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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

meanwhile, irl

The grass across the road is waist high already. Time to make some hay, but I don't think anyone cuts it any more. The irises popped out for Mother's Day and then a couple weeks of hard rains pounded them right out. First fleurs out since all that are the lilies.

Don't let this fool you just because it's by the house and looks pretty like that. It's a spider tree. I live in Mirkwood.

I think about a lot of things every time I walk by that tree. First thought is Snarkalecs because lichen, but after that is a slew of thoughts about moss on the north side, life in a microcosm, and everything I've ever heard about bark like teas and deer and salicylates.

That little guy thinks he found a good spot... It's amazing how far seeds travel, because there isn't another cedar around my front yard. I don't know if squirrels or spiders or gnomes do that, but it reminds me of the ents on Mo Creatures always 'redecorating' my yards.

Someone got a sandbox. I grew up in a whole desert of sand, so this cracks me up.

Looks like this farmer is about to hit the big time with the archaeological find of the century.

I am so jealous of these.

Somebody likes to cook. I heard he helped make quiche from scratch. Batquiche.

Proof that our little blur stood still for something, but it took several tries.

Literally wrestled her into this dress. Does *not* stop moving. Took 2 people.

And we wait.