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Friday, October 24, 2014

let 'em rip, people, it's my fête d'anniversaire joyeux

Every birthday comes with a price. Today's was a nearly 30 minute phone call from an insurance company because my guy on Wednesday wrote my identification claim number wrong on a new policy application. Since I've had much worse birthdays, I'm hoping for his cosmic sake that all his other paperwork turned out just fine and he has a better weekend than usual, because I believe my birthday should be wonderful for everybody.

When I was little I'd watch these old movies where the kingdom turns out for the queen's birthday or something, and as I got older I realized that basically it's nothing more than giving the poor people a supervised day off so they can admire someone wealthy having a wonderful time, and as long as you entertain them and booze them up, they're sorta good with it. We do the same thing now with television.

I may not be much more than a search engine queen, but I hope everyone I know and everyone they know has a really good extra special something today, like maybe your lunch was awesome or traffic goes smoother than usual or your spouse or kid gives you a great hug or money shows up somewhere or maybe you get even something as simple as a quiet nap- I hope something in your day makes you feel good, even for a little while. If I could hand out birthday presents on my birthday, it would be that nice feeling you get when the stress lightens up and something cool makes you smile. Click the unicorn for a cute story.

@bonenado is lucky, he gets to eat all my little birthday petits fours because I can't have any more wheat, but I'm going to make up for it with losing another pound this week, yay!

And for my extra special friends and loved ones, may all your farts today be pink.
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  1. Happy Birthday Jan! FYI for when Burrito gets older, there are now some gluten-free girl scout cookies :) Have an awesome weekend!

    1. =) Thank you, and good to know about the cookies!