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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

blue is a really good color for me

The funnest part of burritos is getting to pick them up from daycare and take them out to Applebee's for macaroni and cheese and apple dippers when mama is all wimped out from a tummy bug. I didn't get pix, and I sure hope I don't get the bug! O_O But in case that sounded yummy, here you go. I might have to look into joining the club and online ordering if burrito likes that place so much.

Something came up and I have to drive into town on a very wet day. I know this will sound weird, but I'm in a blue pink mood. I noticed when I was very young that looking at specifically patterned colors (even if the pattern seems random, artists and mathematicians would probably get this) I can focus myself into directions, like channeling the energy that pops up from anxiety into a more aware plan of actions. I don't know if it's the synesthesia, but I've been using thought experiments like this all my life to help me 'deal', because my anxiety goes off the wall.

Interesting that I can find the background I've been using on my Lexx blogs since 2004 in this search.

Can you imagine a future where a brain chip could handle anxiety spikes with subliminal color/pattern variations instead of having to take pills with all those side effects? I bet sometime in the future psychologists and psychiatrists will help us determine whether certain settings are working and help us adjust them with tweaks to subroutine commands.

I stall really bad on anxiety days. Time to go.

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