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Monday, May 22, 2017

rage quit quitting, wtf-ing and disclaiming, and those wascally wussians

K, I'm over the moc thing, lotta water under a bridge and thank goodness someone sane knows how to talk me down.

Now let's have some fun. 😁

Got this in my mail. Absolutely no idea, not a clue, why, wtf, wut, nada.

When I click that link it goes to this site, which looks legit when it first pops up.

However, when I remove the ?bhu= to peel it down to an original dotcom, it goes to this.

Please note that neither address on those last two shots have my name in the site address, like the original link did in the email above.

This is not the first time I've discovered that Pinky is associated with t15h in .ru, which basically means someone has a site set up in Russia specifically for link smashing app spamming junk. Why my name? God knows. Why Andrew Potts? God knows. The only connection I have to an Andrew Potts is I once ordered Little Links merch from his keychainproductions site, plus I've made a big deal in past linking a bit of his stuff around my blogs.

Just to make sure it's me Pinky and not one of the 12 other ones, I checked other Pinky's stuff, and I'm pretty sure there's no connection, except through me linking, which I rarely do so our content doesn't get entangled. She has her thing, I have mine, we both happened to be grabbing web IDs at the same time without even knowing it, I wound up with the twitter, she got the pinterest, another Pinky entirely got the facebook, still another got the linkedin, and dang if there aren't just a slew of PinkyGuerreros taking over the world. But not like this weird link, that is NOT any of us. By the way, if you EVER see my name on anything asking for money, it is NOT me unless you also see it linked on my official dotcom.

I'm going to make a big bad guess that this is one of my *cough*botfollowers*cough* fans who just loves pestering Pinky blog hoping to get some attention. Well, here you go, you got attention. The whole world can see you bugging me and either pretending to be Pottsy or bugging him too or whatever the boink is going on, and dang if I'm not getting a heads up poking me to go see what you're doing. Who knows, it might've ALL been you, right? You're a genius, you need someone to notice.

click to use this yourself
Ok, here's the thing. I believe sometime, possibly in my lifetime, one of two things will happen.

  • 1- Dirty nukes will take down grids all over the planet and internet will super fail and all the fun will be over.
  • 2- World Order will seize control of the internet and synchronize all of us and all the fun will be over.

And that is why none of this bothers me. Whether I shut all my stuff down myself or someone rips it out of my hands and mangles it up, y'all have heard me say first I'm not too stressed about it since I was the one nuking my own stuff in the first place. So you guys in other countries making fake mes on facebook in Brazil or hijacking my youtube vids in Germany and China or hitting me daily with app smash links and page openers- I don't care.

But the real question is do I appreciate it? Yes, I appreciate being alerted third party that my name is being used to hijack an American site, thanx. Yes, I appreciate the fun little jaunt off into space I took checking it out because my day wasn't exactly bubbly and I was needing distraction, thanx. Yes, I appreciate being able to use this as content now because, honestly, I'm hitting a burnout wall and have been awfully cranky lately, and this kinda cracks me up, so I'm sharing, thanx.

But I'm mostly wondering if this was a homework assignment and I was chosen because you get real feedback or something, go tell your teacher to give you an A, and tell Putin thumbs up on the whole Trump and North Korea thing, I saw that coming months before it happened. Nice theatrics there.

The rest of you are stewing that I'm steering off into this instead of finishing that Mantrid post...

Burnout, guys. 7 weeks of Disney Jr in my house. I appreciate all the distraction I can get.

:edit: 5-25-17 And this is why I use a Torch browser. Excellent vid, sorry to see it taken away from the public.

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