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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Puking Dead

I am really good at being puny because I threw up more than any other kid I knew growing up. As soon as the stomach cramping started this morning I started rescheduling my day and rounding up my camping equipment. Phone charger, headphones, extra trash sacks, roll of paper towels & disinfecting spray cleaner, soothing washcloth on the sink, extra pack of toilet paper, couple of Christmas catalogs. Tied my hair back, got burrito's juice out (I'm diabetic so I never keep my own juice or pop on hand). Jar of vaseline... I'm all set.

My bathroom is a little cozier than this. I like cozy. If I had a bathroom this big I'd just move a bed and television in. And maybe the fridge. Click to see more awesome bathrooms.

Burrito and her mama went through this last week, got to hear a little puking on the phone. That's what being connected is all about, right? It's actually sweeping through the whole land, I'm seeing news article links about 2014 norovirus on twitter, and looks like a buncha people are tweeting about the stomach bug. An especially huge deal is being made about Blake Griffin playing through a stomach bug. It's tempting to count the tweets saying "Blake Griffin has a stomach bug" but don't use him as an example to power through it yourself at work because your coworkers won't appreciate it.

Don't forget to replace your fluids as you go so you don't wind up getting a needle in your arm to replace them the hard way. Warm chicken stock, hot jello, juice... More pleasant than needles. Even if you don't feel like it, keep sipping. I've heard bananas, rice, and applesauce help, too, if you are up to nibbling. Click this next pic for great advice.

One thing many people don't realize is that you continue to shed the virus up to 3 days after you stop feeling sick. The CDC recommends that people who have been sick with the stomach bug don't prepare food for other people for a couple of days after you think you're well. Why? Because most of us don't stringently wash our hands. Think about all the places you get food while the stomach bug is sweeping your land. Think of all those people powering through it at work. Think of how many people don't take hand washing seriously. You can wipe your shopping cart handle all you want, but the problem starts with YOU not washing your own hands and then putting your hands to your mouth. Are you a lip picker? Something in your teeth? Eating fast food with your hands? There you go. "We're all infected" - The Puking Dead. (I just made that up.) Click this guy for a cute slideshow.

While you're out running around you might want to pick up a few things to make camping out in your bathroom more enjoyable, because you know it's coming. Very few of us escape. Here you go, have a coupon *click that*. That's an old pic, but keep an eye on it because *winter cold and flu season*, right?

That's enough about throwing up, how about a nice distracting throw down.

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