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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

bracing for the airbag

My post The Nerdist Wayfarer has taken out quarter stats on a one year old blog in a week flat. All-time top posts on that blog remain tied between Life as Social Media Art (thanx to @VickiAddesso) and Are you a robot? thanx to @DawnSnarks and @TonySolo. Since that robot post, incidentally, I've been diagnosed with spells of manic euphoria on top of having Asperger's, which probably helps makes sense of what was going on there. Now that I know what that is, I've been able to recognize it a few more times since.

I still feel a little dizzy from all going-public stuff but I think it's been good for my family and a few friends. After growing up in an atmosphere of pretense for the public and then living with the kind of social anxiety that keeps me from interacting with more than one or two 'real' people at a time, I know it's been very very good for ME.

Saw the lunar eclipse for the first time since my supermoon photo in 2011. I have different tech now, so I'm not crazy about the pic I got this time. Between long bouts of cloud cover and being surrounded by forest, it's really chancy I see anything cool out in space at all, so it was nice standing at my bedroom window this morning seeing that big ol' moon perfectly framed above Mirkwood and a sprinkle of stars all around it. After fumbling with the camera, sure makes a person appreciate how well eyeballs work.

Flying through the week getting tons of stuff done. Yesterday tore down all the curtains in the house and got them washed up, wiped all the Torchwoods off my DVR because there is just no way I've got the time to ever catch up on them, starting inventory lists for holidays and maybe a trip next spring. Lot of decisiveness happening. This pic clicks to a post that contains a link to the original source, just scroll down to the pic there if you don't feel like reading the whole thing.

Wow, I come up on page one on a google search for 'holiday slide'. If you're reading this in the future and that has changed, it goes to this post, much LOLing happening all over my keyboard right now.
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Kinda late getting bizzy on my stuff, but that's ok. I mentioned that holiday slide, right? Today is burrito's mama's birthday, my brother's youngest might be popping a baby today (and her birthday was two days ago), my sister's youngest has an OB appt tomorrow, that sister's birthday is Saturday, Holly's birthday is Sunday, my birthday is on United Nations Day, there's another birthday the day before Halloween, and I think Scott's parents' anniversary is either the 30th or 31st, and then I nearly always miss my brother's birthday because it's the second after all that, and the ball just keeps on rolling in this fashion up through New Year's. I can barely keep track any more, and will definitely be updating the list for my dad. You should've seen September, it was almost as packed.

Oldie but goodie. Kinda how life feels on the holiday slide.


  1. Don't forget to breathe while getting all this stuff done! Makes me tired just reading everything you have going on :)

    1. At least I was doing it in my pajamas for awhile ;) lol

  2. And my Charlie is having surgery today to get neutered which is a big deal because one of his testicles isn't distended, its trapped in his groin. Braxton is freaking out wondering where his brother is. Stressful day!

    1. You know, I almost mentioned that but decided it was a little bit TMI, haha. Love the trapped visual ;) Also, thanx for that IHOP pic yesterday, got a kick out of it.