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Sunday, October 12, 2014

the sleeping dead

What a nightmare. +_+

I was to be part of some huge college testing, and as I was getting ready in the morning someone moved all my clothes, then once there my tech didn't work right (we had to watch a video with headphones on as part of the testing), and after a couple of hours of utter angst and fail I finally got a professor to talk to me about a reset, at which point I abruptly woke up. Then Scott told me that after staying up late watching war movies, he dreamed he had to cut off a guy's head because no one else wanted to do it, and he can't remember if zombies were involved or not, but it was scary and awful.

So we bumped around getting our coffee and turned on the TV, and this is the very first thing we saw. Scott is all excited now, wants to try for it.

Don't forget about the new season starting back up tonight on AMC. I hope to be live tweeting with the SnarkAlecs and maybe start my twitter review back up again.


  1. all i have to say is this..
    Zombies scare me
    that is all :)

    1. The gore grosses me out. I'm not sure it's entirely healthy for people to think it's fun, but in our historical past we were surrounded by blood and death all the time, so I think it's part of human nature (survival instinct/practice?) to want to experience what is now lacking in modern lives. I think it's also healthy to want to stay away from it.