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Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday brain buffet

I am still getting people mixed up. It has taken me two months to wrap my head around connecting someone on twitter to facebook, even with a direct sentence to me saying 'I am this person on twitter', and someone you'd think I'd be more likely to remember because similar interests. But I guess he's not the other person I kept thinking he was, which I'm really glad I figured out before I hooked either one up on my friend page, a work in progress that seems to keep winding up on the back burner. There are quite a few more people I want to get linked up there.

Yes, it actually has occurred to me I keep biting off way more than I can chew, but everything is still slowly and inexorably getting done. Main thing is just be cool and have fun doing it. This site is off the hook, click that crazy guy's face and just start scrolling.

There are over 1000 pix there, so far this is the last page. http://photoblog.piercingmap.com/index.php?showimage=1079 All you have to do, if you lose your place, is write down the number you're on and then put that number into the link after you paste it into the search bar, bing, you're back in play.

I seem to be in prednisone rebound, hope it's peaking and over soon. Didn't put a single pound on the whole 17 days, suddenly ~wham~ 2 pounds this weekend. I didn't have a single bite of birthday cake or ice cream, haven't been munching out. I noticed my hands looked puffy for awhile, maybe it's a fluid retention thing. At any rate, they say you've gotta keep watching it after the pred is over, so that's what I'm doing.

Trying to take a little break from the zyrtec, dosed down to half a pill at night, still take the whole one in the morning, two days of that and I'm already feeling the histamines trying to surge back up. Ug. I reeeeeeeeally don't like zyrtec, but it's better than going back on prednisone. I hope. But I'm still thinking about a break, maybe switch back to benadryl around the clock for a couple of days. Every time I've been on zyrtec during physical therapy, I can tell my muscles are way tighter and I fatigue more easily, and this last round of PT was a toughie, plus the day I had burrito for 9 hours, my thighs are like rubber bands on a catapult, any second now they'll go ~~BOING~~ and I'll find myself on the roof of the house or something.

JibJab is trying to distract me...

Good thing I keep jumping up and doing stuff. Roast went into the crockpot 2 hours ago, my bed was stripped and washed and back on the bed already, about to tackle the dishes and go sharknado all over my holiday drawers. Scott might be bringing burrito home for supper while her mama is at the dentist. Trying to rush getting at least this much done because I feel a nap stalking me, which would actually be lovely. Started Fluency but I'm afraid to let go and really read before I get my stuff done today.

I've gotta close the laptop, I can feel my brain getting sticky. Here, watch this, iz funny.


  1. I finally got off Zyrtec. I haven't taken it in about a week and still no hives! Yay!!!

    1. Yay! =D Ha, bet that's where your insomnia is coming from now, antihistamine rebound.