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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

crazy long post and WINNING

I'm only minutes out of a dream where giant bugs from a space infestation took over our entire planet and they used their collective hive mind and ingenious nanorobotics to quickly take over our food supply from raw earth to finished product. It still all basically looked the same, but every single bite of food we were stuck eating was molecularly contorted and embued with giant bug something, and it was mutating all of us into a giant sticky mass of collective thought, literally. I remember picking through a few items in a cafeteria and spitting stuff out, I remember finding a few survivors scrounging for old outdated food in garbage heaps that hadn't yet been incinerated, and I remember an attack we coordinated on one of the giant blobs that was filling up a whole university and ingesting students and faculty into its collective. I remember it oozed around my foot and I could hear other people's thoughts for a brief second before I yanked my foot loose with a big sucky squelching noise, and I lost my shoe to its stickiness. I ran really hard across a lawn to another building and up some stairs, and that's about where I woke up.

This is Pinky's brain on a diet. Srsly, as I'd say on the twitters.

Those of you still new to me don't know I have been a devout Kathy Griffin fan for many, many years. I loved when she taunted Hollywood about weight loss and made fun of all their gimmicks while she suffered through simply cutting her calories down, saying she was snarky and mean because she was hungry all the time.

Ok, moving on. Two days to Halloween, and you know what? That awesome list I made yesterday, all the things I got done and had a GREAT DAY, and I *still* forgot to buy candy for trick-or-treaters. I KNOW! BRAIN FAIL!!!! Because that is the one thing I didn't actually have written on the list.

When I go back and read it was mutating all of us into a giant sticky mass of collective thought I can't help wondering if this infestation has already happened, because look at all of us tweeting pix of our food porn...

Back to now. Wait, go back to yesterday. I've done my best to avoid entanglement with a living, breathing psychiatrist for decades, but wound up being assessed by one last year about this time right smack dab in the middle of a manic euphoria episode. Since I'd been plastered for years on handfuls of meds for really ludicrous amounts of pain and suffering and had only recently gotten clean from stuff that Hollywood people wind up in posh detox hotels for, I was not aware that I have manic swings because who can tell through all that crap? Explains a few things about my childhood and my adult personality, though, so I'm good with it, and after a year of negotiating my way back out of MOAR MEDS, I was thilled yesterday that my psychiatrist was thrilled that not only had I not gained weight on last month's prednisone, but had lost 5 pounds since and am actually sleeping 8-10 hours a day regularly now, and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, convinced the man that I am disciplined enough to stay off head meds.

I blame society. Click this to see who I grabbed this glorious Johnny Depp cosplay from.

And this gave me the warm fuzzies.

This won twitter yesterday. Click for source.

This won facebook.

Gotta end this somewhere. Where's my celebration song?!! Hang on... here we go.

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