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Monday, May 1, 2017

~one weekend later~

2 pounds. *poof* Also...

I finally found a way to move 3300+ files off my phone onto Jawn, and my next step in that process is to move all that onto storage disks, flash drives, backup hard drive, whatever it takes. I was loathe to use pinterest because once they're in someone else's storage, I really have no control over whether they stay available for my own use, like if the national grid collapses after North Korea dirty nukes our atmosphere or something. I don't trust the cloud, and even though I use multiple host servers across the U.S. and even around the world, I know ALL of that could be gone in an eye blink. Local hard copy will be a fallback if the world ever goes boom and crashes for any reason. After watching servers go down during hurricanes, yeah, that. The public is largely unaware just how huge the digital storage market is, and how much money changes hands over it. Doesn't mean it can't be lost, like photos in floods and fires. I'm surprised our hosts don't offer us insurance packages against digital storage loss. I don't mean like phone insurance, I mean like cloud insurance.

I'm on the impossible plane of high speed flat brain, and since the minuscule amount of braining going on is such sigh speed that I can't hold a thought more than a minute or two, I'm mostly ignoring it. I'm aware that it's May now, and that's all I feel I need to know.

Oh yeah, we got my bedroom flipped over the weekend. Major wall to wall reversal that will solve a whole lot of space problems. I love it. It's like having a new bedroom. That was the last big step in my spaceship overhaul reclaiming wasted space. Our lives are so slo-mo in high speed around here. I feel like we're on a rocket ship crazily hurtling through a long empty stretch between galaxies. Sometimes we feel how crazy it is, but we're stuck in this time lag and process it all very slowly. It's been almost two years since I wrote that post.

The rest of my brain is gummed up. Let's find a vid and get outa here.

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