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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Pinky can see in the dark

From daring to go there.

I've spent years slowly and meticulously spelling out across blogs how to connect dots. My blogs seem as disconnected as my dissociated reality, until you step back and look at the bigger picture.

It's not our faults if we don't have the brain capacity, the experience, the time, or the fortitude to SEE the bigger picture. I made this a game on purpose, because I'm not playing a game. I'm showing you how inside out our realities really are. I've been questioning all my life why some of the puzzle pieces don't fit together right, or overlap, or go missing entirely, yet the general public never seems to question WHY. To me, blaring inconsistencies slap my face all day long my whole life. To other people, it all smooths out into distraction. Humans are easily distracted and manipulated into seeing a created reality, a concocted illusion, as a solid thing called a 'world'. World views synch up through screens and monitors all day long every day, and the inconsistencies slide by unnoticed, even when they are mockingly slapping us all in our faces.

I'm noticing that since my Stefani post on this big Pinky blog, the hunt through all my blogs has stepped up. I'm nothing viral, as bloggers go, but I'm definitely known by a few people in nearly every country on this planet. Some people watch my medias, as well, immediately clicking on everything I drop, and I know this because I still keep a couple of stat trackers laying around. The important thing about this is that those who are awake enough to figure out what I've been doing and have taken the time to use the blogger searches to find the scattered clues know that I know they know, and we seem to have developed a sort of comms.

It's not about breaking 'news' at all. It's about realizing all of this is very old news. It's about getting the clue that an underground all around us has been deceiving and using us over the decades of our lives. It's about the final jolt of realization after we wake up and suddenly see that the world isn't just crooked and layered, it's not even real at all.

Until you grasp this mind blown thing at the very roots, you honestly cannot properly assess religion, politics, and all the other institutionalization processes going on around us. You cannot properly assess architecture, history, the arts, even logic, without this.

We are ALL mind trapped. No one is smarter than the other, no one is savvier, no one wins more than anyone else. We are all duped and used and mentally hogtied if we do not know what the real reality IS. We are simply all in the same trap.

The only way out of this trap is to wake up. The only way to true freedom is for ALL OF US to wake up.

If you are still asking what exactly it is that we are waking up to, I'm not sure I can spell out any more simply that this world you think you live in is a very elaborate setup to keep us blind and deaf and so self absorbed that we cannot fathom anything different.

Change is coming. No one will be coasting through the change. You may not be able to ignore it, and if you haven't started waking up yet, you might have difficulty once it arrives. It will be like culture shock. There's really no way to brace for something like that. The only way to deal is head on.

The world will be getting better, but for many people not yet awake, it might feel like the world is crashing. It's not really crashing. There will be fear and anxiety and nervous jitters everywhere. Some people might have panic attacks. If we don't know what is really going on, we might feel like the world is crazy, or we're crazy, but it's really just the big illusion being dismantled so the really real reality can be seen, finally.

I've mentioned elsewhere that we've been trained all our lives to turn to our screens for comfort. That era of humanity is nearly over. It's time to turn to each other for comfort, and to find within ourselves that which can comfort others.

We are who we've been waiting for.