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Friday, May 5, 2017

cinco de medrol

Was looking for inspiration in flashback posts on this day going 3 years back, but I see every Cinco de Mayo is a short post day for me. So, nothing long! That is today's inspiration.

Neurologist is confident nothing 'bad' is going on, but since I'm experiencing almost functionally interrupting feelings of pressure under my skull at the tippy top of my spinal column (still no pain, huzzah!), he said I could try a steroid burst (5 day medrol pack) and a different kind of muscle relaxer that helps control spasms due to spinal column disorders. I've never in 35 years experienced this sensation without nasty headaches and all kinds of referred spiky pains, itching, and numbness, so I'm hoping that's a good thing and means progressive healing that physical therapy finally broke through to. Or some weird fluke. Whatever. But what's a good thing without more med experiments?

So this week, since my glucose levels will be blown outa the water with the medrol pack, I'll be checking several times a day and super restricting carbs. Also, given my history with muscle relaxers strongly affecting mood (week long weepy jags, laughing to @bonenado about how I'd stab him if I were holding a knife {and meaning it}), I'll only be taking it under supervision. As healthy as I'm becoming, and as good as I've been handling living with depression, I'm still not taking chances on that unreal floaty feeling where I watch myself like a doll.

I do NOT like black coffee. Guess what I'm drinking, lol. @bonenado is off today, so I'm hanging out with him. It'll be fun. I'm sure I'll yap his ears off on this medrol pack.