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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lexx and Xanga and Nixa all have Xs in them

So, is moving my stuff to mobile viewing worth it? Let's see how things are going.

1- 199 hits on my new mobile Pinky in just 8 days.
2- 463 hits on my new mobile Lexx blog in the first month.

Stuff that has always been mobile-

3- my spoonie blog has 3200+ hits, which I never expected
4- my dotcom has been seen by 30 countries and I'm not even published yet.
5- nearly 1800 views on my Arch Heretic blog on wordpress

Soon I'll start moving the surveys onto a new mobile blog. Bluejacky gets hit harder than any other blog I've ever made. It's going to be a LOT of work.

Why am I doing this? The Xanga groups on facebook are getting edgy again. No one has heard anything, no one knows what happens next... I can't just sit back and believe this time. I hafta get backups going before the possibility swoops in that all my hard work will suddenly either be gone or at the very least untouchable even by me.

I think the Xanga team ran into a legal wall or something. I've been watching Xanga for a decade now, they've made it through so much stuff behind the scenes, I can't just ditch them with the thought that they don't care and will dump us in the cold. However, if a court order ever comes through for them to freeze assets or the WordPress team stymies their attempts at integration, there isn't much any of us can do. I'm not leaving Xanga, but I am totally preparing this time for possible rips in the spacetime continuum.

In the meantime, it's Labor Day weekend! With lots and lots of rain! We're actually quite thrilled at all this rain, my chickens were dehydrating. Don't want them getting mixed up with the leaf piles that will start happening in a few weeks. I decided while I'm zipping and dodging all over the webs like a banshee getting my stuff moved, I may as well get busy on the chicken blog again. I haven't really pushed that one, only has 66 hits on it, but in the olden days the chicken blog I had got kinda popular. We'll see what happens.

I need to get breakfast going before burrito shows back up. We had fun yesterday, found out the kid has skillz... Only 13 months old and can already handle a phone screen trying to pull up videos to watch.

But don't worry, she's genetically super hyper like her mom and Grampa Scott, so actually catching her sitting still for a few seconds was a miracle. She'll definitely need a brain chip for her active lifestyle.