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Saturday, November 8, 2014

but what if spiders are iframes in the matrix.. O_O

While the rest of you were watching TV last night, I was yapping privately with someone on the other side of the globe about film production. Don't get excited, we don't have the money. Yet. Not sure if we ever will, but I'm working on it. @bonenado says if we ever get that kind of money HE isn't wasting it on a filming budget, and I just laughed and walked away. He takes me so seriously, cracks me up. And after that I jumped into iframes tutorials until I couldn't focus any more and then first thing this morning jumped right back into them. I've been resisting iframes for years, even tried to hack my own facebook like button together when facebook was in the middle of converting all their widget gears, nearly succeeded in hacking together my own widgetbox and now I really wish I had saved all that code jumble I was working on because widgetbox went under AFTER I finally caved and paid for one. Widgetbox was the most brilliant thing I'd ever seen, like thumbing through a whole library of stuff in one little place without having to click to see it first.

I tore myself away and scrambled some eggs with ham and cheese for Scott. His big stuff today involves a deer stand, cleaning out the Quackerdome for storage, and crunching through all the yard work he can before the big chill hits. Polar Vortex to Blast 200 Million People with Arctic Air I may need to take inventory and plan out a shopping trip that will allow me to sit in the house for 2-3 weeks and WORKWORKWORK. I used to love getting out in the cold, now temp changes stepping in and out of the house destroy me, so I plan smart. I live too far out of town proper to be preheating my vehicle every other day so I can run around making myself miserable. It looks like I have till Tuesday to get a giant shopping trip done before we're talking parkas, gloves, scarves, and freezing air induced asthma. I'm hearing rumors that we'll have a burrito tomorrow so mama can work overtime, so maybe I can wrap up an old minor project today that's been on the back burner before I walk away from the laptop. Her Turkey Trot outfit arrived in the mail yesterday, and I've already wiped out Walmart stock on size 18 month cable knit tights to wear under everything, I think we've about this kid ready for the Arctic blast.

This really does get me concerned, so I did a search on 'Do we really swallow spiders in our sleep?' and got this. I feel much better now.

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