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Thursday, May 25, 2017

brain coffee

click for
4 Ways Coffee Can Keep You Mentally Sharp
not paid to link that, just wanted the graphic
take the info with a grain of salt
don't drink a whole pot and wind up in ER with palpitations
I've done that
but I bet their coffee is awesome
Here we go, some counterbalance. Click it for a good Forbes article. This is all real. This is why I stop at 2 cups in the morning now.

You guys know coffee is my last big addiction. I've stopped a couple of times, once for a whole year, but it's really hard when you wake up feeling like crap and need that kick start and can't have any sugar. Click this next for a delightful collection of coffee love.

For people who love techanese and #allthethings and being super smart, click this next pic for a fantastic article.

I love this quote- "Most experts discard the idea that caffeine can be seriously addictive in the vast majority of people. Likewise, it's not very deadly. Sure, 100 cups of coffee in four hours could kill you, but you'd likely vomit or have other physical reactions long before reaching the lethal cup."

Pretty sure I'd be having some pretty outstanding arrhythmias by my 6th cup...

click for a National Geographic article titled
Coffee: Millions of Years of Poison and Brain Manipulation
and that is based on the original article titled
How Caffeine Evolved to Help Plants Survive and Help People Wake Up
(foodie alert)
Wording helps me wake up. Research clicking, image linking, speed reading, and word construction are my measure for a good day. If I can do all this before coffee, or with only one cup and completely forgetting to get a second, I know it's going to be a good day.