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Monday, October 27, 2014

GO PINKY (stress bomb = pink confetti glitter)

They say go big or go home. Pinky wants to go back to bed...

We're officially in countdown now. Four days to Halloween, a month after that till Thanksgiving, a month after that till Christmas, a week after that is New Year's, and suddenly it's all about property taxes and getting our car tags up to date. Scott reminded me yesterday that I still haven't made a single popcorn ball yet. Does anyone else have mini panic attacks over popcorn ball stress?

@DepressedDarth says it best. Click the snip if you wanna go retweet it into your own timeline so you can look cool, too.

I think I'm awake enough now to GO BIG.

Now go grab Monday and throw it against the wall. WE CAN DO THIS. It's ok if you trip and end up flying like Arthur Dent, you know, because Monday. I'd put another GO BIG here, but by now some of you are giggling about the whole wrong idea, just go drink your coffee and quit stalling.


  1. Four days til Halloween!? I need to see if my costume idea is going to even look remotely like what I picture.

    As for Thanksgiving, I am skipping over it like it doesn't exist because eating makes me sick. I don't want to go to my inlaws and either starve or risk it and end up running them out of toilet paper.

    1. <3 I remember a year where all I could eat was mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving because my jaw pain was so bad for months. Really hope this is the last of your rough years!