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Thursday, November 6, 2014

one of Terry Pratchett's Igors would be perfect

I've mentioned I love my Torch browser, right? I loved it treMENdously this week. In the middle of all my Walking Dead Bethisode review posting and in the middle of all that my rug washing and floor cleaning, I ran into a missing vid on one of my spaz posts and immediately launched sideways into a search through my flash drives. Yes, I downloaded it, thank goodness. I like a youtube vid, one click on my Torch bar and *bing*, it's on my hard drive. If you have a fave youtube or two that you would feel so sad if it went poof, you need a Torch browser. Long story short, I easily replaced the video with its own copy.

I just searched 'Spock browser' and got this. Too bad it's not a mockup browser for fun. It's also too bad CBS and Viacom aren't friends with Netflix or we'd be getting a Star Trek series reboot by now.

I swear, I really did watch Dark Shadows in there, too, just like I tweeted. And worked out, like I didn't tweet. And made caramel sauce for apples. All the while I have wrestled with what to do with a business faux pas because

I need a personal assistant so badly...

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