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Thursday, October 9, 2014

purple night, pink dawn

Yesterday got sideswiped, stayed very busy but wound up on a completely different track. Need to stay off the tech today, at least for awhile, and then I need to narrowly focus on my scheduled work plan when I do come back to it.

I know dreams don't always mean much but I woke up this morning from a very distraught me in a huge beautiful wealthy home wailing to my (deceased) mother about turning 40.  photo 6wha.gif Since I turned 40 years ago and actually had a fun time with it, I'm wondering where in the world this dream came from and how in the world could that be me. Unless I was having another one of those experiencing someone else dreams, in which case I wanna say Buck up, geez, you big baby.

Total brain reset. Let the mystical parts of your brain get through to the tired, angsty side that thinks everything looks too hard and let yourself wonderfully float through your day. I have this idea that when the brain chips come, normals will have access to the same aspie neural stim experiences I have that allow me to step around all that crap and be as awesome as I wanna be without having to stop and reflect on whether I'm cool enough, kind of like being on pot without the dumb and dumberer side effects. If you could have this or some other fractal zoom with some kind of enjoyable repeating music pattern running in the background of your mind, your brains would pump out endorphins like crazy and it would be better than xanax. That plus having twitter in your brains, you'd feel like part of the Collective and everything would be right with the world.

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