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Wednesday, January 27, 2021


This is a long post coming, and may seem a bit abrupt if you haven't caught up with real time accounts on medias who keep trying to break through both fact checking and birdwatch with actual news in real time. If you're not yet aware that the inauguration was prerecorded and that the first day in the White House was actually from a film set NOT in DC, then you have some catching up to do. But this post isn't about that.

This is about The List flying under the radar. The list of arrests and the consequences. The list of who's gone.

I started working on interpreting this video several weeks back on another blog. I'm sure my current (seeming) misinterpretation of it might seem a bit slow coming (especially since the dreams have been hammering me for months), but the idea very suddenly broke through this morning that Stefani might have been granted (ordered?) to show everyone what's actually behind her real story, and now I'm seeing 911 as the story of the death of the ways of her kind (elitist crimes against humanity), which is delightfully ironic once you know the 'truther' 911 factoids, and actually pretty brilliant. I'll give her that, since I've bemoaned her bland repetitious style elsewhere. Or, the storyboard could have been heavily monitored, you decide.

For those not yet able to wrap their minds yet around what I'm really saying, I don't even know what to explain here because most people will think I'm horrible, but if you really look into the history of the play this vid is based on (and is now exposing), you would feel sick, so it's not me, it's originally the playwrights and entertainers and political/religious grip of control over societies, so I'm not going to worry about whether I'm the one who looks horrible compared to that. I just know this has been nagging at me for a couple of months and I think I finally figured it out. I'm going to keep my original conclusion about the overt layer that no one quite gets, but I'm now adding the obvious, because in all final interpretations of multilayered symbolism, sometimes it just plain boils down to literalism. 

So let's look at this very literally. What is really going on in this vid?

Stefani's life is in a wreck. A mysterious observer can see her entire perspective. I covered the pomegranates last time, but if you aren't familiar, they are a 'life force' fruit. Stef is on a bike bringing pomegranates across a desert when something happens and she and the poms are nearly destroyed. Stefani secures product and transport. I'm not sure how literal that is, I'm sure her presence in any given locale is mostly the doorway between meetups, because A-list celebs walk the earth between elite world leaders without raising eyebrows. At any rate, this guy. Pay attention. I can't tell you how many times I missed this.

Later on in the vid, we see that this ankle bracelet is an artistic dreamscape interpretation of a wound her leg suffered in the accident. Everything red in this vid is blood, and there is loads of red. However, the red also doubles for another kind of blood, which isn't as obvious until you follow the literal scenes. I'd like to interject that after Stefani's life was abrubtly scuttled, she most likely went under house arrest with an ankle monitor, like a number of celebs, CEOs, politicians, and religious figures have coincidentally all been dealing with this year. Lotta boot casts out there. Stef was not immune to being ankle cuffed.

The mysterious figure leads the way to what looks like the sort of small Catholic church that you find in the desert southwest of the United States and often see in old westerns. Stefani follows.

One of the biggie central scenes starting off in the tiny town in front of the church was a display of Stefani behind a type of decorative grill that kind of mimics the towers arch doorway of Baal, wherein she does several key poses, including a Baphomet pose. At the end of the display scene, she acts like she is being choked, and looks like she might be mimicking what someone might go through being hung. This brings to mind all those weird red bandana celebrity doorknob 'suicides' where they wound up dead after they started talking about stuff they weren't supposed to.

I have no idea if this part of the vid is a communications device to certain watchers who know things, or if she was told to do this, or if she's signaling that it's all over for her.

👆 This really quick scene caught my attention. In my last interpretation review, I brought up that the wrapped corpse reminds one of the wrapped sacrifice for spirit cooking that Marina Abromavic demonstrated. Marina is one of Stefani's 'artpop' trainers. What is this guy doing in this scene? It's not the last time we see him doing something covert to someone with his hand being hidden.

I'm going to spend a little time on this scene. The veil to the temple is pretty obvious, the sacraments, possibly the 'holy' water. Stefani kind of looks like a temple prostitute/priestess.

When I zoom in on the baubles in the water, it kind of looks like the mysterious observer is in the room watching.

Why are figures hung by the neck at the veil in front of the entrance to the inner temple?

This was a hard snip to get because the constant moving is blurry. It's kind of a what the crap scene. Those rods are bored into Stefani's face, right through cheekbones, all around what would be her sinus and upper teeth. I'm going to get gross and say I've seen actual photos of children who are strapped down in small dentist chairs in big empty rooms, and gizmos are holding their lips way back from their bloody teeth, and they can't move or flinch for all the hardware bolting their faces into position. The first time I saw pix like that, I thought it was some crazy off the wall art. Now I know it's real.

Better closeup. This is a pretty artful version of very bad things that cause great suffering. Again, happening in that little church.

Meanwhile, this is happening on the side of the room while Stefani 'dances', or writhes in agony, whichever you prefer. The 911 priest and the political ruler both have their eyes covered.

They are in the same room with the writhing sufferer, hinting that they are very aware this is going on. Stefani is seen now in front of a big cauldron, presumably into which blood is drained. I've seen exsanguination rooms. This is a bit fancied up. Desanguinating victims has a very long, dark history.

Oh, look, now the ruler is being given something to drink from that special cup while a pope stands by doing things with a mirror. Is she literally playing the black pope? There is a very long, dark history behind that, too. Interesting that the light flashes as the blood is drunk. Perhaps this is a spiritual ritual with the one who is called the light, but he's not really.

And then the mirror looks completely devoid of any reflection. Is the soul gone? Can one even still have a soul after drinking the blood of tortured victims?

There's the ankle bracelet again, and this time Stefani is leashed. Of course, in the video, that represents her lifeline back to the paramedics, but I'm pretty sure this scene is doing multilayered duty with a handler who won't allow her to escape even through death. If you've watched all her vids, you know handlers were an early theme.

Oh, look, the water again. And the soulless pope person. No idea why, but the baubles are making me think they look like tiny islands now. Could be a whole other intent in the perfect circle that follows them around.

I can't tell if the mysterious observer is reflecting in the baubles again. Is that pool full of little baubles? Are those souls? Does the 'light' hold them prisoner?

So Stefani is forced back to life all covered in blood, the handler (looks like some kind of mercenary voodoo doctor) shows us he has that rope and the cauldron is outside now, right behind him, so he's in control. The pope is passive. 

Baphomet hand signal. She is now in allegiance. The tree sprouting from her head is the Kabbalist tree of life, the DNA of the children of the chosen elite who 'feed' their families. The bloody bracelet, the bloody ring, all signals that Stefani is now controlled.

I can't tell what this is on the necklace.

👆 THIS. 👆 What is happening? The mysterious observer is leading them all through the town, carrying the New Mexico state flag? Why New Mexico? There may be several meanings here. New Mexico is where Epstein had his big pedo ranches that met up underground with tunnels coming over the southern border. The flag of New Mexico also carries a very unique symbol that means stuff. You can go learn about the Zia sun symbol. Is the mysterious stranger part of this? Hard to say at this point.

Now we get to some really interesting visuals. The pope figure handling a snake? Well, later in the vid she's a paramedic, and we know that snake/staff symbol, but don't stop there! A number of people have been remarking last couple of years on how much the Jesuit Pope's audience hall resembles being inside a snake head, as well as noticing the Pope hosted a snake god at the Vatican...

This scene is super special. We have the cartoonized version of the 'real story' on a wall behind Stefani, again being tortured. As the handler's arm disappears up her robes, she goes into convulsive shakes, presumably in a great deal of pain, and now the rods are bored into her head. The pope sits passively by holding a snake out. What are the igloo-like domes? Are they tunnel entrances?

Once the handler is done and the convulsions stop, Stefani grows very calm and blank. The calamity on the wall might be representing what we'd see on our news screens, explaining the cover story.

I wanted to pay special attention to this shot, so I filtered it. The handler is wearing a triple X ring, pretty sure we all know what XXX means. His hand is over her heart, symbolically he now controls what her heart wants. I made a comment in my last review of this vid that the rods in Stef's head look like a network of antennae, which I'll now say goes well with her being a designated public figure linked up with our elitist world leaders, especially in the U.S. government. I also asked if those were the tens horns, like in Revelations, which is really eye-opening when you think of horns as antennae, possibly satellites. The handler, under the authority of the Vatican, controls and manages Stefani, who in turn works for the political elite. I shared this pic, also.

If this is your first MK Ultra reveal (mind control programming), yes, it really is this bizarre, except that artful interpretation of it makes it more surreal. You can see the now controlled Lady Gaga reaching for the persona they want her to put on for the public, represented as an outfit. It has a domed headpiece mimicking the Pope's headpiece. The handler's hands look like he's guiding a puppet on invisible strings.

And we see her doing this in concert a lot, too. We are made to think it is her will to show off and be in the spotlight doing over the top things, that she is directing all of it. Pretty sure much of that is a cover.

Just before scene change we see that Stefani has become as passive as a cow, close to her watchful handler.

And now Stefani is on display in front of what looks like police tape, with Latin on it? Workers scurry around her while the soulless pope holds a mirror.

Back to the church! The handler leads the way while the blind priest and the blind ruler follow behind, with Gaga posed like a statue for everyone to gaze upon. What's in the box?

Oh, goody, knives.

All the players gathered inside the church. Stefani is now in black lace with the medical stretcher behind her. For all intents and purposes, this entire scene comes off as a smash between a black mass and a trial. Oh, look, the mysterious observer is over by the wall on a colorful fake horse.

And dayam if he isn't the executioner. O_O AND he is wearing an actual cross on his wrist. Wonder what that pinky ring is...

I have no idea who this is or why he's even in the video. I'm going to hazard a guess that he knows everything behind all the cover stories and is in full control of how this mess will play out.

Stefani is extremely distressed. 

I was trying to see the symbols better but that didn't really help. I don't know what they are, but she's 'marked'. They look branded on. Pretty sure it's this symbol from her album cover, which is in the shape of a very early developing fetus that still has the spinal tail. This is what lends to the thought that this might be her last 'farewell' confessional album. We'll look into that in a minute.

Here is a representation of the towers and doorway of Baal, this time inside the church during whatever was going on. Is it being used as a witness stand? I have no idea what's going on there.

The players get pretty funky. Reminds me of chess pieces, and of robots.

I stopped getting screenshots after that.

So today I'm looking back at this vid as more of an interpretive history of who Stefani really was behind all the trappings.

As I pointed out last time, Stefani was mentored by Marina Abramovic. They look quite similar. Marina put Stefani through very grueling rigorous physical and mental exercises, and there are photos floating around of Marina and her star pupil attending ritual gatherings and events that emphasize a lot of blood and humans as sacrifices and food. Also, there is this. Go look, I'm not going to drag it over here, it's disgusting. More here if you have facebook.

Now go look up what causes panda eyes. 😖😨😰😭

A networked very public group of people who've been household names for us all through our lives are in very hot water. I'm hearing that their crimes against humanity are/will be catching up with them. We may not see anything about that on normal 'news', just like how we don't see what they really do behind closed doors.

Anyway, after having thought about all that, isn't this interesting? These snips click to sources.

Drinking the blood of tortured children is a massive crime against humanity, one that carries the death penalty. Doesn't hurt to be aware that this is a very real thing and looks like it's about to go public.

Imagine an entire industry showing this kind of behavior off and hardly a soul batting an eye.