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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

really glad LinkedIn doesn't report how often I mix up appointment dates

Dragging through the sludge work this morning. You guys probably have no idea how much of my detail work is based on lurker presence. So this morning I'm like Ok, ok, I'll update my linkedin... Sorry linkedin is so snobbish about forcing people to join before they can see the full profile, but these people can. You can jump in, too, by clicking that and flagging me down, but since I rarely get over to linkedin, be patient. Might be a couple weeks. No, my persistent lurker isn't in that bunch. The lurker is sealed up tight, all I can see is that he/she views my profile.

Oh, I also suck at writing up recommendations, sorry about that. I mean, I don't get the push notifications for a month because I'm so bad about checking that email account. When your email fills up with stuff like this, you tend to not bother. No idea what this is about. It's a years old email account but the only one we've got that gets stuff like this. No, I don't open them.

Just had a super oh crap moment, looked at my little desk calendar and I have an appt at 9:30, so see ya.

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