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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lexx and Xanga and Nixa all have Xs in them

So, is moving my stuff to mobile viewing worth it? Let's see how things are going.

1- 199 hits on my new mobile Pinky in just 8 days.
2- 463 hits on my new mobile Lexx blog in the first month.

Stuff that has always been mobile-

3- my spoonie blog has 3200+ hits, which I never expected
4- my dotcom has been seen by 30 countries and I'm not even published yet.
5- nearly 1800 views on my Arch Heretic blog on wordpress

Soon I'll start moving the surveys onto a new mobile blog. Bluejacky gets hit harder than any other blog I've ever made. It's going to be a LOT of work.

Why am I doing this? The Xanga groups on facebook are getting edgy again. No one has heard anything, no one knows what happens next... I can't just sit back and believe this time. I hafta get backups going before the possibility swoops in that all my hard work will suddenly either be gone or at the very least untouchable even by me.

I think the Xanga team ran into a legal wall or something. I've been watching Xanga for a decade now, they've made it through so much stuff behind the scenes, I can't just ditch them with the thought that they don't care and will dump us in the cold. However, if a court order ever comes through for them to freeze assets or the WordPress team stymies their attempts at integration, there isn't much any of us can do. I'm not leaving Xanga, but I am totally preparing this time for possible rips in the spacetime continuum.

In the meantime, it's Labor Day weekend! With lots and lots of rain! We're actually quite thrilled at all this rain, my chickens were dehydrating. Don't want them getting mixed up with the leaf piles that will start happening in a few weeks. I decided while I'm zipping and dodging all over the webs like a banshee getting my stuff moved, I may as well get busy on the chicken blog again. I haven't really pushed that one, only has 66 hits on it, but in the olden days the chicken blog I had got kinda popular. We'll see what happens.

I need to get breakfast going before burrito shows back up. We had fun yesterday, found out the kid has skillz... Only 13 months old and can already handle a phone screen trying to pull up videos to watch.

But don't worry, she's genetically super hyper like her mom and Grampa Scott, so actually catching her sitting still for a few seconds was a miracle. She'll definitely need a brain chip for her active lifestyle.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Thursday, August 28, 2014

post pred pause

Three hours of sleep last night. Prednisone withdrawal took over about 5 hours after the last post, which was 2 days ago. Not my first rodeo, mostly you just grit your teeth and keep telling yourself it's not a stroke or cancer and point your brain at anything distracting.

I've gotten about 40 hours worth of html and settings grunt work done in the last 24 hours, a nice byproduct of my brain feeling like a Chinese lantern whirring 90 mph. I'm hoping I can get another catnap pretty quick, tiptoeing delicately around anything stimulating now in hopes the fireworks show is about finished and I can settle back into some kind of biorhythm. Kaspersky stopped the link to this next one, sorry. It'll melt your device, so I just saved your life by not linking it.

I'm left with an awful craving for sweets, so I'm being very careful. My eyes are inhaling stuff into the growing vacuum in my brain now, everything around me quakes in existential fear, knowing that if science proves we really are living in a hologram, that donut is toast whether I think I'm eating it or not.

So you guys know this is National Ghostbusters Day, right? Did you know there is all kinds of pink Stay Puft out there? Get your marshmallow geek on, people.

If you see me up on twitter, yell at me to get off the phone and take a nap.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

post prednisone brain

Holy cow, I'm all over the place. O_O I haven't had this much brain availability in ~years~. My arms are so tired, I'm going nearly nonstop, and still my brain is going wheeeeeee... I had laundry finished and a roast in the crock pot by 7:30. I'm breaking up all the rest of the to-do stuffs into different spirals. Good thing I picked up more spirals during back to school sales.  The rest of the morning is a big planning session. I am my own secretary, and today is all about office management. The first order of business was a conference meeting with myself. Reorganizing, renovations, still moving forward but with gears and pulleys and lots and lots of joy. This used to be so hard. Oh, I hope this lasts awhile.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

embracing iframes

Still in high gear, but I can tell I am perilously close to brain crash. Last day on high prednisone dose and managing my blood sugar very well, huzzah! The weird vertigo is gone after two months, so nice side effects happening. I'm sure my ears had swimming pools in them.

Noticing my android won't show embedded youtubes from my blogger posts. I had the same problem with Xanga when they first went mobile, and since the sweeping rewrite, lost original vid embeds anyway. I've been playing around with mobile youtube viewing versus different browser interfaces on my laptop, and all I can say is if you haven't gotten Chrome or Torch yet on whatever desktops you use, sorry but I've gotta march into the future. I may as well stop this juggling and commit to iframes now, because there is no other way I can view youtubes on my phone through blogger, which is odd because Google (which parents both youtube and blogger) strongly supports android interface, which blogger's built in video editor stymies. I tried for a couple of years to accommodate the variety of technologies I see coming in on my stats across all my blog experiments (wordpress is the best for allowing multiple device interface viewing), but until I get actual feedback in comments requesting fixits, I just have no idea what other people can see or not on their iphones, tablets, and laptops. This is what I can see on my end since I created this blog yesterday.

The device stats I get back through the stat counters installed on my Xanga blogs last spring are more detailed, so I've learned a lot about incoming. The biggest thing I've learned is that wordpress isn't the end all beat all of world dominance, lol. I love their categories, wish blogger had that, but by far, blogger still has the most incorporation options. I can ~play~. Tumblr has pleasing options but is so load heavy that I find it a drag to keep up with. G+ and facebook are sadly deficient in organization, and myspace razed my stuff to the ground with the upgrade awhile back. I had a pretty cool myspace going. Not going to try rebuilding that, although you can still get to it by clicking on this gif. Yes, that is really Kevin Smith following me. It's just fun to say that.

Anyway, I have finally, after a whole year of resisting, decided to back a bunch of stuff up onto blogger, and have spent several very hectic days transferring and fixing, and I think this last year of blog experimentation is just about over. I'm not abandoning Xanga by a long shot, because of this.

I also love that wordpress allows automatically sharing a post to a variety other sites. Google is a little stingy getting blogger up to that kind of sharing. Hoping and praying blogger doesn't cave to all the hectic change sideswiping blog hosts left and right, because I really really wanna keep my cute little codes.

Our outside thermometer says it's 108... 

I keep walking away from this. Probly need to just hit send. Here, have a googly burrito face.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

pinky rainbows and kittens and unicorns

New blog home, yay! Feels like a Ferrari. This is a continuation of my personal blog on Xanga, which sadly doesn't support mobile viewing yet.

I'm still fussing over the font. I could manually input html, or I could attempt to CSS override, or I could settle down and accept change after ten years of my fave font. Crowded fonts crowd my visual processing, I feel like I'm in bottlenecked traffic if my eyes don't slide easily over the font. I know several people who mock Comic Sans, I don't get why.

Hit 103 at my house yesterday, and that wasn't counting 'real feel' and heat index. Maybe both of those are the same thing. My chickens have eaten a whole watermelon this week. What can you do? We discovered kittywigs.com to keep ourselves amused.

I was a really bad girl yesterday. I've been doing so well lately, and utterly worn out with round the clock antihistamines, so I've been taking longer and longer breaks if I'm just hanging around the house. So I hadn't had anything yesterday. And I suddenly spelunked into a whole load of something I hadn't eaten in a long time. And there it was, airway probs, slamming benadryl, driving myself to a clinic, they pushed intravenous steroid and more benadryl, and I wobbled home as wasted as if I'd had a handful of xanax. And then I was up from midnight to about 4 this morning, and I'm still whizzing around like an amazon delivery drone. Not terribly conducive to sitting around watching the Doctor Who marathon. You know how Eleven couldn't sit still in The Power of Three? That's me this weekend. About 2:30 in this is me.

my Timelord name

Originally posted yesterday, reposted here for mobile viewing.

So I'm immersed in yet another annual Doctor Who week long marathon, and I'm wondering what my Timelord name would be. The Timelord name generators I've found are so unimaginative I'm not even bothering. So if I were to choose for myself, one descriptive word to represent me as a title, I'm thinking I would be the Klutz. I accidentally smashed our coffee carafe to bits the other day, and that was only one of many things I dropped, fumbled, spilled, and sorta threw in weird trajectories at nothing in particular because my grip suddenly lets go as I'm moving. The most public fail was tossing a bulk yogurt onto the floor and a yogurt bursting forth all over the cart wheel, and I was standing right by the check out conveyor. I went ahead and paid for it. I even ate the one that popped a little after I got home, was still good inside.

Told Scott this weird pressure I've been feeling the last couple of years to get my stuff done asap while I have time is starting to take form in my head. Yesterday I suddenly saw myself without my right hand, as if it had to be removed for some unforeseen reason, and that got me to thinking- all these years that I've been getting through and recovering from nervous system fail it never occurred to me that my next loss would be something other than my brain again. Other people have lost limbs to accidents, illness, infection- I use my hands so hard, every single day. Thousands of words, rotating stacked projects, keeping up with real life, through pain and numbness and literal fail while things drop and smash around me. It was an interesting direction for my thoughts to go- What if I literally can no longer type somewhere in the future? Yes, I've got to keep getting as much done as possible while I still can. Of course, if I were a Timelord I would just grow another hand.

Barring that actually happening, my friends on twitter would be happy to know my own family would encourage me to use Nelson in it's place...

So I drank Folgers singles coffee for a couple of days, not bad if you are patient and let it steep a bit, and got a lot of work done.