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About Me-

Some of this is grabbed from a post on 3-10-15. The rest in between is random info. You can get to the rest of my blog here.

I am the terror that flaps in the night!

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More Darkwing Duck quotes here.

If you see YabloVH on minecraft, that's me. You can say "Hi Jan" or "Hi Pinky" but I probably won't respond because I'm busy and generally ignore everyone in multiplayer.

I have dotcoms and 'official' pages sitting around as placeholders because my friends told me to grab my name on the interwebs before other people do. This has happened before, and recently I've been alerted to a fake account in another country using my actual facebook ID, so there you go, I'm a thing. You can tell when it's NOT me because I link all my stuff to all my other stuff, and, this is the really important part- I never ask people for money. EVER. I've actually turned down funding offers.

Yes, I am the "Lexx chick". (People really call me that.) That seems to be how I'm known on the webs. No, I do NOT know how to contact the actors, and I don't follow them around on social media. They generally do the contacting when they want something. Yes, I did kiss Brian on the lips at MegaCon in 2007. I like Brian.

I am autism spectrum.  My continual blabbing away on blogs doesn't mean I'm a chatty person on social media. I've stopped attempting trying to keep up with private messaging and general 'howdy' twitter convos because I suck as a friend. I'm also a spoonie but I really don't talk about it that much.

I also write a bit for SyfyDesigns.

I'm a staunch Wil Wheaton fan, and I adore Chris Hardwick. Also, Moffat is a genius.

Yes, I created the #bencongruity hashtag. You're welcome.

Please don't send me gifts or ask me to read fanfics. I love you guys, but it's gotten a little weird a few times. I know some bloggers enjoy fans sharing stuff, but they also rent space on their pages. I don't do that. I'm not against it, but I'm not blogging to network and grow an army. I know that's a thing nowadays, and while I admire some of the strategies among a few geniuses creating armies out of their fanbases, it's a bit overwhelming for aspienado. Yes, I'm the first person to ever use that word, and I've been using it to represent moi on the webs. #aspienado

There are a number of Pinky Guerrerros and at least one Janika Pinky, but there is only one Janika Banks, and I have been Pinky for a long time.

My name is Pinky, and this is my Haus

pink is the new dark, or, my life without any meth whatsoever

A Study in Pinky

Pinky is important. #ExistentialAspie