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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Atlantis- remembering where we came from

I failed to mention yesterday that @bonenado forgot to grab his big go cup of coffee heading out the door to work, so that was coffee fail 3 days in a row around here. I'm tentatively  holding off on saying today is back to normal until I get confirmation.

Now that I'm sleeping way better, I rarely remember my dreams. Sometimes, though, I still remember one here or there quite vividly, and I'm clearly not done with my puzzle yet. I point blank showed myself something in my dream last night and I don't get it this morning, so I think there is still something way in my head I haven't pulled out and dealt with yet.

In the meantime, I guess those red hair blue eye things that go around facebook are erroneous.

This looks really cool, but I'm not ready to make the time for it. I'm still too obsessive to get involved yet. You can click that to go try it if you want.

Today is my Batman's birthday!!! Would you believe I don't have a pic of his mama when she turned four? That was one of my roughest adult years ever, the year I stopped sleeping and leapt wildly off a cliff where no one could follow. My memories are still sketchy.

I know some of you out there feel like parenthood fail and you've got little kiddos exponentially ramping that guilt, but I survived to tell you that 1- fail isn't permanent, 2- people don't hate you but they are worried and that kind of stresses everyone out more, and 3- everyone surviving fail can become wonderfully close, loving, and forgiving. I'm here to see my Batman turn four, and that is important.

Be here to see your futures, ok? Life gets good again, gets sweet and kind in all the right places, and probably the more so because we learn where not to step next time.

p.s. Everyone goes through that parenthood fail feeling anyway. I think it's part of the learning annex course on this planet.

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