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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I'll take a Tuesday with a double shot of Monday in it

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Continuing this week's coffee surprise theme, I forgot to get the grounds ready last night, @bonenado stumbled out and half blindly put the water on anyway, I stumbled out and cleaned all that up and made actual real coffee while he was putting his contacts in, and my entire coffee operation looks sparkly clean and brand new now. Coffee is a tad strong, but I'm needing it. I forgot that one doesn't just cut off a medrol pack and had a funny afternoon contorting over chairs on ice packs. Blood pressure came down beautifully, though, so I broke the rest of the days' pills in half and took them and then actually slept more than 5 hours. (15 total now in 3 days, yay!) I'll have to remember the 'in half' thing if I ever do this again. I have never tapered well off medrol. I think in past I had to break pills and drag it out a few days at much lower doses.

Wo, was looking up funny memes and when you click this back to source, I think that gobbledygook means it got censored or something. I love it because cheese. *runs off to get some cheese*

Other very stupid and laughable things give that some extra laugh heft, but it's not Pinky stuff, and even though it would boost reader hits galore, that's not how Pinky rolls. I've decided I'm content with my page opener enthusiast, and btw, it's not you, person who commented last time I brought that up. Different country, sorry.

*cheese wafts into brain*

This kid.

They recently moved their wiki, looks nice. I think it's important to share that I'm capable of making $50 in one day off punkins now. I doubt anyone I play with reads that, so no one knows what in the world I'm talking about. When a moderator says they're going to tear down their operation and look into trying your style and then everyone comes out with 'come see my auto-farm' (I don't even auto-farm), you know you've arrived.

Ok, clicking brain into place. After a 2-month hiatus, I did a money and calendar sync yesterday, everything still holding even after a long-term set up and no peeking kind of thing, yay! So even when I feel like brain fail and can't deal, I can trust myself to make sure it doesn't fall apart. That's been a long time coming. The dissonance between how I feel I'm doing inside and how I'm really doing outside is growing, so I'm getting really good at faking or something. I don't actually live the daily faceplant fail that used to be my modus operandi, even when it feels like I do. My neurologist did a short term memory test on me, told me to remember apple, table, penny. A little way into the exam I blurted that I was frustrated that I could remember apple and table and not the other one (having pictured minecraft apple and table, right?). He said coin, I automatically said penny. I haven't forgotten them since, and my memory is actually very good for someone my age, despite the very real brain fail I've been through. However, everything my life is like that, stuff falling out all day long and me staring at empty slots wondering what was there. I'm just really good at dealing with it because I've lived this way so long. People still say "Remember the time when you exited onto the wrong ramp and went down a highway backward?" They still let me drive. Anyway, I think minecraft, and particularly the added interaction on Mo Creatures is helping me retain, remember, and stay on track in the background more amid constant disruption, so my brain feels much more agile than it used to.

Another player named a villager after me. 😄

The headache is strong with me today, nothing terrible (yet, hopefully topping out as we speak), so I'm going back to bed. Who knows, that might just work.

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