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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

newing things up

Well, aren't we just getting new all over the place. Now I've got new curtains to hang in my bedroom. The old curtains were 21 years old and the lining wouldn't stand another wash.

The previous curtains were hunter green, but since we never wound up doing anything matchy, the new black isn't screwing anything up. Scott mostly got it because burrito is used to sleeping in a blacked out room at home, so we're hoping she takes longer naps with these. If we keep this up my bedroom is going to look as fresh and pretty as a hotel room before the year is out.

I guess one of the things I need to make myself do is buy a new address book. I'm still using one that goes back 20 years, and while the nostalgia might be fun, I can't seem to keep up any more with family kids growing up and moving around. I'm sure they're getting tired of me asking for address updates every few months because I can't find them in a growing pile of decades old addresses.

And while we're at all this newing things up, the fridge is getting plowed out today. I can't take this wild carousing any more. Three open bottles of Italian dressing??? Gonna be pitching some expiry dated stuffs and getting all sparkly fresh in there. I think drowning in eggs all spring and summer kind of messed up my perception or something, there are too many dimensions going on. Thank goodness the hens are slacking off a little lately.

One of those hypnotizing days where the crickets and sunshine lull a person into spacing out. At least I got my mail into the box before she got here. Half the time I miss her.

I really should get dressed and eat something. Yes, I went out there in my pajamas. And I had a yogurt but I bet I could wipe out yesterday's roast before I get started on razing the chore list.

I'm listening to a beautiful piece of music called The Magic Birdcage by Troika but doesn't seem to be on youtube. You can find it by clicking on this picture. From there you can click on to the album, some really beautiful work.

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