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Sunday, May 28, 2017

I have failed this city

I banished myself to my room for the rest of the weekend. My biggest challenge is not being able to Pinky in real life. btw, all pix click to sources.

So it was like when the Master kept hearing that beat over and over and it drove him mad. I just had to turn that off. Statcounter is gone, the blogger page count is gone, it's all gone.

In the interim, I lost it over a cupcake joke and turned something tiny into something really big and stupid, and all sifted out, I'm pretty sure the root of the big meltdown was pain management fail and me trying to keep covering and doing instead of timing out earlier and saving us all a lot of awkwardness.

It's been a long chilly very damp spring during a tough life change event now being loomed over by an impending death event, and I broke away from my focus into meltdowns left and right. I've gone back to super core dark corner on the ol' PTSD coping skillz, and I'm basically just not talking to anyone.

But I am reading the internet. It's a nice compulsion in a pinch.

Sorry, got distracted, but this next click is so worth getting lost in.

I'm not sure when I'll turn Pinky blog back on, but I'm still in here.

:edit: 5-29-17 I meant to stay banished longer, but I got a sweet inclusion in an official autie blogger list, what kind of timing is that. The cosmos kicked my butt right back out there.

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