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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

brain before pain

I haven't done a boring assessment in awhile, how's it going in my life? Let's look at all the things. Or I'll look while you wander off and find cute animal vids or something. Go get mad at Trump, that seems to be more interesting to some people. I can't keep up that kind of momentum without collapsing into ennui and malaise, so I'm going to dink around with numbers 'n stuffs.

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Took some time, but my blood pressure is finally controlled again. I've got a new monitor that I compare against the old one, and they pretty much agree this morning that I'm around 118/78. They usually disagree by 10 points on the bottom number. I'm going to take them both in today when I see the doctor and find out if either one of them is close to right. I've had the Omron Intellisense since 2012, and this new one is a comparable Walgreens brand. Part of the problem, I think, was the old one clocking me 10 points below reality and I wouldn't take my BP med right, and over several weeks that probably allowed me to super screw myself into miserable. BP meds aren't like pain pills, you don't just pop one and expect results. Takes a couple of weeks of regular dosing to see actual results, and then continuing that to see whether it's working reliably. I used to dream of getting off BP meds, but my doctor told me it'll always go back to heart rhythm anyway. I'm one of those PVC/PAC people, constant bumps and skips even without the SVT. They get disruptive enough to wake me up, so I walk a line on meds that holds my pulse rate just above 'dizzy'. So far so good. I have relatives with pacemakers.

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Lotta cracking going on down the ol thoracics since the medrol pack, so time to get on stabilization again methinks. This has been the weirdest year for not staying on track very well and still making the biggest gains. I'm already cutting the muscle relaxer down very slowly, hope to be off regular use by the end of June. Yep, one of those big warning thingies, watch the mood swings on it and don't stop suddenly or pain reaction probs. It was wonderful in a pinch, but daily use seems to be affecting apneas, so definitely can't get lazy on this one. Slept an awesome 8 hours last night (6 on CPAP), and my report is showing my apneas double doubled. Not cool. Brain before pain. That's my new motto. Also, my first appointment with a certified massage therapist outside of physical therapy is this Friday. I will have a new person outside of official medical notation helping me monitor how I'm doing. I'm on my own now. It's up to me to hold those gains.

click, etc
Big leap to social media. Watched my klout score drop into the 50's. I (amazingly) coasted very slowly into that over several months as my twitter impressions dropped from 200K/mo to 20K/mo, and my facebook just about flatined. Happily, I was able to correct from that lowest score in 4 days flat once I made the decision to care about it.

I still don't have apps on my phone, but I did make it to The Flash live tweet last night, yay! 😄

Bets are on now over whether H.R. or Julian might've used the hologram device to take her place. I'll be honest, I sincerely thought Killer Frost was about to step into that Evil Barry suit and do it herself, but I don't read social cues well and saw a tweet fly by later about her eye color being Caitlin's, so... who knows. Joe's scenes about killed me because I'm there. That's me standing there watching my kiddos now, ready to do anything for them, but dang it, he chose NOT to shoot Good Barry to save his daughter from Future Evil Barry, so he and I can't be friends yet. I'd have taken that shot, but I'm kinda meaner than Joe is.

And  what about you guys? Twitter lets me see 'organic' analytics, which means the followers I personally cultivated and weeded through, and thanks to all our devices sync sharing all our things back to everything we do, twitter allows me to see what your lives look like.

For instance, most of you are college and middle aged

and married

and own your own homes,

over one third of you have higher educations

and good jobs

making a decent living

and living in nice places. (I get a few Pinky blog hits coming in directly from multimillion dollar street addresses in posh neighborhoods, which I prefer to think of as innocence around internet savvy, but twitter doesn't really make a big deal out of that kind of stuff.)

Most of you are foodies like me

and dig the entertainment industry like I do.

And don't worry, this is the closest I get to your personal info from twitter.

Look at the time! Need to run out my door now. Where's my run out the door music...

*multifandom playlist*

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