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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

like the cool kids

Getting really close to 1000 posts now. Actually, just over if I count a draft and a couple posts I pulled back from public for fixits and never put back out. But technically, TODAY, this one is 997 currently published. One of my private blogs has 759, another has 1831. I have a whole list of blogs, but Pinky blog here is the only personal blog that has remained this public for this long.

Let's celebrate! Bunny is having a sick day, Bunny mama had to stay home from work to take her to the doctor, they've both been asleep on the couch for hours making up for a long, rough night with a big ol' fever, and Pinky has been tucked away amusing herself with 'pinkyguerrero fans' in the search engine. I didn't really expect to find anything interesting, but search algorithms are funny things, and next thing you know, I'm finding my accounts associated with all kinds of weird and awkward things, and sometimes cool stuff. Basically, though, it's all content curation and then hoarding server space. Our entire planet is going to evolve into one giant server orbiting the sun. All these screenshots click to sources.

One thing I ran into toward the last was this ift.tt thingie.

I know, what the wut, right, so here you go, let's learn some fun stuff. First of all, click this next pic to go to its cache source on google. ift.tt stuff is cache, so now you can come off kinda cool knowing that.

Just above that Pinky in da Haus meme you see 'full version, text-only version, view source'. Click view source. All that gobbledygook that you see after you click that is what I see when I right click on all kinds of websites and select 'view source'. Unless a website is right click protected, everybody can see everything about that page, including all kinds of identifier numbers and where graphics are hosted and what your widget settings are. When people warn you to change your passwords to keep you safe from hackers, that's kind of a joke. Any website that has vulnerable 'back doors' can be perused in source mode (disclaimer- I do NOT use source code to hack log onto people's pages or websites, I just like getting the source addresses for their cool widgets and stuff, like the little hearts that spring out of the mouse cursor on Pinky blog), and there are other ways to get all kinds of info without ever having to log in. This is why secure sites are such a big deal for monetary exchange, like banking and shopping. This is why coding specialists make beaucoup bucks. This is also why extra-step verification is important for your accounts, like twitter and facebook. I can right click and see facebook source codes, but facebook coders are very clever and scrunch up the really important stuff. I can still see who visits whose facebooks (if I want to sit for hours matching up long number strings to names), but I can't see when or how often, and I can't see private messaging info, etc. I talk about source code once in awhile in other posts, especially in wassappening.

I just super distracted you. The real question is- Why is THAT particular post coming up in this kind of general search for 'pinkyguerrero fans'? Like, I mean, out of nearly 1000 posts? Why THAT one?

So let's look at the clues, check out the content of the original post called cool kids. Felicity Smoak in the video at the bottom of the post is a brilliant hacker, MIT class of '06. What did we just do? We opened up my code on a post alluding to a coder. Not a single other Pinky post showed up in search in this manner, even though many other Pinky posts use the word 'fans'. Is this something personal? Is this coming up in search because someone else has already done this? Google search is notorious for showing things in rank order, the most clicked at the top, instead of using a catalog system. Google search is a constantly changing information flow, and the more clicks a page gets, the higher it gets ranked in a search engine. It's a stupid game to play, and one I beat by simply infiltrating half the web with my name, lol. (I say simply, it took some time, haha, I'm pretty patient.) But the point is, a cache page is coming up in search. That means someone is clicking on that particular cache page a lot. I wonder why they'd need a cache page, because they could see the post easily enough, right? Sometimes the only way I can see a post outside the U.S. is by accessing the cache page, so maybe that's it.

A completely unrelated Pinky post way closer to the top of the ranking system is Wanna see some more? If you click that, you will get the France page for Pinky blog. I talk about lurkers in that post. Actually, I talk about lurkers in a lot of posts. It's interesting that the France version of that post talking about lurkers is ranking so high in the search, because I'm in the U.S.

And when we add all this up, it's very interesting that a general Pinky search will highlight a combo field of France, lurkers, and source code, especially since I revealed recently that Pinky blog is getting hammered from a single source in France. Coincidence?

Sometimes I talk between the lines in Pinky blog to lurkers. Some of them privately talk back to me once in awhile in real life. Some of them go dark again, some hang around on the edges leaving me alone but I know they're there, and some super lurk and play games on me. I think I might have a very patient game player who has been hanging around for probably at least a year and a half, and if it's the same person this whole time, has been sending me signals for awhile to play back, which I did, and now I'm getting signals to stop blowing them off and really play back, which I am now doing. I mean, how else can I play back except to talk out loud about it, but I'm not going to share the google map satellite zoom from an IP I think I finally got confirmation on and am 79% certain is the same person. That's the thing with playing these kinds of games, as long as I'm playing fair and by the rules (and with one arm tied behind my back and nearly 90% blindfolded if you think about how bad my analytics really are, I complain all the time), I really can't go Ah-HA!

Anyway, the cool kids source showing up in a pinky search isn't necessarily related, and I've had app spam/scam hits from a number of countries anyway, but it's something to think about, isn't it?

Those of you who really read Pinky blog know that I value creators in the dark, artists in the night, writers in pain, and I notice people who don't spell it all out. Several readers have let me know privately I'm hitting all the right nails square on, and part of the reason Pinky blog is important is because I keep it very cool here, no one sees you but me, and most of the time I don't see most of you because we've been talking about using proxy and private search settings, right? Still, sometimes someone needs an internet hug, and this post is my hug to the person who added resuscitation to the rotation in the continuous hammering, like the drumming in the Master's head.

And now, it's time to get back to my own stuff. Pinky blog isn't here to be about someone else's game, although this was a nice distraction on a long day.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

skies fall, questions get asked

Started on 3-3-17.

"Did you enjoy the game?" he asked with a broad smile.

"Wait, what?"

"You asked for the most difficult setting, how was it? Did you enjoy the challenge?"

"What are you talking about, that was a GAME? My family died horribly, I was in so much pain in that hospital, you're saying that was a game?"


Now it's 5-30-17. I'm trying to clean up my draft pages.

That's one of many mashup scenarios between religion and science I imagine for the afterlife, which turns not to be an afterlife at all. But yeah, that's what I think of every time I see debates about what this universe really is.

I think if there is anything that comes after, and if we retain memory (think experience points) and go on to more challenges (think leveling up), what then?

And what if we get bored and divert into being some kind of bore worm because we're tired of experiencing and conquering challenges. Is that even possible? Are we allowed to slack off? Do we lose points if we do that?

Most of my life, I have daydreamed of just being in one spot watching time move, for hundreds and thousands of years, for eons. Just watching. Not feeling, not doing, not thinking, just watching. Watching all of it. Eventually just having seen everything, ever.

Why do I want that if I'm tired of being part of it? What is the draw I feel to want to know stuff? Is feeling tired just because I'm in a body? What if feeling tired is only chemical? Can the soul get tired? Does it need to be reenergized? Is joy for the soul the same as food for the body?

That goose really cracks me up. 😁


I wrote this on Sunday afternoon of the 28th when Pinky blog was still closed.

click for wallpaper
So I put myself on bed rest, because I'm terrible for grinding myself to an actual standstill even when all the sirens are going off and defcon warnings are going on system wide. I've made it, what, about 3 years now since an autoimmune flare? I'm in severe fibro flare, and some kind of spinal nerve trunk flare, because my left leg and foot ache really bad and all my toes feel like I broke them on a coffee table or something, but so far so good on appetite, sleeping, and the usual restlessness. I'm trying to medicate more, y'all know I really hate that and any doctor would heartily laugh and then go, Yeah, NO, like this, and then triple everything I'm taking and then I'd morph into a lethargic reptile. I mean, no offense against reptiles, but srsly, I'd be like that.

Played single player for a little while in between surgey power stuff because big storm last night shredded the forest a bit and threw a few branches around, hit a bored jag and dug through wallpapers for awhile, then played around with the search bar, plugged in variations of Pinky, by the way here's other Pinky if you really wanna check her out, she's actually pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm flipping search engine pages and run right into 'pinky, guerrero, hypertorus, rulz- giphy' and thought, hm, I've never loaded anything to giphy, what's up with that? So I went over there and saw that, indeed, there was Pinky blog listed as a source for this thing.

And it does click to the post I used it in, but MY post sources it correctly from blingee. I don't know how and why stuff like this happens, no idea if it's auto curated or someone manually loads.

K, just discovered I have more followers on Quora... I never go there. Not even going to link it.

Yeah, I know I'm talking to myself because Pinky blog is still dark, I'm just waiting for it to flatline. I mean, srsly, my stats have looked like a heart rhythm for months. Too bad most of it was from one source or that might've been cool.

Personally, even being a search engine queen and a super lurker and part time stalker, I have *never* opened up anyone's page multiple times a day, certainly not for several days in a row, much less for weeks and even months at a time, and even though I have actually been lurked hard in the past (my heaviest lurker back in 2008 opened my blog nearly once a day for 8 straight months, and I had full stat details every single time, including location and service right down to street address) by a number of people with no idea how in the world I could possibly be that fascinating, ok long run on sentence where was I. Oh, yeah, even with my own skillz, I've never been obvious. I imagine there are a couple of people who have noticed me because they're like me and pay attention and I was actually stalking a little bit, but dang, I never did it like anywhere even close to this level. It's completely not like anything I've ever seen in all the years I've been blogging. I'm very experienced with stats and being super lurked and even stalked.


Now it's Tuesday.

Monday was hard.

Ok, Sunday evening I got some stuff thunked out. This last month I've been snacking. A LOT. Especially this last week. On carby stuff. A LOT. Years ago before I got my diabetes dx, I remember all my joints hurting real bad and feeling miserable, and my doctor back then kept throwing prescriptions at me instead of letting me see an endocrinologist (she finally relented after several months and we discovered my TSH was horribly flying right out of the solar system), and it helped to get that med adjusted FINALLY, but it didn't fix all the things. I remember back then that she wasn't worried about my blood sugar reading, which surprised me looking back once I discovered she had noted my ketones were high. A new doctor in 2011 dx'd diabetes and my whole life changed and I started feeling better, and everything since then has been about recovery and healing and coming back from years of immobility and excruciating pain. My diabetes has been well controlled for 5 years.

Until now. I checked my fasting glucose Monday morning, was 110. There are jobs out there requiring their workers to keep their fasting glucose below 100, so you KNOW that's the best predictor of lost work hours. I started sliding all through May, since my empty nest routine has been skewed into a whole new lifestyle and I'm surrounded by high energy people eating very high energy food. If I really look at what I'm doing, I bet my ketones are going back up and that's why I hurt all over and feel so tired. I'm dragging through sticky blood sludge and backed up getting the trash out of my body, and simply calling this a fibro flare is just me being stupid. Time to get back on track.

Point blank, I did this to myself, and I know better. I created this internal misery that affected all my systems and other health problems and threw my psychological balance off on top of it all because I felt so rotten. I felt in the way, got super crabby and peevish, and we can't just blame all that on autism spectrum complicated with anxiety and depression. Diabetes affects brains. If I don't want to be a drag on my family, NO MORE JUNK FOOD. My brain cannot handle carb loads, and woe be to ye if that's what I'm doing.

Aside from that, Monday sucking was a whole lotta neurodiversity hurricanes going on in my area that would make for great TV. I just stayed out of it as much as possible. I know the brains around me only see the klumsy outside of me, and I don't always make sense, and I don't emotionally connect well, so they can't believe that on the inside of me I really do get how their brain styles shape their world views and that they can't see several moves ahead on the chess board like I can, and they don't remember and learn from the past the same way I do. They don't see themselves objectively, the way they assess their situations is different from the way I assess mine, and their missing gap is a vital problem solving skill set that I was born with because I'm autie. ADD and autie working together makes a great team, but when we're all stressed, it can be pretty disastrous. I know I'd have handled things better if I'd been taking better care of myself physically, and I see controlling my diabetes as first line of defense against life sucking in all other ways. I cannot have a good life if my brain is flailing around in sticky blood sludge and I hurt all over.

THAT is aspienado's problem solving skills. Start with me first, assess, organize, prioritize, schedule. Get my own stuff lined up before I step into trying to fix anything else. Other people's lives are their own business, but I can make things easier by smoothing out the wrinkles as they fly by, and that makes me valuable. I like being a valuable person. I can't be valuable like that if I'm stuffing my face with crap.

So here we go, #transparency. Going to spend the summer getting the fasting glucose back down, shedding a few pounds, getting my workouts going again, and focusing on positivity and feeling better. That's my job. Sliding into depression fueled by carbing out and chain reacting a serious disease across all my other issues is stupid stupid stupid. It's one thing to live with depression, it's another thing to coddle it and support its cancerous growth.

That was fun. What else is going on? Hang on a sec, I need to say something, if stalker person ever actually reads all my stuff instead of just poking me over and over. Dear Person Doing This- I'm not a mind reader, and I don't do head games. I'm busy. You could be Christopher Pike stuck in a chair pushing a button, or you could be a brilliant psychotic enamored with Pinky, or you could be a 5 year old with someone's stolen phone, or you could be... you get what I'm saying. If there is a point to this, it's getting lost. But if this is what I think it is, maybe this (below) will make sense, and if it does, then I hear you. And that is all that needs to be said as long as this continues without real change. All I care about on my end is what I got out of the flatline and then the resuscitation.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I have failed this city

I banished myself to my room for the rest of the weekend. My biggest challenge is not being able to Pinky in real life. btw, all pix click to sources.

So it was like when the Master kept hearing that beat over and over and it drove him mad. I just had to turn that off. Statcounter is gone, the blogger page count is gone, it's all gone.

In the interim, I lost it over a cupcake joke and turned something tiny into something really big and stupid, and all sifted out, I'm pretty sure the root of the big meltdown was pain management fail and me trying to keep covering and doing instead of timing out earlier and saving us all a lot of awkwardness.

It's been a long chilly very damp spring during a tough life change event now being loomed over by an impending death event, and I broke away from my focus into meltdowns left and right. I've gone back to super core dark corner on the ol' PTSD coping skillz, and I'm basically just not talking to anyone.

But I am reading the internet. It's a nice compulsion in a pinch.

Sorry, got distracted, but this next click is so worth getting lost in.

I'm not sure when I'll turn Pinky blog back on, but I'm still in here.

:edit: 5-29-17 I meant to stay banished longer, but I got a sweet inclusion in an official autie blogger list, what kind of timing is that. The cosmos kicked my butt right back out there.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hi guys, quickie for my subs.

Pinky blog will be going dark for a few days.

I didn't mind a page opener app from one person tacking on 10 auto hits a day. I didn't mind it eventually happening several times a day. But when it continued over several months, I publicly addressed it, and it immediately changed to a different set of posts being hit in the same rhythm. Ignoring it inspired this activity to happen more often, and now, after giving a couple of other trubba makers some attention this week, Pinky blog is being super pounded with several hundred hits a day (from ONE person), always in the same pattern, always the same pages, over and over and over. If I were able to verify an IP address on a tracker I'd have already had it blocked from being counted, so whatever head game this is, Pinky is getting pretty tired of it. You guys know I like clean stats, and one person is taking the fun out of it for me.

I'm not sure yet about the direction I'll take going forward. Obviously, making a new blog won't put an end to it if this person is subbed and watches my medias. With nothing else to go on, this is looking a lot like a very unhealthy jealousy problem, because the posts that have been opened over and over all this time have virtually nothing in common. I don't want to make any other personal judgments because it's so easy to be very wrong about stuff.

I know what you're going to say- this is letting another person win and numbers don't mean anything, like I always say, right? That's exactly the part I'm going to be working on while Pinky blog is on vaca. Numbers obviously mean nothing any more if people all over the world like messing with me, and most of you all are so incognito now that it doesn't even matter. Basically, this is me directly telling another person Hey, take a break and chillax. I mean, if someone is that intent on round the clock hammering, then maybe a cold turkey rug yank is just the ticket.

This will go out automatically to subs in emails before I pull Pinky blog from public this evening. Thank you so much for being part of my #amwriting journey so far, and I hope we continue in future. Have a great weekend. 💗

someone else's suckage

Dear person in France using a Firefox browser in Windows- It's getting a little excessive. I hope you're ok. If you need to shoot me a private message, no one sees comments until approved, and I can leave it in pending so it will stay private. I don't know what else to say except that whatever is going on feels like some kind of weird morse code and maybe you're ready for that step out from lurking.

So, huge weekend in progress in the U.S., and my crew is all over getting food ready for a great big cookout next door. In case a few of you have missed the hints, my father-in-law (retired veteran, 15 year cancer survivor) is on hospice at home because the cancer is back with a vengeance.

@bonenado had a free evening last night, so we started plowing through a stack of The 100 that had piled up in the DVR. We're up to the part where Clarke finally cried over a very bad decision and still kept making the bad decision anyway. Wait, wot... The 100 isn't very different from The Walking Dead, all the same vehicle accidents in all the right spots kind of thing, the constant flip flopping and side taking, the facepalming and regrouping. Mostly, though, it's just a whole lotta mud. I think Octavia looks awesome in mud. She's the new face of warrior princess, and wouldn't we love to see her go up against Xena, amIright. Srsly, tho, I think 2 eps and we'll be caught up. Jasper's death scene was fantastically done, btw, very wrenching and beautiful and tragic. Loved it. Other top fave character developments include Raven and John Murphy, and I could go on for miles about supporting cast being awesome. And some of  you know how I feel about 'shadow govt' kind of stuff, which was nicely handled earlier in the series.
How ‘The 100’ has facilitated important conversations about free will and rape culture

Moving on, allergies are horrible here because 3 1/2 weeks of rain has turned Mirkwood and the surrounding Shire into a jungle, mowers galore mulching it all up into the thick humid air for us all to inhale, our lungs are full of green slime, our ears are stopped up, our sinuses are gunked, @bonenado is covered in poison ivy, and isn't it all beautiful out there. All y'alls living on concrete promoting planet luv need to understand this space ball is poisonous and vindictive and will take us all down in the end with a satisfied burp. We're only hurting ourselves with all our lawn care products. I keep voting for rock gardens, but noooo....

This is a prolific monster copperhead year, too. "Copperhead snakes are some of the more commonly seen North American snakes. They're also the most likely to bite, although their venom is relatively mild, and their bites are rarely fatal for humans." What they don't mention is one bite on a finger can swell your entire arm up to your shoulder and you'll be in a lot of pain and feel super gross for days, and some people even get delirious, so 'rarely fatal' doesn't mean it doesn't mess you up. People like to run around barefoot, and like so many, I've actually stepped on one barefoot (and have worn shoes outside ever since), but thankfully I jumped so high so fast and scared the snake so badly that neither one of us were harmed. I've known people who wound up on crutches for several days, and it's pretty miserable for pain. Also please note that 'rare' doesn't mean 'never' concerning fatalities, plus there's just as much risk from infection or other disease like salmonella from point of contact, so take a snake bite seriously.

How ironic that this comment just came in on my youtube chicken eats a snake, talk about live blogging.

I may not block and don't always delete, but I vigorously report abusive interaction because there's no excuse for poor behavior.

That person can't see all my notifications.

True, I can't see theirs either, and it's not a contest at any rate, but at least my twitter account is active and thriving and my websites actually work and that youtube has nearly 6000 views, so SanityGamingUK can suck it, but you're welcome for the web traffic you're about to get... that you can't see because your stuff is so shut down...

I think I've gotten up 50 times during this post to do stuff with Bunny. Maybe I should stop here and move on with my day, lotta busy stuff going on.

~later~ And this is why I normally don't engage. It was a garter snake, and someone just wants to fight. Fine, reported and blocked. You guys know chickens very naturally eat anything that moves, right? Frogs, lizards, mice... They crave nutrients just like the rest of the world does, and skeletons are full of calcium. We live on a hostile planet, get a grip with the hatefest, and bring some intelligence to the game. Live and be well.

Being public is a challenge, and not because of this kind of stuff. This is nothing. I've had much nastier things said to me and thrown at me than this. The challenge is realizing that the person on the other side is using internet to displace onto, and that either comes from a toxic environment or an emotionally sideswiped person having trubbas dealing with something irl. Hostility is a symptom, and reacting with more hostility doesn't help anything, doesn't prove anyone right, doesn't make a winner out of either side. If SanityGamingUK has dead and closed accounts all over the place, one can only wonder why, how much suckage is going on in real life, and the hugs this person might need. Been there.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

brain coffee

click for
4 Ways Coffee Can Keep You Mentally Sharp
not paid to link that, just wanted the graphic
take the info with a grain of salt
don't drink a whole pot and wind up in ER with palpitations
I've done that
but I bet their coffee is awesome
Here we go, some counterbalance. Click it for a good Forbes article. This is all real. This is why I stop at 2 cups in the morning now.

You guys know coffee is my last big addiction. I've stopped a couple of times, once for a whole year, but it's really hard when you wake up feeling like crap and need that kick start and can't have any sugar. Click this next for a delightful collection of coffee love.

For people who love techanese and #allthethings and being super smart, click this next pic for a fantastic article.

I love this quote- "Most experts discard the idea that caffeine can be seriously addictive in the vast majority of people. Likewise, it's not very deadly. Sure, 100 cups of coffee in four hours could kill you, but you'd likely vomit or have other physical reactions long before reaching the lethal cup."

Pretty sure I'd be having some pretty outstanding arrhythmias by my 6th cup...

click for a National Geographic article titled
Coffee: Millions of Years of Poison and Brain Manipulation
and that is based on the original article titled
How Caffeine Evolved to Help Plants Survive and Help People Wake Up
(foodie alert)
Wording helps me wake up. Research clicking, image linking, speed reading, and word construction are my measure for a good day. If I can do all this before coffee, or with only one cup and completely forgetting to get a second, I know it's going to be a good day.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


click for music blog
Needed a break, took a hard fast dive into the nether regions of Yablo that no one really knows about. Before all the blogging stuff, before Bluejacky, even before Janika, Yablo was that deep dive into obsession, burying my brain in repetition and thought and rarely surfacing for air. Very few people have ever seen that part of me, but one post did come out of it.

Things I've learned about life from playing solitaire

That's right, I'm a hard core solitaire/free cell junkie. Like these people. Only I don't rig my games for solvable. I take them ALL on. Those people with 90%s are people who set up for solvable only. Babies. I take the brutal road and carve out my 30 and 40% niches against #allthegames while I think.

I also discovered I had let my realms expire, so I got those updated and started a new singleplayer. The way I play now is so very different from a year ago. I've gotten so much done in survival and haven't even died yet.

Colors and music, colors and music, colors and music, and hours going by while I think. Thanx to Microsoft Windows 10, my free cell activity is recorded on my YabloVH account. Years ago, before computers, I carried a pack of cards around to help me handle my anxiety, and I'd play solitaire in between chores. I still get chores done, so some of my free cell games look like they take forever because they time those, that's me up doing stuff. Unfortunately, I don't stream my singleplayer, so you guys don't see me playing. I have friends who stream all the time, plus I follow other people who stream. I don't talk much while I play, if at all. I never do actual real chat on discord like some of the moc players do. I've been really surprised how much I've interacted in the chat screen on this new server, actually. I went months without interacting outside of my town on the old server. It's kinda funny to think about, since Yablo was actually the most prolific with forum interaction compared to all my other user names. But yeah, when I go under, I'm Yablo, and if you don't see me, I'm *thinking* while I play.

And lately while I'm under, I'm digging Djs from Mars.

Yablo is wanting to get busy on the web sculpt again whenever I get back on moc.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

meanwhile, irl

The grass across the road is waist high already. Time to make some hay, but I don't think anyone cuts it any more. The irises popped out for Mother's Day and then a couple weeks of hard rains pounded them right out. First fleurs out since all that are the lilies.

Don't let this fool you just because it's by the house and looks pretty like that. It's a spider tree. I live in Mirkwood.

I think about a lot of things every time I walk by that tree. First thought is Snarkalecs because lichen, but after that is a slew of thoughts about moss on the north side, life in a microcosm, and everything I've ever heard about bark like teas and deer and salicylates.

That little guy thinks he found a good spot... It's amazing how far seeds travel, because there isn't another cedar around my front yard. I don't know if squirrels or spiders or gnomes do that, but it reminds me of the ents on Mo Creatures always 'redecorating' my yards.

Someone got a sandbox. I grew up in a whole desert of sand, so this cracks me up.

Looks like this farmer is about to hit the big time with the archaeological find of the century.

I am so jealous of these.

Somebody likes to cook. I heard he helped make quiche from scratch. Batquiche.

Proof that our little blur stood still for something, but it took several tries.

Literally wrestled her into this dress. Does *not* stop moving. Took 2 people.

And we wait.


Monday, May 22, 2017

rage quit quitting, wtf-ing and disclaiming, and those wascally wussians

K, I'm over the moc thing, lotta water under a bridge and thank goodness someone sane knows how to talk me down.

Now let's have some fun. 😁

Got this in my mail. Absolutely no idea, not a clue, why, wtf, wut, nada.

When I click that link it goes to this site, which looks legit when it first pops up.

However, when I remove the ?bhu= to peel it down to an original dotcom, it goes to this.

Please note that neither address on those last two shots have my name in the site address, like the original link did in the email above.

This is not the first time I've discovered that Pinky is associated with t15h in .ru, which basically means someone has a site set up in Russia specifically for link smashing app spamming junk. Why my name? God knows. Why Andrew Potts? God knows. The only connection I have to an Andrew Potts is I once ordered Little Links merch from his keychainproductions site, plus I've made a big deal in past linking a bit of his stuff around my blogs.

Just to make sure it's me Pinky and not one of the 12 other ones, I checked other Pinky's stuff, and I'm pretty sure there's no connection, except through me linking, which I rarely do so our content doesn't get entangled. She has her thing, I have mine, we both happened to be grabbing web IDs at the same time without even knowing it, I wound up with the twitter, she got the pinterest, another Pinky entirely got the facebook, still another got the linkedin, and dang if there aren't just a slew of PinkyGuerreros taking over the world. But not like this weird link, that is NOT any of us. By the way, if you EVER see my name on anything asking for money, it is NOT me unless you also see it linked on my official dotcom.

I'm going to make a big bad guess that this is one of my *cough*botfollowers*cough* fans who just loves pestering Pinky blog hoping to get some attention. Well, here you go, you got attention. The whole world can see you bugging me and either pretending to be Pottsy or bugging him too or whatever the boink is going on, and dang if I'm not getting a heads up poking me to go see what you're doing. Who knows, it might've ALL been you, right? You're a genius, you need someone to notice.

click to use this yourself
Ok, here's the thing. I believe sometime, possibly in my lifetime, one of two things will happen.

  • 1- Dirty nukes will take down grids all over the planet and internet will super fail and all the fun will be over.
  • 2- World Order will seize control of the internet and synchronize all of us and all the fun will be over.

And that is why none of this bothers me. Whether I shut all my stuff down myself or someone rips it out of my hands and mangles it up, y'all have heard me say first I'm not too stressed about it since I was the one nuking my own stuff in the first place. So you guys in other countries making fake mes on facebook in Brazil or hijacking my youtube vids in Germany and China or hitting me daily with app smash links and page openers- I don't care.

But the real question is do I appreciate it? Yes, I appreciate being alerted third party that my name is being used to hijack an American site, thanx. Yes, I appreciate the fun little jaunt off into space I took checking it out because my day wasn't exactly bubbly and I was needing distraction, thanx. Yes, I appreciate being able to use this as content now because, honestly, I'm hitting a burnout wall and have been awfully cranky lately, and this kinda cracks me up, so I'm sharing, thanx.

But I'm mostly wondering if this was a homework assignment and I was chosen because you get real feedback or something, go tell your teacher to give you an A, and tell Putin thumbs up on the whole Trump and North Korea thing, I saw that coming months before it happened. Nice theatrics there.

The rest of you are stewing that I'm steering off into this instead of finishing that Mantrid post...

Burnout, guys. 7 weeks of Disney Jr in my house. I appreciate all the distraction I can get.

:edit: 5-25-17 And this is why I use a Torch browser. Excellent vid, sorry to see it taken away from the public.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

etiquette under pressure

Sorry about that, left you guys hanging for a few days. Yesterday was one of those marvelous dives into aspienado obsession along with real life ironies like Scott's ex hanging out in our house and laughing at Bunny antics over a cheese sampler plate. Despite every kind of awkward that a pending cancer demise brings upon a family, I appreciate foremost that, being the one who has learned to step back the most, awkward social situations is something I now see the older women on my mother's side conquering most graciously when I was a child. Etiquette under pressure is a skill I've fled most in my life but funnily happen to be kind of good at. Also, it helps being utterly obsessed with a misguided notion that someone could conceivably mess with my villagers on an ungriefable claim, which kept me busy and way under the radar for hours while other people around me coped with very hard stuff.

This is probably hard to see, but that is a double fence row. We're supposed to keep 250 blocks between us when claiming, but I'm already claimed out and can no longer expand, so I allow other players to build near me. I've even said go ahead and claim right up to my lines. I like that I have neighbors, and you can see that cute house in the distance, right? That little house is between my big Yablo claim and the village I claimed that I'm currently standing on a little platform over. To the right of that is a big build by a player who has already been banned, and the big build to the left is a player who has actually been getting free fence from me without mentioning it was going all around my village claim... joke's on me.

Time flies on a server, and I was off doing other things while these big structures went up near me. I didn't even see them until I ran into them yesterday going to check on my village, which used to be out in a rugged wilderness and now seems to be a rugged outcrop in New Jersey, possibly just outside Philly. I actually like it, not complaining at all, because it makes my builds look way more metro and cool, considering we're only a short distance from my huge claim with the big glowing TV glasses and the big sculpt glowing in the sky.

But. I also discovered that all that player has to do to get into my village now (formerly impenetrable since grief proof means no one can open a gate and no one can break blocks near it without claiming blocks) is place a dirt block next to their fence to get on top of their fence, then simply jump over both our fencelines onto my claim. I have no idea if from there they could mess with my villagers at all, probably not, BUT simply being near or in there would have all the mobs spawning in the vicinity, and mobs kill villagers. I was down to 3 by the time I went there yesterday checking on them, and I know I had at least 7 a coupe of weeks ago, and that they were having babies, a first for our server where other players have really struggled trying to get their villagers to reproduce.

How to prevent further deaths and still retain aesthetic integrity... I elected glass dyson dome. Yes, I know, my default sux and you guys have cool mod packs, go suck it, ok? Also, I turned down an offer from an architect on server to turn all that into an invisible barrier. I spent DAYS collecting sand and smelting it into an uber treasure of glass blocks and then HOURS yesterday placing all those, there is no way I'm throwing all that work away for one fell swoop of invisible barrier. I want people to SEE the work I put into that, sheesh.

Oh, you noticed. 😋 I'm mocking the economy by converting the temple into emerald blocks. The entire village will slowly convert into a fun little place, but for now, it's mostly just on hold.

I probably shouldn't reveal his whereabouts, but what the heck.

Couldn't resist.

And since we are the BEN clan...

And I got a little subtle, this is a fave Ben Stiller character.

There are a few more. OriginalSteve apparently got mobbed, but Jeff survived

along with a couple others I didn't name and don't think are cool enough puns to share, so. OH, and BenedictCumberpickle is gone, too, wah. Oh, well. It was a cumbersome name... get it? Nevermind.

I'm a bit rankled last few days and kinda cranky online, but so is everyone else irl in between crying jags, so I don't feel like talking much. I know people wanna help, but I can't handle when it comes from all sides. I can't pretend to be sweet when I'm going pure shutdown and all I see through the flames is other people not listening to what I really really need, like an hour of quiet time, because y'all don't see a very busy tiny person zooming around my house and I'm just trying to stay sane without small talk making me crazier because I'm on the edge of internal meltdown. The autie stuff I read doesn't even begin to cover this level I live with in my own head and begs off with too much disclaiming and redefining, and I'm here to say hellz yeah I'm obsessing because it's my frickin escape from flaming everyone into charcoal. Escapism is real and it's good for the soul. And relationships. Plunging into rabbit holes keeps me from blowing everything up between me and the people I love while I'm having trubba coping emotionally because I'm in core meltdown and hard shutdown and the words don't come out my mouth and fingers right in real time. The only way to stop it is for *me* to stop talking, and that's what I need to do.

This was me last night not doing /abandomallclaims and deleting moc off Jawn's hard drive. My mood was horrible.

I've gotta go do stuff. You guys have fun.