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Saturday, November 1, 2014

orange u glad I don't yap like a tech manual more often?

The great thing about Halloween is that somewhere in the world this happened. Click it to see the picture in all its glory.

Scott is zipping around in the predawn getting ready to go hit the gun range for target practice before hunting season opens. We have a LOT of deer in Missouri. I think one year all the hunting seasons (bow, black powder, gun) totaled to 300,000 deer. Don't worry, the chart in this report shows a steady population of over 800,000. Game laws are actually what has saved wildlife populations, and we've had such big booms here that they even started looking for ways to install some kind of birth control plan on top of the hunting seasons. Deer harvested in season in Missouri can be donated to Share the Harvest to be distributed to low income families with kids who can't afford to get more protein in their diets. The Missouri deer population is one of the most closely monitored animal conservation control methods in the world because it's been so successful at conservation of land, water, wildlife, and harvest. Our agents are licensed to take away guns and make arrests on the spot, and take the harvest for donation if there is one. Shots out of season are taken very seriously, and all it takes is a phone call to prompt investigation. I know this because I've lived on the edges of a national forest for years and have met a few agents and know a few people who've been caught.

Pinky needs some breakfast and a squirt of benadryl in her eyes. Okay, that was disturbing. I searched 'gif smiley eye squirt allergies'. Yeah, keep scrolling. Do I know how to find the web dregs or what? Nevermind, we'll let that one go.

Need some go music. Need some TWELVE.

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