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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

skies fall, questions get asked

Started on 3-3-17.

"Did you enjoy the game?" he asked with a broad smile.

"Wait, what?"

"You asked for the most difficult setting, how was it? Did you enjoy the challenge?"

"What are you talking about, that was a GAME? My family died horribly, I was in so much pain in that hospital, you're saying that was a game?"


Now it's 5-30-17. I'm trying to clean up my draft pages.

That's one of many mashup scenarios between religion and science I imagine for the afterlife, which turns not to be an afterlife at all. But yeah, that's what I think of every time I see debates about what this universe really is.

I think if there is anything that comes after, and if we retain memory (think experience points) and go on to more challenges (think leveling up), what then?

And what if we get bored and divert into being some kind of bore worm because we're tired of experiencing and conquering challenges. Is that even possible? Are we allowed to slack off? Do we lose points if we do that?

Most of my life, I have daydreamed of just being in one spot watching time move, for hundreds and thousands of years, for eons. Just watching. Not feeling, not doing, not thinking, just watching. Watching all of it. Eventually just having seen everything, ever.

Why do I want that if I'm tired of being part of it? What is the draw I feel to want to know stuff? Is feeling tired just because I'm in a body? What if feeling tired is only chemical? Can the soul get tired? Does it need to be reenergized? Is joy for the soul the same as food for the body?

That goose really cracks me up. 😁

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