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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

you never seen Elvira eat Halloween candy

 photo tired.gif Maybe switching my meds up yesterday wasn't the greatest idea. I'm very allergic to leaf mold. I live in the wet, wild woods. Cranking the zyrtec back up today before my eyelids turn into gills. Skipping the one little pain pill I'm allowed to take per day wasn't cool, either. I ground to a halt like a possum trying to swim through oatmeal.

I've got red velvet petits fours hiding in my fridge for my birthday next week. Scott loves those. He can nibble on them all week while I do other things.

I'm really caked out. I know, that sounds weird because I can't have cake now, at least not normal cake. I seem to have made as much cake the last 6 months though as I made meringue pies the year before. Despite that, I still have a box of Halloween cake I'll make mummy cupcakes with when that gets here.

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Scott is realizing this might be his last year for a few things, particularly those neato Pillsbury holiday cookies. Pillsbury is about the only one I can find without nut/peanut warnings, and now no wheat. I'm very sad about losing these guys, but life moves on.

A post about food allergy misconceptions hit my all time top four on my Spaz blog within 3 days flat. Despite being a foodie, I really haven't blogged much about food all these years because so many people are doing it. I also never intended to lean toward becoming the journalist blogger type, again, just loads of people continually 'reporting'. But stuff like this is what might move a project on the very back burner up a few notches in the line.

I may have gotten myself in a little too deep, challenged my Lexx buddies to a pumpkin carving thingie, so sometime in the next couple of weeks I've gotta get my Lexxperience on a punkin. #facepalm Checking out practice videos...

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