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Friday, November 7, 2014

Be there or be dodecahedron

Might be one of those days. Need to get a lot of stuff done before I splat like a bug into the weekend.

Metaphysically, I hit that windshield a couple of weeks ago when I buckled myself into the holiday slide, and everything here on out for the next 8 weeks is a hyperspatial psychedelic paisley while I practice my yo-yo tricks with silly string tied on my brain. Not sure how, but I have actually doubled my workout time over the last month, started notes on two more projects, contacted an artist for a cover (I know, my brain is gripping the sides of the ride for dear life and girl screaming), and have even done some real math a couple of times that came out right, so whatever is going on up here behind my eyes, I'd call it major progression in neuro healing. Ten years, people. Coming back from the brain splat of the decade. This is fun, click it and play around with self hypnosis. Also has a games section.

O_o wo, just got back from a quest for the holy dodecahedron grail, sorry about that, twitters. Here you go. Several years ago I was utterly obsessed with thinking about multidimensional polyhedrons (like polychorons) and managed to root up some super mathheads who made animated gifs. This one is blurry because I enlarged it.

 photo Dodecaplex.gif

Stained glass style dodecaplex.

This page isn't loading pix for me, so I can only guess if it's where I got this next pic, the view from inside a dodecahedron.

WO. I FOUND IT. This is the page that DAZZLED me. <-- Click that. WAIT. Take a snack with you. You might not come back for awhile.

And once again I have wildly veered off into a completely different universe and now I have to recollect myself and remember where I was going with my day. Need some serious recovery music to refocus.

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