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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Baby Barry probs

Reeling through TV this week-

Penguin- YOLO, right?
Jim- Illuminati, buddy, watch your back.
Bruce- *falling to his knees like Doctor Strange* Teach me!
Evil Bruce- Wait, I thought *I*...
Ivy- *calmly composting bodies into her breakfast cereal*
Harvey Bullock- can't facepalm any harder than that man over and over and over
Barbara- dem shooz, gurl!
Butch- YOLO (oopsie)

*Cecile untangling the whole mess of info dumping into her lap*- Y'all know this could be solved real quick if you'd just go knock off Baby Barry...
*Killer Frost upon discovering the plans to knock off Baby Barry*- I'ma go tell Savitar on youz guyz
Iris- Gimme a minute... *weighs Barry mess against having Eddie back, her family safe, and getting to live*
Vibe and HR- Sorry buddy, we couldn't argue with that.

Doc McStuffins
Pickles- I'm in a yard sale!
The gang- We'll save you by sewing on a green button for your nose!
Pickles- Yay, I'm saved!

That's about it, I haven't seen much more than that so far this week.

I made a Thunderbird monument on a red sandstone plateau in Mo Creatures though. Yes, a copy from Kai's realm world. Real diamond, gold, and redstone blocks mostly all mined from scratch. I finally got tired of waiting and bought the last 3 or 4 blocks' worth.

I've got this cd. This music played in my mind the whole time I was making that.

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