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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Pinkyween

You know you're brainless when you assume you've had your second cup of coffee because your cup isn't where you thought you left it, but then you can't find it anywhere to rinse out, and you finally run into it in the microwave.

There's a Pink-O-Ween board on pinterest. You get cool effects when you click their pic.

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I finally got my jackolantern done last night. Ok, Scott got the drill out and plowed out some marks I made. Kids see one face coming up the steps and another face turning away from my door. And yes, there is a wad of pink Christmas lights in there.

Halloween is my fave holiday. I tell everyone that. Most people have no idea why. Thank goodness that has radically changed and Halloween is getting fun again.

For years I watched the Ghost Hunters Halloween specials and wore my TAPS tee, so Halloweens feel a bit empty since they stopped doing that.

Then last year there was a really fun Snarkalec Radio Halloween show.

No idea what the plan is this year. I'll probably tweet or fall asleep while @bonenado watches TV and hands candy out.

I need to get myself pulled together, we've got a burrito kitty showing up in about 7 hours or so to get some goodies, and then we must stand vigil for the yearly protection racket which has been nearly stamped out the last few years by a super religious family on our street that throws street blocking praise parties that terrify all the little kids in normal Halloween masks, so we drum our fingers for the tiny batches of looters that manage to make it through the blockade every half hour or so.

This one already has the bonenado family genetically enhanced indomitable spirit. Fear for the future.

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