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Monday, May 8, 2017

purple coffee

My Monday started with flipping a broken purple pen into my first cup of beautiful coffee. How's yours? Wish I'd taken a pic and used it as today's demotivational poster, but here's an even better one from someone else. Click it for more fun.

I haven't had a medrol pack in so many years. I remember being miserable on them, and now I know why- my extended blood pressure spike is incredible. If I lived like that all the time I'd be dx'd stage 2 hypertension, which is considered extremely serious, so I may forego the rest of the medrol pack. The goal was to reduce possible fibro flare induced tissue swelling around craniocervical area, which was also spiking my blood pressure, and something's working because that pressure is gone, so hopefully this all settles back down fairly quickly now. All I can do is just keep an eye on it for a few days.

I spent Derby Day on Mo Creatures. Is it any surprise? But I did stop and watch the pre-parade and the big race. I know some people might think it silly to make a big deal out of little things like a fairy horse on a minecraft server, but a years long loose string came together beautifully in my heart and head over it, and only a tiny handful of people have a clue why, because I never talk about it.

A difficult era has begun in family around me, setting the background behind Pinky blog for a few weeks or months. I like to stay focused on my own stuff here, but want to recognize loved ones coming together in support and many big feelings. I know this is probably a weird way to pay homage, but the story behind Purple Rain is important, the spirit of sport is a big part of us, and yes, half the state just flooded, so I'm deeply appreciating this video this morning. (I'm loling that it's a Saints field in a Vikes family, but I do have a Saints fan in the house lately...) The love is strong in this family in spite of some very long hard roads.

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