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Sunday, June 21, 2020

all my flash rants

Hi, guys! 😃 I started twitter trubba last night on a different account, so I need to stay off medias and work so I won't play troll games back at exponential trolls descending because that is just a waste. So here I am.

I've been doing lengthy rewatches during covid, and lately I restarted the entire The Flash series. I'm currently in season 2 with Harry from earth 2, Jay Garrick (the Flash from earth 2), Snart and his sister, Wally West showing up, and Barry dating Patty on the police force. At this point Barry has messed with time several times, harnessed his lightning throwing, phasing, and worked a few times with the Green Arrow.

My first actual Flash rant on this blog in 2015 was about Caitlin not knowing what a singularity was. 

By the way, we caught up on The Flash last night, and I never saw the live tweet, but did anybody else have to stop the show and rant about Caitlin asking what a singularity was? She works at Star Labs and doesn't know what a singularity is. That question would have come off way better out of Eddie's mouth, but nooooo, it had to be Caitlin, a genetics specialist that works side by side with Cisco, only the most brilliant scifi lovin' brainiac on the planet. Let me be clear about my feelings- the word "singularity" has been around since the 80s and has inundated nearly every scifi show on the planet ever since, plus it's a biggie in several very real science discussions, so for Caitlin to act like she'd never heard the word singularity before in a lab sitting over a particle accelerator exploded my brain. To me this was like a baseball player asking what a tip off is, or like an executive chef asking what a convection oven is, or a mathematician asking what a sine curve is. They trust Caitlin for knowledge in tight situations, and she doesn't know the crap what a singularity is. If we feel the need to explain it to the audience, at least use a more appropriate way to spell out how dumb we're not supposed to be at Star Labs, ok?

You can see all my posts mentioning The Flash >here< and all my #TheFlash tweets >here<. I may put all that onto SyfyDesigns later.

So back to now in my rewatch. We've reached a point where Barry also knows how to create speed force mirages, which means he can create visuals of himself so fast that you literally can't tell which one is him. He moves continually from one to another until the image stays but he's not really there. This implies that Barry can literally seen every micro micro second of the past.

So... Dr. Wells waits by a breach for Zoom to show up, is worried sick about his daughter Jessie being held hostage, makes a deal with Zoom to help steal Barry's speed so he can get his daughter back.

Dear Dr. Wells.

I know your worry has clouded your thinking, but Barry can literally follow Zoom backward in time microsecond by microsecond (even if he has to race back and forth to go back in time, he could perfect this), go through the breach Zoom came through, go backward to the lair where he keeps Jessie on earth 2, and while Zoom is on earth 1 being distracted with Wells, Barry can free Jessie and get her back to earth 1 without Zoom even knowing.

See, what you need to do, Dr. Wells, is work on the belief that Jessie has already been rescued. Lose the fear and worry and guilt, stay calm, know Barry is back there in time rescuing her and Zoom doesn't know it yet. Drop the real time anguish and tell Barry the plan after you make the deal with Zoom, and the next time Zoom has you by the throat, just smile.

I know it's hard for you to plan this strategically, Dr. Wells, with such sloppy slow brained writers, and that it's more important for the audience to feel your pain and Barry's indecisive doubt and whatever, but Jessie has been in that lair for how many weeks/months now? And Barry literally left you alone in Star Labs while he went off to celebrate Christmas. You've had all this time to think, and you can't think of this maneuver to save your daughter?


Ok, I think I'm going to hop over to SyfyDesigns now and create a The Flash thread

Here you go, have a cookie.