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Saturday, May 27, 2017


Hi guys, quickie for my subs.

Pinky blog will be going dark for a few days.

I didn't mind a page opener app from one person tacking on 10 auto hits a day. I didn't mind it eventually happening several times a day. But when it continued over several months, I publicly addressed it, and it immediately changed to a different set of posts being hit in the same rhythm. Ignoring it inspired this activity to happen more often, and now, after giving a couple of other trubba makers some attention this week, Pinky blog is being super pounded with several hundred hits a day (from ONE person), always in the same pattern, always the same pages, over and over and over. If I were able to verify an IP address on a tracker I'd have already had it blocked from being counted, so whatever head game this is, Pinky is getting pretty tired of it. You guys know I like clean stats, and one person is taking the fun out of it for me.

I'm not sure yet about the direction I'll take going forward. Obviously, making a new blog won't put an end to it if this person is subbed and watches my medias. With nothing else to go on, this is looking a lot like a very unhealthy jealousy problem, because the posts that have been opened over and over all this time have virtually nothing in common. I don't want to make any other personal judgments because it's so easy to be very wrong about stuff.

I know what you're going to say- this is letting another person win and numbers don't mean anything, like I always say, right? That's exactly the part I'm going to be working on while Pinky blog is on vaca. Numbers obviously mean nothing any more if people all over the world like messing with me, and most of you all are so incognito now that it doesn't even matter. Basically, this is me directly telling another person Hey, take a break and chillax. I mean, if someone is that intent on round the clock hammering, then maybe a cold turkey rug yank is just the ticket.

This will go out automatically to subs in emails before I pull Pinky blog from public this evening. Thank you so much for being part of my #amwriting journey so far, and I hope we continue in future. Have a great weekend. 💗

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