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Sunday, November 23, 2014

I need a Missy spinoff so bad #DoctorWho

It's hard to keep my mind on turkey with all this angst we've been left hanging with.

Here is the link to that article --> Nine big questions raised by Doctor Who finale Death in Heaven Of course I've started rewatching everything Twelve because of the things Missy said, especially toward the end.

So one thing that article didn't mention- the Master's relationship with the Doctor evolving the way it did. I have every hope and belief that however sick and twisted it gets, their past is now wide open to interpretations we never imagined in our wildest dreams. Well, maybe a few rabid shippers out there have, lol. I'm sure Moffat will have wonderful sport with us ripping more threads loose to tie up.

Meanwhile, I have found this gem. Legs Nose Robinson is taking Who fandom to an even tizzier level, and I love it. This is my Thanksgiving theme song this year.

You're welcome.  photo 9smirk.gif

Friday, November 21, 2014

your braincation before the big holiday time crunch

I was bored and passing the time yesterday evening waiting for Scott to get home (12 hour workdays this week), had already amused myself with cats in Christmas trees (hilarious), pink Christmas trees (super cool), and moved on to redneck Christmas trees and found some fun stuff.

@bonenado would be jealous of this.

Redneck gingerbread house, clicks to more great pix.


And then I found tesla trees....

And naturally zoomed in on the robot. This is cool, click the pic for instructions.

Next thing you know I was lost in trucker Christmas. (The real Santas, right?)

It would be cute to hide little snacks in there.

I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Here you go.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unorthodox Arch-Nemesis of the Chocolate Indoctrination

You guys need to go check this out. I'm always amazed at how many ways this wonderful woman can find to raise money for various charities, and this one is so cute and fun that you won't be able to help jumping into the community hot tub with the rest of us. Yes, click the pic. It explains the title of my post today.


I regularly go through microwave fear and scour the internet about once a year to make sure our 1980s Montgomery Ward monster microwave is still safe (because the internet knows, right?), and here is today's perusal in case you like scaring yourself silly and feeling calmed down by lengthy discussions in old forums and jaunting off into distraction.

Turtlenecks and Ugly Couches: The Montgomery Ward Catalog of 1978 (yes, kids, I am this old)

Hilariously Ambitious Cookbooks from the Dawn of the Microwave (this was awesome)

How safe is it to use a 20-30 year old microwave? (it's so hard to tell, because my 80+ dad has his jury-rigged and it still takes 5 minutes to heat a cup of water, BUT he's still alive so it's obviously not nuking him- this is pertinent because it's identical to my microwave, which is in way better shape)

4 Ways to Check a Microwave for Leaks (easy, cool, erroneous- according to the next article)

microwaved- microwaves resolved (Scott, I'm gonna put the netbook with our network on it into the microwave for a sec, ok? Your fantasy teams might freeze up.)

'reducing the life expectancy of the magnetron'-Does this happen? (I find comfort in techy yap by real engineers, and they seem pretty cool with my microwave without even having seen it, so I'm good now and can move on with my morning.)

One week till Thanksgiving!!!!! I had the most wonderful luv fest live tweeting the Macy's parade on twitter last year, laughing my head off at the tweepers who grumped about it clogging up their timelines, all the hilarious stuff my beloved fellow Americans were saying about floats and commercials and the commentators and the crowds, and when you've had as much hot chocolate as I had that morning (spiked with way too much real vanilla ~wink~), it becomes a float fest in more ways than one. This year I'm going to take a pre-burrito pain pill and a xanax and really float. I have watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade nearly continuously since I was tiny. Five decades, people. I've missed maybe 5 years, tops. Y'all know KISS is in the lineup this year, right?

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving was awesome because we played games all day, sometimes with cousins all over the place. I really miss that. I have adapted to Thanksgiving football since I married Scott. The best parts for me are the tailgating competitions (Guy Fieri is my fave!), the commercials, the decor on the commentary sets, and the awesome fans out in the crowd that go all out smashing turkey cosplay into their regular team spirit craziness. My party pretty much goes on all day, starts at dawn, goes into the night.

AND- we get burrito while mama starts Black Friday shopping, yay! Last year Scott went with her and tag teamed, they were popping in and out of stores and I was updating their locations on twitter and facebook like I had a stopwatch. They scored one place in ten minutes flat. I remember when I worked retail, whole families came in and fanned out with walkies, maps, and instructions, like cool real time scavenger hunts. I loved it. I wish we'd done fun stuff like that when I was a kid, but back then no one shopped on Thanksgiving or lined up around stores all night to shop the next day.

I grew up in a family that never went out on Thanksgiving unless it was to someone else's house. No one ever drank, and the only thing we kids did was play games, watch the parade, and eat turkey while the grownups talked about politics. I got in trouble for something nearly every time we wound up in other people's houses, like nearly stabbing my thumb off and blood everywhere, or throwing up on the carpet (yes, I got in trouble for being sick), knocking my drink over all over the nice tablecloth... Always something. Experiences like those solidified me being much more laid back as an adult myself. Stuff happens. The harder you try to make something perfect, the more realistically the world (or a kid like me) proves to you that there is no such thing as perfection. Pictures in magazines are just pictures. Chillax. I always had more fun at the kids table, anyway. I miss that.

Look at me wasting time, it's nearly 7 a.m.! Here, study this so you know what NOT to do next week when crunch time is on (like, invest in a real pan...)

Monday, November 17, 2014

we all know Pinky is an @AndrewLeePotts fan, but WIRELESS, y'all

Cool discussion last night with Janeen about how restrictions like poetry and twitter discipline us to improve our writing skills. I think that's why I love the challenge of so many different kinds of writing places.

Today is all about getting this week's menu lined out. Next week is Thanksgiving, and my goal this year is to have an empty refrigerator by turkey time, so I'm taking freezer inventory and calculating how much of what to cook up how quickly so that we eat well before then and still use up the leftovers before more monumental leftovers take over. I'm cooking the works here for the sake of pictures because it's a big deal for burrito and her mama, and then @bonenado will undoubtedly bring home yummy leftovers if he winds up enjoying more family turkeyness.

This week is crazy. Scott is working 12 hour days because Walmart ordered MOAR BLACK FRIDAY TAPE to wrap around the skids of merch that must be placed correctly at the proper moments. He's also planning on putting some lights up on both ours and his mom's house, plus get all the leaves out of the yard before turkey day. Deer gun season is still on, so he's going to try to go out again this weekend, and then there is the Turkey Trot to prepare for.

In my head my life is like this. That clicks to an absolutely beautiful page and you can make that, too.

Are you guys following Andrew Lee Potts' web series "Wireless"? I'm watching the construction as the funding comes in for it, here's what they've done so far.

10 months ago, the first glimpse.

3 months ago, the first teaser.

3 months ago, episode one teaser trailer.

2 days ago, episode two teaser trailer.

If you are 1- an Andrew Lee Potts fan, 2- excited that a real person can show you real returns for your donation, and 3- thrilled that you could get your name publicly listed in this project, click this next pic to go to Keychain Productions and check it out. The rest of us anxiously waiting for more Wireless will be grateful for your generosity.

Friday, November 14, 2014

camo season



I had no idea. I feel so behind the times now. You knew you could click those, right?

I have apparently been misunderstanding vital interacting components of state laws and the Gregorian calendar all week, thought gun season opened today. Or maybe it's the way Scott jumps around in convos while we're walking around Walmart and says "Uh-huh" and then butts in and mows over the words I'm saying when I ask questions. I actually asked in surprise last weekend, "Gun season opens on a Friday this year?" and he actually said "Yes", but that interaction was smashed into all kinds of other stuff going on. You'd think I'd learn. Last night he couldn't believe that I thought gun season opened today. Our whole marriage is based on this conversation technique. Aspie chick marries ADHD motorbrain, 21 years of wibbly wobbly timey wimey.... stuff. He smashes several conversation topics into one convo stream in real life the same way twitter does. I just wish I could go back to time stamps and show him how our misunderstandings start getting tangled up. He gets very annoyed that I tell him he said the exact same thing last year about something, like next year he's going to target practice through the summer with his bow and go bow hunting, and then he says that again the next November and doesn't remember he said it the year before. This has happened so many years in a row that one year I got a piece of paper out, wrote that quote, made him sign and date it, and put it on the fridge. We walked by it so many times it became invisible, and *bam*, he said it again, I put that piece of paper in his face and laughed. He really hates when I do that.

As per yesterday's blog post, yes, I can remember details like that, but I can't remember one idea that pops into my head long enough to get it written down. I can remember seeing something several months or years ago and go straight to it, even if I can't remember details about where it was, and I can remember words people say or things I've read like a tape recorder, but I can't remember what day it is, what month it is, what I've done through the day, or what I was just thinking. I can't remember faces I've seen or people's names, but I can remember what they wrote on twitter four months ago and actually find the tweet.

This is actually for sale on blu-ray.

Sorry, was actually looking for deer hunting fails, lol. Here you go.
It turned out to be a rescued fawn after its mother was hit by a car and wasn't afraid of humans, so it turned out to be a real pet.
FAIL, lol.
Super fail. They make it look so easy on TV.
Be safe out there.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Random thoughts while I work today-

6:17 Just noticed my phone is set on airplane mode. ???

6:57 Still trying to remember an if-then conundrum I thought of around 6:05 in the bathroom and couldn't get a page started here fast enough to remember it a minute later. I have hopes. Keeping this page open just in case.

7:05 Checking one of my emails, very rare limited peppermint honey is back, grab it while they've still got some. Yes, I've ordered Hawaiian honey before. I'm a foodie. It's an awesome site, click the pic to check it out.

7:09 I could slap myself for being so quick on the trigger finger, going through my spam stack and had just deleted a line that said Tony left a message on the SnarkFF fantasy board just before that highlighted line there. How coincidental is that???

If you don't have a clue, it's ok, rogue robot being weird. If you don't know what that means either, that's fine, it just means you aren't one of the lurkers that has crawled all over everything I write all over the internet over the last year. It's cool. Yeah, that's a prompt to go dig around if you wanna know that badly. I'll wait. Hang on, lemme get my elevator music while I wait.

Those of you thinking I'm being a slacker instead of working on my live tweet review, syfydesigns.com crashes when more than so many people get on at once, so I wait for the traffic to clear out before I start on the next panel. Just hold your horses.

8:14 I'm really sad that idea I forgot isn't coming back to me.  photo monkey14.gif

8:24 I just remembered something I wanted to tell @bonenado this weekend but I still can't remember what I thought of just this morning. We were cleaning up after burrito went home and he was wondering where a ball was that went to a game that had several balls in descending order, and I meant to tell him later "Oh yeah, remember when she put it in that jug and I didn't know it and poured bacon grease all over it and we threw it away?", but he wasn't in the room when I thought of it and then I forgot till just now. I live like this. I might remember two months later that I laid a paper I needed to fill out on a certain counter, but by then it's too late because I scooped it up with a bunch of other stuff and moved it somewhere else two weeks earlier, and I can't remember what I did with that stuff. I've been told by doctors looking at brain scans that I have a healthy brain with normal aging and no one thinks I have Alzheimer's onset or anything, no signs of strokes, but my memory is shocking. I think it runs in the family. My mom once told me her mother once brushed her teeth with Preparation H, she was always grabbing things without looking at them. I come home with random cans of why in the world did I buy that because I'm not looking specifically at what my hand is reaching for because I'm already looking down the aisle while I shop.

Here, have another crack vid while I get to work.

8:43 I just remembered that what triggered the whole 8:24 thing was that I was about to cook some bacon. Going back to the stove now.

9:06 Just thought how everything is forever in the cloud and remembered the idea I forgot might have had something to do with reincarnation. That's as far as it got, but it's a good start.

9:16 If reincarnation by some law of physics of which we are not yet aware requires that our effervescence must remain in a closed system, is the system closed to our particular universe, our particular location in said universe (quadrant, region, local...), or a completely different closed set that has nothing to do with our physical spacetime but everything to do with our spacetime being a subset of another system or vice versa, is there a way to tell if it is truly circular or linear, and how would we know?

I ask this because- as I was catching up on Ancient Aliens last night where they were reviewing Edward Cayce's dream-prophecy-memory that there is a room beneath the Sphinx (or beneath one of the Sphinxes) that is like a library full of info, and by the way said the Sphinx was created around 10,400 B.C. which some archeologists are now finding evidence for that same date saying at least 10,000 B.C. based on weathering and star formation measurements the tunnels are based on- we are assuming that one proven truth implies other truth based on nothing more than an association that has no other connection than that one proven truth. Part of the speculation arising is that future actually affected past and they keep looking for the buried technology that will answer all these questions. Remote viewing is a very real thing, it's documented and tested and has been used by military and crime investigations. No one knows how it works, no one can pin any kind of truth on it except that it does get some results, but we are usually not in tune enough with it for it to be a reliable tool.

9:31 I am loathe to enter on loseit.com that I just ate a third of a pound of bacon while I was wrestling all that out on the keyboard. I still don't exactly remember the idea that popped into my head earlier, which was one very beautifully constructed sentence that conveyed all the heft of that thought. I was hoping all that writing would trigger it, but alas. I'll just get back to work.

10:10 I need another vid. Hang on.

10:31 It's still only 25 degrees out and 'real feel' is 13. I'm freezing.

11:22 My feet don't like working out on really cold days. Hit my foot wall at 20 minutes. >=l Wimps. Oh, well, BACK TO WORK. Sweet, just about to turn the mile ticker.

11:54 I'm giving up on remembering that sentence. It's like my disengaged brain is mimicking dream mode and something floats through but stays in the subconscious part when I try to grasp it and keep it. Afternoons are like partial shut down and coasting through the rest of the day, so I guess I'll go look around for some lunch and do some more chores. Got pork steaks out to smother in BBQ sauce tonight, salad, apple crisp, feed up my mighty hunter when he gets home from work because season opens tomorrow. Thanx for hanging around, have another awesome vid on you're way out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am the first person on the webs to use the phrase 'scifi mirepoix'

Ah, that silly internet. I finally go check my email and wind up wondering what in the world could have possibly connected that page to my last year's Shorty Award nomination enough to get a google alert about it. It's a cute table, click this snip and go check it out. No, I'm not getting one. And no, it's not time for shorty awards for bloggers yet. I think there is an artificial intelligence behind this whole twilighty zone thing and it is taunting me. Or it could be the virus. I never did get a fever yet.

Been a slow day, never did go defcon 1 but I was wobbly and queasy enough to go back to bed most of the day. I tried getting up a couple of times because the dreams were too weird, finally wobbled up around 3 and started bumping into things around my kitchen and on the interwebs, and about the time I started feeling guilty for wasting a day NOT WORKING (seriously, I admonished myself and then argued back that I don't have to feel guilty for one little sick day, and look at me, here I am knitting my brain back into one piece anyway), I noticed Gary Graham still hasn't got his blog linked on his dotcom, so now I don't feel like such a slacker.

Dear Sumall- I already beta tested the new configuration stuff last year and I'm too swamped to keep up with learning more new stuffs. Thanx for offering me some more cool free services, but I'm up to my eyeballs in cool free services, so I'm gonna say no this time. I wish you all the best, and maybe I'll use you guys for some real stuff later on if I ever get this book done. Hugs and kisses.

I shouldn't have checked my email while I'm sick, felt like getting lost in the forest or something. I still have nightmares about missing college classes and being late to work at Sonic and that was two decades ago, my stress level over making and losing lists of accounts that have yearly fees can't go higher than it already is. I really need to get my mind off, sick days are horrible for sudden realizations that I've lost another list and need to make another new one. o-m-g In my head I'm staggering around wringing my hands, I can't even imagine being calm and sane right now. Fortunately I'm still way too queasy to jump up and start plowing through drawers and piles of papers. How much money is enough to get an assistant? I'm sure I'd have to offer benefits. No wonder chicken ladies go crazy and move into hen houses. Maybe I should've stayed in bed. In another 20 years I'll have nightmares about moving blogs and writing books and suddenly remembering fees are due on accounts I forgot I had. That's actually kind of cracking me up. My head gets extra weird when I have a virus. *oh*mygod do NOT put 'weird head virus' into a search. Just don't. (Well, it is kinda funny that Weird Al wound up in there...) Here, have something much more innocuous.

I'm just gonna say it- Kevin Sorbo has connected with me and Holly on LinkedIn. I'm pretty sure a couple of my connections started with me being a huge fan of my favorite scifi mirepoix of outspoken Hollywood conservatives (Ambassador Soval, Jayne Cobb, and Dylan Hunt), but who knows. It might be as random as that google alert sending me to buy an accent table or Kevin Smith hooking up on myspace. I don't question these things, I just believe in the interconnectedness of all things, like Dirk Gently. I can't believe I still haven't puked yet, maybe I'll get through this without having to. I don't know why I'm still typing.

:edit: 11-12-14
In the event of a real defcon emergency, here is where you check the internet for defcon level. Need more info? Going DEFCON 6: Not What You Think It Means. Here is the DEFCON Reference Chart. I hope y'all understood I was talking about puking. Don't quote me that we're under nuclear attack.

The Puking Dead

I am really good at being puny because I threw up more than any other kid I knew growing up. As soon as the stomach cramping started this morning I started rescheduling my day and rounding up my camping equipment. Phone charger, headphones, extra trash sacks, roll of paper towels & disinfecting spray cleaner, soothing washcloth on the sink, extra pack of toilet paper, couple of Christmas catalogs. Tied my hair back, got burrito's juice out (I'm diabetic so I never keep my own juice or pop on hand). Jar of vaseline... I'm all set.

My bathroom is a little cozier than this. I like cozy. If I had a bathroom this big I'd just move a bed and television in. And maybe the fridge. Click to see more awesome bathrooms.

Burrito and her mama went through this last week, got to hear a little puking on the phone. That's what being connected is all about, right? It's actually sweeping through the whole land, I'm seeing news article links about 2014 norovirus on twitter, and looks like a buncha people are tweeting about the stomach bug. An especially huge deal is being made about Blake Griffin playing through a stomach bug. It's tempting to count the tweets saying "Blake Griffin has a stomach bug" but don't use him as an example to power through it yourself at work because your coworkers won't appreciate it.

Don't forget to replace your fluids as you go so you don't wind up getting a needle in your arm to replace them the hard way. Warm chicken stock, hot jello, juice... More pleasant than needles. Even if you don't feel like it, keep sipping. I've heard bananas, rice, and applesauce help, too, if you are up to nibbling. Click this next pic for great advice.

One thing many people don't realize is that you continue to shed the virus up to 3 days after you stop feeling sick. The CDC recommends that people who have been sick with the stomach bug don't prepare food for other people for a couple of days after you think you're well. Why? Because most of us don't stringently wash our hands. Think about all the places you get food while the stomach bug is sweeping your land. Think of all those people powering through it at work. Think of how many people don't take hand washing seriously. You can wipe your shopping cart handle all you want, but the problem starts with YOU not washing your own hands and then putting your hands to your mouth. Are you a lip picker? Something in your teeth? Eating fast food with your hands? There you go. "We're all infected" - The Puking Dead. (I just made that up.) Click this guy for a cute slideshow.

While you're out running around you might want to pick up a few things to make camping out in your bathroom more enjoyable, because you know it's coming. Very few of us escape. Here you go, have a coupon *click that*. That's an old pic, but keep an eye on it because *winter cold and flu season*, right?

That's enough about throwing up, how about a nice distracting throw down.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Doctor Brony

Thought it was really cool how the underlying theme in this whole last season of Doctor Who is about how we lie to our loved ones. Everything right up to the end of last night's ep was a play on how well we know each other by the way we lie. In case you're not a fan, this is Danny Pink, a character name I have enjoyed immensely.

Regeneration is a fun thing to think about, like reincarnation without having to let go of all your current relationships. I think in some ways we're already practicing this.

I was imagining what it would be like to regenerate as a dog or a horse and just discovered Doctor Whooves is a thing.

For reals. Seriously. Click this.

Too bad it's out of stock.

Why yes, Capaldi Who has been bronied. So glad you asked. And then I ran into the owls...

Pulling myself back to here and now. I've been working on this for a couple of hours between burrito and making an apple pie. We've been pretty busy.

This will forever change you.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

but what if spiders are iframes in the matrix.. O_O

While the rest of you were watching TV last night, I was yapping privately with someone on the other side of the globe about film production. Don't get excited, we don't have the money. Yet. Not sure if we ever will, but I'm working on it. @bonenado says if we ever get that kind of money HE isn't wasting it on a filming budget, and I just laughed and walked away. He takes me so seriously, cracks me up. And after that I jumped into iframes tutorials until I couldn't focus any more and then first thing this morning jumped right back into them. I've been resisting iframes for years, even tried to hack my own facebook like button together when facebook was in the middle of converting all their widget gears, nearly succeeded in hacking together my own widgetbox and now I really wish I had saved all that code jumble I was working on because widgetbox went under AFTER I finally caved and paid for one. Widgetbox was the most brilliant thing I'd ever seen, like thumbing through a whole library of stuff in one little place without having to click to see it first.

I tore myself away and scrambled some eggs with ham and cheese for Scott. His big stuff today involves a deer stand, cleaning out the Quackerdome for storage, and crunching through all the yard work he can before the big chill hits. Polar Vortex to Blast 200 Million People with Arctic Air I may need to take inventory and plan out a shopping trip that will allow me to sit in the house for 2-3 weeks and WORKWORKWORK. I used to love getting out in the cold, now temp changes stepping in and out of the house destroy me, so I plan smart. I live too far out of town proper to be preheating my vehicle every other day so I can run around making myself miserable. It looks like I have till Tuesday to get a giant shopping trip done before we're talking parkas, gloves, scarves, and freezing air induced asthma. I'm hearing rumors that we'll have a burrito tomorrow so mama can work overtime, so maybe I can wrap up an old minor project today that's been on the back burner before I walk away from the laptop. Her Turkey Trot outfit arrived in the mail yesterday, and I've already wiped out Walmart stock on size 18 month cable knit tights to wear under everything, I think we've about this kid ready for the Arctic blast.

This really does get me concerned, so I did a search on 'Do we really swallow spiders in our sleep?' and got this. I feel much better now.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Be there or be dodecahedron

Might be one of those days. Need to get a lot of stuff done before I splat like a bug into the weekend.

Metaphysically, I hit that windshield a couple of weeks ago when I buckled myself into the holiday slide, and everything here on out for the next 8 weeks is a hyperspatial psychedelic paisley while I practice my yo-yo tricks with silly string tied on my brain. Not sure how, but I have actually doubled my workout time over the last month, started notes on two more projects, contacted an artist for a cover (I know, my brain is gripping the sides of the ride for dear life and girl screaming), and have even done some real math a couple of times that came out right, so whatever is going on up here behind my eyes, I'd call it major progression in neuro healing. Ten years, people. Coming back from the brain splat of the decade. This is fun, click it and play around with self hypnosis. Also has a games section.

O_o wo, just got back from a quest for the holy dodecahedron grail, sorry about that, twitters. Here you go. Several years ago I was utterly obsessed with thinking about multidimensional polyhedrons (like polychorons) and managed to root up some super mathheads who made animated gifs. This one is blurry because I enlarged it.

 photo Dodecaplex.gif

Stained glass style dodecaplex.

This page isn't loading pix for me, so I can only guess if it's where I got this next pic, the view from inside a dodecahedron.

WO. I FOUND IT. This is the page that DAZZLED me. <-- Click that. WAIT. Take a snack with you. You might not come back for awhile.

And once again I have wildly veered off into a completely different universe and now I have to recollect myself and remember where I was going with my day. Need some serious recovery music to refocus.