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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lexx m'a fait stupide

K, I don't even know what to do with this. Not sure what bothers me more, that he's pink or that I found him in a 'pink goth' search. Someone spent quality time working on this one, which probably makes the rest of my day incredibly successful no matter how many times I fall on my face.

This, too, came up in the same 'pink goth' search, and I'm torn between being disturbed over these search parameters and wondering how far I live from Hayti and whether there is more cool weird stuff over there.

*wow* Not pink, but *wow*. That clicks to a page full of death guitars.

I find more pink and black in 'pink emo', and although I love the color smash, the whole vibe just isn't me, so moving on. This is the best I can get this morning on 'pink death horse' but the address it came from is so corrupted that I had to reconstruct the original site address, which I did, yay, so click for awesome wallpapers.

 You actually have to scroll down to this and click it to get the full size wall of this pic I just posted. I did that, totally safe, worth the extra step.

Oh what the heck, one more before I get busy on chores.

Now we need a jam. Have an awesome day!

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