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Sunday, May 21, 2017

etiquette under pressure

Sorry about that, left you guys hanging for a few days. Yesterday was one of those marvelous dives into aspienado obsession along with real life ironies like Scott's ex hanging out in our house and laughing at Bunny antics over a cheese sampler plate. Despite every kind of awkward that a pending cancer demise brings upon a family, I appreciate foremost that, being the one who has learned to step back the most, awkward social situations is something I now see the older women on my mother's side conquering most graciously when I was a child. Etiquette under pressure is a skill I've fled most in my life but funnily happen to be kind of good at. Also, it helps being utterly obsessed with a misguided notion that someone could conceivably mess with my villagers on an ungriefable claim, which kept me busy and way under the radar for hours while other people around me coped with very hard stuff.

This is probably hard to see, but that is a double fence row. We're supposed to keep 250 blocks between us when claiming, but I'm already claimed out and can no longer expand, so I allow other players to build near me. I've even said go ahead and claim right up to my lines. I like that I have neighbors, and you can see that cute house in the distance, right? That little house is between my big Yablo claim and the village I claimed that I'm currently standing on a little platform over. To the right of that is a big build by a player who has already been banned, and the big build to the left is a player who has actually been getting free fence from me without mentioning it was going all around my village claim... joke's on me.

Time flies on a server, and I was off doing other things while these big structures went up near me. I didn't even see them until I ran into them yesterday going to check on my village, which used to be out in a rugged wilderness and now seems to be a rugged outcrop in New Jersey, possibly just outside Philly. I actually like it, not complaining at all, because it makes my builds look way more metro and cool, considering we're only a short distance from my huge claim with the big glowing TV glasses and the big sculpt glowing in the sky.

But. I also discovered that all that player has to do to get into my village now (formerly impenetrable since grief proof means no one can open a gate and no one can break blocks near it without claiming blocks) is place a dirt block next to their fence to get on top of their fence, then simply jump over both our fencelines onto my claim. I have no idea if from there they could mess with my villagers at all, probably not, BUT simply being near or in there would have all the mobs spawning in the vicinity, and mobs kill villagers. I was down to 3 by the time I went there yesterday checking on them, and I know I had at least 7 a coupe of weeks ago, and that they were having babies, a first for our server where other players have really struggled trying to get their villagers to reproduce.

How to prevent further deaths and still retain aesthetic integrity... I elected glass dyson dome. Yes, I know, my default sux and you guys have cool mod packs, go suck it, ok? Also, I turned down an offer from an architect on server to turn all that into an invisible barrier. I spent DAYS collecting sand and smelting it into an uber treasure of glass blocks and then HOURS yesterday placing all those, there is no way I'm throwing all that work away for one fell swoop of invisible barrier. I want people to SEE the work I put into that, sheesh.

Oh, you noticed. 😋 I'm mocking the economy by converting the temple into emerald blocks. The entire village will slowly convert into a fun little place, but for now, it's mostly just on hold.

I probably shouldn't reveal his whereabouts, but what the heck.

Couldn't resist.

And since we are the BEN clan...

And I got a little subtle, this is a fave Ben Stiller character.

There are a few more. OriginalSteve apparently got mobbed, but Jeff survived

along with a couple others I didn't name and don't think are cool enough puns to share, so. OH, and BenedictCumberpickle is gone, too, wah. Oh, well. It was a cumbersome name... get it? Nevermind.

I'm a bit rankled last few days and kinda cranky online, but so is everyone else irl in between crying jags, so I don't feel like talking much. I know people wanna help, but I can't handle when it comes from all sides. I can't pretend to be sweet when I'm going pure shutdown and all I see through the flames is other people not listening to what I really really need, like an hour of quiet time, because y'all don't see a very busy tiny person zooming around my house and I'm just trying to stay sane without small talk making me crazier because I'm on the edge of internal meltdown. The autie stuff I read doesn't even begin to cover this level I live with in my own head and begs off with too much disclaiming and redefining, and I'm here to say hellz yeah I'm obsessing because it's my frickin escape from flaming everyone into charcoal. Escapism is real and it's good for the soul. And relationships. Plunging into rabbit holes keeps me from blowing everything up between me and the people I love while I'm having trubba coping emotionally because I'm in core meltdown and hard shutdown and the words don't come out my mouth and fingers right in real time. The only way to stop it is for *me* to stop talking, and that's what I need to do.

This was me last night not doing /abandomallclaims and deleting moc off Jawn's hard drive. My mood was horrible.

I've gotta go do stuff. You guys have fun.

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