real idiot.

"What happened in there?" At least Rem was keeping a cool head. Quinn was gritting his jaw so hard he thought he might break a tooth.

"I was in the vortex and felt like something punched me. Next thing I know there's all kinds of mes and we're all tumbling out of the vortex. Some of the guys were talking about it, we all pretty much had the same experience."

"Well, Quinn here thinks you may have all been jerked out of the other wormholes simultaneously."

"What in the world could cause that?"

Quinn shook his head. "That's just it, I'm racking my brain and the answer I'm getting scares me."

"Like somebody finding a way to synchronize the wormholes or something? I was thinking it felt unnatural."

"No," Quinn tried not to sound shaky. "It's more than that. Someone was able to focus on a person in the wormhole."

By now a small throng of Colins had gathered around to listen.

"Like Kromaggs?" one of them ventured.

"That's just what I was thinking," Remmy added. "But how could they do that unless we had," Remmy managed to convey going quite pale, "tracking devices!" he gasped out.

Colin pulled Quinn aside, which was hard to do in the throng abuzz with conjecture. "I don't think that's it," he said.

"Well, maybe it's part of it," Quinn confided, "but whatever happened, my brother disappeared completely. And there's this new guy." He nudged the unconscious stranger gently with his foot. "Whatever the Kromaggs might be up to, I doubt if they know anything about this guy. The way he screamed, it's a pretty good guess he's never been sliding before. When he wakes up, maybe he can clue

And that is where I'm missing a page or possibly even a section. Sorry about that. There is more coming.

Exponential Stickyness, Part 1

 A Sliders fanfic by Yablo

Based loosely on the Unstuck Man (ep. # 5.1)

Unbeknownst to evil Dr. Geiger, he had an identical double on an identical world who was working on an identical experiment. The only difference was that the other Geiger wasn't worried at all about finding a medical cure...

Our intrepid heroes had doubles who were about to slide, covering each other during a spray of bullets as they escaped. They barely made it into the vortex before energy started crackling all around them, like streaks of lightning crackling around a little globe in a novelty shop. One of the bolts caught Colin right in the stomach and immediately split into a sheath of energy that encase him. Everyhair on his head and arms stood straight out, and suddenly... Another bolt shot crosswise into the sheath and fragmented into a thousand pieces. Colin felt like he was looking into a long line of mirrors, all reflecting Colins back at him with most astonished looks on their faces. But before there was time to even spare a thought on it during the crazy tumbling this vortex was putting him through, he bumped horribly into another body, melted into it, was swallowed up by it, *was* that body. It was almost like the time he nearly drowned in the pond over in Brenton's alfalfa field when he was twelve, almost like falling asleep when the struggling was over. Only it was also horribly like waking up from a nightmare and not being able to recall for a few hair-raising moments what was going on.

"Ooff!" "Sorry." "Ow!" *thud* "Watch it!" "Get off me!" "Sorry about that." *thump*

Remmy watched in stunned silence as Colin after Colin dropped out of the vortex. Somewhere underneath them were Quinn and some other guy Rem had never seen before, but one strange guy turning up didn't hold a candle to the hundreds and hundreds of Colins tumbling out of a hole in the sky like a bunch of lemmings in the pc game he'd discovered 3 slides back. He'd gotten so hooked that he'd had to be dragged away from it for the next slide.

And now there were a thousand Colins rolling off an assembly line, virtually dumped like a herd of little lemming guys.

Maggie popped out last, just as the vortex closed back up. She rolled down the small hill of Colins she had flopped onto, stumbled through the ones picking themselves up around the edge, and clutched her head with both hands, squinting her eyes tightly shut. "I have the WORST migraine! Oh, man," she gasped, "I've never had a headache like this in my life!"

Remmy helped her find a place to sit down and recover while the Colins sorted themselves out and stood up.

Quinn looked around like a wildman once he'd fought his way out from under the first dogpile. What in the world was going on? Why were there suddenly so many Colins? And which one was HIS Colin?

The new guy just screamed until he fainted.

~~to be continued~~

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sliders at Onelist

I've mentioned a few places across my blogs that I was a Sliders fan, and back then I was YabloVH on Onelist. I was digging through an old tub of junk and ran right into proof that I ran the Quinn list on Onelist.

I also have proof I shared at least one of my fanfics to the Slidestory Onelist group.

So I'm going to copy my Sliders fanfic series onto pinky blog (next post) and SyfyDesigns. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

season four Harry

"Is there anything you can't take the fun out of?"

"Reef beeping."


I was spacing out but that put me back on full alert. Reef beeping?

And as if that weren't amusing enough on its own, throw Harrison Wells into the search with reef beeping and you get this fun article.

Some lines from the article struck me as synchronistically funny- For a car that’s spent so much of its time not being anywhere that people knew, it’s a little remarkable just how many places and stories this car features in... But that process—the restoration in which the past and the present meet, where the Harrison is reborn—is a whole separate story. This story is the story of the Harrison Special as it was, its myths and legends, its creators and caretakers. How it connects people, some family, some colleagues, some generations apart.

Kinda like Harrison Wells, lol, since he wasn't in the original comic.

Back to reef beeping, this article reads like an instruction manual for handling on set problems with multi monitor displays during filming of Harry scenes.


Sunday, June 21, 2020

all my flash rants

Hi, guys! 😃 I started twitter trubba last night on a different account, so I need to stay off medias and work so I won't play troll games back at exponential trolls descending because that is just a waste. So here I am.

I've been doing lengthy rewatches during covid, and lately I restarted the entire The Flash series. I'm currently in season 2 with Harry from earth 2, Jay Garrick (the Flash from earth 2), Snart and his sister, Wally West showing up, and Barry dating Patty on the police force. At this point Barry has messed with time several times, harnessed his lightning throwing, phasing, and worked a few times with the Green Arrow.

My first actual Flash rant on this blog in 2015 was about Caitlin not knowing what a singularity was. 

By the way, we caught up on The Flash last night, and I never saw the live tweet, but did anybody else have to stop the show and rant about Caitlin asking what a singularity was? She works at Star Labs and doesn't know what a singularity is. That question would have come off way better out of Eddie's mouth, but nooooo, it had to be Caitlin, a genetics specialist that works side by side with Cisco, only the most brilliant scifi lovin' brainiac on the planet. Let me be clear about my feelings- the word "singularity" has been around since the 80s and has inundated nearly every scifi show on the planet ever since, plus it's a biggie in several very real science discussions, so for Caitlin to act like she'd never heard the word singularity before in a lab sitting over a particle accelerator exploded my brain. To me this was like a baseball player asking what a tip off is, or like an executive chef asking what a convection oven is, or a mathematician asking what a sine curve is. They trust Caitlin for knowledge in tight situations, and she doesn't know the crap what a singularity is. If we feel the need to explain it to the audience, at least use a more appropriate way to spell out how dumb we're not supposed to be at Star Labs, ok?

You can see all my posts mentioning The Flash >here< and all my #TheFlash tweets >here<. I may put all that onto SyfyDesigns later.

So back to now in my rewatch. We've reached a point where Barry also knows how to create speed force mirages, which means he can create visuals of himself so fast that you literally can't tell which one is him. He moves continually from one to another until the image stays but he's not really there. This implies that Barry can literally seen every micro micro second of the past.

So... Dr. Wells waits by a breach for Zoom to show up, is worried sick about his daughter Jessie being held hostage, makes a deal with Zoom to help steal Barry's speed so he can get his daughter back.

Dear Dr. Wells.

I know your worry has clouded your thinking, but Barry can literally follow Zoom backward in time microsecond by microsecond (even if he has to race back and forth to go back in time, he could perfect this), go through the breach Zoom came through, go backward to the lair where he keeps Jessie on earth 2, and while Zoom is on earth 1 being distracted with Wells, Barry can free Jessie and get her back to earth 1 without Zoom even knowing.

See, what you need to do, Dr. Wells, is work on the belief that Jessie has already been rescued. Lose the fear and worry and guilt, stay calm, know Barry is back there in time rescuing her and Zoom doesn't know it yet. Drop the real time anguish and tell Barry the plan after you make the deal with Zoom, and the next time Zoom has you by the throat, just smile.

I know it's hard for you to plan this strategically, Dr. Wells, with such sloppy slow brained writers, and that it's more important for the audience to feel your pain and Barry's indecisive doubt and whatever, but Jessie has been in that lair for how many weeks/months now? And Barry literally left you alone in Star Labs while he went off to celebrate Christmas. You've had all this time to think, and you can't think of this maneuver to save your daughter?


Ok, I think I'm going to hop over to SyfyDesigns now and create a The Flash thread

Here you go, have a cookie.

Monday, April 13, 2020

fly like an eagle

pic clicks to source

Last night I abruptly awoke from a dream about a person very much resembling a blue eagle looking me in the face, eye to eye, and reminding me of another dream years ago in which I had asked what my true name is, and was shown a sword of Truth.

My first thought was to look up blue eagles, which I was surprised this morning to find out exist, and tiffany blue because some of the feathering looked a little more that kind of blue, although much of it looked like the picture above, but in my dream not exactly a bird.

I have said across years and blogs that I feel like I 'come from the blue', and that I am here to say something, although most of my life I've felt rather lost and and broken and it's like I'm putting together a really big puzzle or connecting a maze of dots, remembering myself, my past, why I came back.

The dream felt like encouragement to talk about this some more.

This first will look like a gear change, but it's an apology of a sort. I have felt very lazy for some time and that goes against my very nature. It's been very hard pushing through it and I'm wondering if this is not my fault.

I am convinced that my depression is exacerbated by tech, whether it is on or not, and whether I'm actively engaged or not, as long as it is at least powered via battery or current. Any time I am near any tech that is capable of searching for connection (for example, my cpap machine), I feel more scattered, less invigorated, and more fruitless. I'm also itching all over lately without any sign as to why. I can see nothing on my skin. I itch inside, outside, all over like creeping itch, I look for signs of hives or rashes and see nothing. I take zyrtec and benadryl around the clock and it doesn't go away. It feel like my nervous system is itching. This abruptly started some days ago, and I'm noticing it seems worse around tech and I'm almost miserable being next to tech, but I feel driven back to tech because I'm learning so much now.

I've been saying things and sharing things that sometimes get other accounts across medias closed down, so I continue to be careful, respectful, not too aggressive with my sharing. I'm learning many many things about the {ill}legal situations globalism has bound us all into by the way words are used on documents, by the game that is played around real money versus fake money on paper, by the way we all think we have to comply because we don't realize we've been tricked into agreeing to allow ourselves to become entrapped into debt. From what I can tell, debt is illegal.

And they know that.

So I'm going to share some things which may seem bizarre or over the top, and they do take a bit of attention and time to absorb and process, but extremely eye opening and beneficial to helping thought process. You do need to click and do the reading or listening AND thinking for yourself, ok? You're not babies. I'm not your mama.

In these things you'll notice there is a push back against a duality that creates a false rhetoric that in turn creates 'mind traps'. We are trained to think certain ways by the way words are used around us, and very few of us realize what is happening.

I'm autism spectrum and thrive on 'wording'. I have always loved creating proper sentence structure (diagramming sentences is one of my wizard skills), deciphering meaning (inherent meaning layered with complicit meaning layered with coded thinking, since I don't get innuendo and have no social skills like flirting), and establishing definition during haphazard wording by the less experienced or those unaware of hierarchy in thought.

I drive people crazy. I'm sorry, but that's what I was born for, and I believe I have finally arrived at why I'm really here in this ongoing war, possibly even back from a past life in which I was murdered in an explosion trying to stop me from getting classified information to where it needed to go, a dream from tiny childhood I've mentioned a few times. I have worked very hard for years through my autism on better sharing information so that it's easy to get through, so hopefully I can help with that here.

Along the way, I've been living a somewhat 'normal' human life, screwing things up, figuring things out, growing to appreciate true love and wisdom, patience and loyalty, kindness... But underneath it all I have felt compelled to say something, and I've never know what, so I finally decided to just start talking about me and my own stuff and what I have learned over time, so here we are, on Pinky blog again.


I made that line break in case you get interruptions like I do and lose your place, easier to dig to where you left off.

Coronavirus is a misnomer. It is coded thought. Corona as a virus was introduced into our word history long before it ever showed up in everyday language. This world pandemic was engineered, prepped for, part of a very long war that most of us don't see or really know about as something 'real'. Some call this a shadow war being fought with a shadow government, and this thought permeates every country in the world. We all have this in the backs of our unconscious minds.

I know that sounds crazy. But words are important because they trigger the mind to create pictures and scenarios and beliefs that are supposed to subdue masses into compliance or trigger group uprisings. I grew up with this debate, because all this goes back to before I was born. I have lived with this knowledge for nearly 60 years, and I understand it because I began my life in the very early stage of 'propoganda'. Back then propoganda was pretty obvious, but back then people were much more naive and there was no daily sharing with tech, so propoganda worked beautifully. Nowadays propoganda is either so mind numbing or entertaining that we are literally blind to it, laughing at how cute it is when we do see it, ready to defend our brainwashing nearly tooth and nail at a moment's notice if our friends and family get a little weird crawling out of the cozy box we don't realize we live in.

Did you know we have a World Court? Our planet has a world court. For example, this sentence (links to source) "Evidently at midnight EST Tues. 3 March the RV officially began as per order of the World Court." indicates that the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and Revalue (RV) are monitored by the World Court.
The Role of the World Court

Do you know what a Global-federal-postal-court-judge, Post-Master and a Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge & Plenipotentiary-Judge do? They interprets WORDS. How they are used to shape ideas and harm naive people for the sake of wealth. How they are used to stimulate us to live in fear all day, auto-hate on cue, entrap ourselves in what we don't know are legal looking schemes out of ignorance.

Let's take another break. I promise this will get easier, but it helps to be familiar before we dive in.


I'm going to bluntly say it.

Every conspiracy theory you've ever heard of is part of coded intel that may or may not mean what you interpret it to mean.

That sucks.

However, the phrase "conspiracy theory" was allegedly first used by one of our rogue intelligence agencies to cover leaked truth. (link) The more twisted the truth, the better. Make it easy to blow off, to disbelieve, to even laugh at. To entertain.

We have a popular quote that I've seen for years in entertainment- "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

What is truth, anyway? Truth is what you deem it to be after all information that you have is sifted out and assessed. Well, it might be what you believe someone told you, or what you just heard on TV. It's hard to say what truth is.

See if you can catch the flaw in this.

If you clicked to see the upload source, it's the Washington Post, which is extremely biased itself.

What is the truth of broadcasting? As an aspienado, broadcast ownership is my train obsession, which goes back publicly to 2004 when I realized my favorite TV show on the SciFi channel ran the very first dotcom ad for a retail chain I worked in. Back then, Vivendi was a big, big name, but of course, most Americans had never heard of it.

Who owns world media? Click that. I'll wait.

It's not about left vs right. That is the flaw. Left vs right is part of the concocted illusion, part of the word play that hooks the mind. Part of the way our minds are shepherded into groups of same thinkers and held hostage as being 'right' vs 'wrong'.

It doesn't matter so much who did what when, but it does matter that you'll fight tooth and claw for 'your' 'side' being 'right'.

So, what exactly is "right"? The right thing to do, as it were.

You absolutely cannot discern this until you walk away from all that programming. You cannot own your own mind while others are putting things into it. I did that one year, completely walked away from my phone, my television, my computer... And what I found was ME.

Do you know who YOU are?

If you immediately defined yourself as a political entity, that is not who YOU are. That is a cattle brand. None of that matters. Let's ask again.

Do you know who YOU are?

If you defined yourself as a spouse or a parent or a rank in your workplace, that is a role you play. That is not who YOU are. Are you starting to catch on? One more time.

Do you know who YOU are?

Let that question sink in. Find some quiet time and gently space out, and let your mind (and soul?) lead the way.

I am kind. I know I am kind. I may seem mean and blunt and obnoxious, but I will immediately drop whatever I am doing and help someone in trouble when they need me, regardless of what else is happening in my life.

When I sift it all down, that is what I wind up with. And that doesn't come from politics, TV shows, or my phone. That is my inherent self. My personal instinct.

I am not who people think I am when I identify myself with a political party. Ah, you got that. You instantly saw that everyone would automatically lump me into something I'm completely not just because I used a WORD.

And that is where we start, best beloved.


I hope you brought a sandwich. I'm going to run off and get a snack right now.


I think we are ready now to get back to coronavirus.

A virus infects, right. Our bodies, tech, either way, a virus infects.

Bill Gates has an amusing double role in virus protection. He's honestly not very good at it. Microsoft is constantly patching, drives some of us crazy. I've often wondered, though, if that is a cover for our privacy being invaded, since every tech that updates can do a thorough search for something in particular while it's at it. Anyway, Bill is rich. Very rich. Very, very, very rich. And he's all over global pandemic stuff. You can find that in internet digs going back years. It's like the guy is just obsessed with anything virus. He wants to fix it. Or does he?

Some people have noticed that Bill Gates advocates for Agenda 21. I've read that. Takes time, but well worth the read. Yes, the entire thing. Stop complaining. Start learning about smart cities and 'sustainability'. How is Agenda 21 Being Implemented Worldwide? You may laugh about 'conspiracy', but most people who read the entire thing either love it or hate it, and the laughing stops either way. Incidentally, you may have heard that Bill is trying to push manditory vaccination and certification through, which means being microchipped with readable information, much like traveling papers. Bet Orwell never saw that one.

What does this have to do with coronavirus? Well, it's a virus. Bill loves viruses. He gets to help push legislation in definite directions because of viruses. He's rich, he's obsessed, and he's definitely anti-POTUS right now, so whoever is screaming Nazi needs to take a step back and maybe assess this situation. Because control. Because connections. Because words being used to illicit so much fear that the populace becomes willing to allow entrapment.

And that is what the Global-federal-postal-court-judge, Post-Master and Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge & Plenipotentiary-Judge say is wrong. The word guys. The legal definers of what is really going on. Those are linked to their twitters, and you can go from there to their youtube channels and whatnot.

Corona means gold. Funny, we've recently converted to gold standard and that is what the GCR/RV is all about. Gold. Gold virus. Gold infection. They have to get rid of the gold infection. IT SCREWS UP AGENDA 21.

Now let's look up NESARA.

I made this comment on this youtube video.

Then I wrote NESARA LAW https://carolineoceanaryan.com/nesara-now/

 There is a pdf I can't figure out how to share, put in search National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA)

And then I added more.

Here is another http://intothelight.news/knowledge-base/nesara/

THIS video legally defines why our matrix is a law of fraudulance and how the council will work while the fraudulent illusion is restructured back to reality. https://youtu.be/iDaeFdDmkDw

If you really want to understand what the 'crazy chaos' is all about in our politics, start with that. NESARA is the law for how we restructure back to gold standard, which includes debt relief because the indebtedness that was set up in the first place was illegal.


If you are ready to move on, let's dive into some interesting twitter digs.

This is how intel coding was used under COVID-19 briefings so the public would hopefully know what was happening (since mainstream medias refused to cover gold standard revaluing after the FED finally went hopelessly bankrupt for good this time). This was all planned out, just like the pandemic was planned out. Agenda 21, meet COVID.

I linked those two snips and the article (click each one to go there), but feel free to go dig some more on your own.

This next snip clicks directly to that thread I highlight. To understand that this was all pre-scripted 2 1/2 years ago gave me arm hair chills. Say what you want about Q, it's certainly not a game, not a hoax, not something to scoff at if we're at this level of military intel drops.

And THAT raises the big question WHY WAS THAT LEVEL NEEDED.

Because Coronavirus was Agenda 21. This is the war, guys. We are in a war for the entire planet. We are taking away the illegal indebtedness elite wealth head games, and dang if it doesn't look like they are trying to kill us.

Do I need to say that again?

Yes, people are really sick. But some aren't and it's not acting like a normal virus. I've seen some really interesting research digs, complete with sourcing to real sites that go back years, and all I can say is, they wanna vaccinate ALL the populace with microchips. Something to think about.

Game theory. 👈 READ.

If you need way more off the wall distraction that isn't related to the coronavirus, this thread is fun.

I know this wore a lot of you out. This is a really well done documentary by one of Hollywood's top stunt men. Enjoy.

I have fulfilled my social contract by sharing this information. Really hope I see all you guys on the other side.

Sunday, April 5, 2020


I know that people who have called me their friend and have even said they love me have had me on mute for awhile. I went from up to 82K+ monthly Twitter impressions to 4 impressions on a tweet over the last year, despite having over 2000 followers. Meanwhile, lurkers around the world are STILL hitting blogs within sometimes seconds of my blog post publications.

Muting me doesn't hurt my feelings. I'm worried more for you guys. I'm on leading cutting edge military info drops this last year, I know our nation is currently at war on 3 fronts, I've read every executive order, and I know for real what's behind 'orange man bad'.

I know what I went through learning some very rough information over the last two years. I spent many sleepless nights digging for hours through everything I could find for what is actually truth because what I kept finding was so horrible that it ripped me up. And I found I wasn't alone. Many millions of us know the internet very very well now.

I'm not a stupid person. Naive, yes. Painfully so. But not stupid. I've been feeling bad and sad for people who used to talk to me now going through anxiety, fear, and anger not understanding what the comms are when the covid briefings go on. It's easier to assume idiocy than it is to wonder enough to start asking and searching what clues might be going on in real time.

We're nearly there. The kids are finally being rescued. Thousands of them all over the U.S. and even the world.

And they're going to show us soon. And you will feel very sick, very sad, and lost how to even process, because you've been too busy with distraction or fear or anger to dig. To ask the questions. To really go look for answers.

I don't like being lied to, and neither do you. But I know now who helps create the lies and cover for them, even when they know the truth. Some of my friends have been doing that all along, too, pretending to be good people but spreading hate and negativity, slander and the ugliness of mockery when many thousands of tiny little lives were depending on military rescues.

Here is just one thing I've been looking into over the last two years. Maybe check into it before you bypass it. Because once you know and turn your back, you are one of the many covering it up.

Please don't be awful like that.

From https://twitter.com/HuajatollaChic/status/1246889785605541888

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

an example of interactive listening, perhaps

I had an appointment with my psychologist at 9:30 today. In the first few minutes I brought up dreams about my passed parents, particularly that I dreamed of phones a lot when it was about my mom.

Also please note I mention my psychologist in the post I'm about to share.

Upon checking blogger as I'm waiting in a pharmacy line, I discovered this lone hit out of the blue bouncing in during my moments with my psychologist today.

So. Coincidence? What if I told you guys stuff like this is not rare for me? That I'm getting phone calls again from 'publishers' wanting to verify some personal info? That any time I talk to Scott about family matters my phone starts listening without being prompted?

I've been trying to tell you guys for years.

Q sent me. The choice to know more is yours. I've left trails to follow (web version if you are on mobile). If they can find me anywhere, you can, too.

Learn more from Judy.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

note from jackie

Howdy. 💖

Popped in, noticed nostalgia hitting, so if you're pining and really want to catch up, click 'web version' at the bottom of the blog posts to see more widgets, including latest blog posts. If Ukraine can find me and annoy me, you can too lol.

Here, have a video.