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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


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Needed a break, took a hard fast dive into the nether regions of Yablo that no one really knows about. Before all the blogging stuff, before Bluejacky, even before Janika, Yablo was that deep dive into obsession, burying my brain in repetition and thought and rarely surfacing for air. Very few people have ever seen that part of me, but one post did come out of it.

Things I've learned about life from playing solitaire

That's right, I'm a hard core solitaire/free cell junkie. Like these people. Only I don't rig my games for solvable. I take them ALL on. Those people with 90%s are people who set up for solvable only. Babies. I take the brutal road and carve out my 30 and 40% niches against #allthegames while I think.

I also discovered I had let my realms expire, so I got those updated and started a new singleplayer. The way I play now is so very different from a year ago. I've gotten so much done in survival and haven't even died yet.

Colors and music, colors and music, colors and music, and hours going by while I think. Thanx to Microsoft Windows 10, my free cell activity is recorded on my YabloVH account. Years ago, before computers, I carried a pack of cards around to help me handle my anxiety, and I'd play solitaire in between chores. I still get chores done, so some of my free cell games look like they take forever because they time those, that's me up doing stuff. Unfortunately, I don't stream my singleplayer, so you guys don't see me playing. I have friends who stream all the time, plus I follow other people who stream. I don't talk much while I play, if at all. I never do actual real chat on discord like some of the moc players do. I've been really surprised how much I've interacted in the chat screen on this new server, actually. I went months without interacting outside of my town on the old server. It's kinda funny to think about, since Yablo was actually the most prolific with forum interaction compared to all my other user names. But yeah, when I go under, I'm Yablo, and if you don't see me, I'm *thinking* while I play.

And lately while I'm under, I'm digging Djs from Mars.

Yablo is wanting to get busy on the web sculpt again whenever I get back on moc.

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