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Friday, October 31, 2014

behind the curtains

Just wanna say to people I know who still peek out from behind the curtains because no one hears you screaming for help, I know. Me too. I'm out here, yeah. I'm a perky pinky nowadays. But all that stuff still goes on inside.

Today begins the long holiday season. Please know I am here, and I see you, and I hear you. Just because I'm out here doesn't mean I'm not still lurking in the dark. I know it's hard to talk about your stuff, and it's really hard for me to be a friend, but please know I am here. We are here together lurking, ok? I see your numbers, your geolocations, your IPs.

Depression lies. It makes us feel alone and tells us people don't care. This one night of the year when all the 'freaks' come out and it's ok to stand out in the open and not be noticed- I notice you.

If you need someone to talk to right now- *click*
international suicide hotlines
national domestic violence hotline (U.S.)
veterans crisis hotline
24 hour crisis hotline (depression)

I'm having a day myself, but I'm going to be all right, because I want to be. I'm not believing the lies today.

:edit: 11-26-14 In case you want to keep reading. awake when I'm asleep

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