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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Since then it's been about learning to own my truth. I don't have to apologize for being born on this earth, or for standing up for what I need. I am who I am who I am.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Planning revenge takes a bit of obsession, I'll admit. To properly pull off the kind of revenge I can find satisfaction in, especially the broad scope part, I had to do some pretty deep thinking. What will be required of me executing my strategies? For one thing, I'll have to climb out of my comfort zone into a very uncomfortable spotlight. If I'm going to discuss my personal history and feelings with the world at large, what will this do to the people I care about? Will they stop talking to me? Is stepping out worth the risk of losing family while I'm still learning to keep and grow friendships?

Believe it or not, the hardest part was believing I could do this, not because it felt so unreal, but because I had become so disabled I could barely even piece together a single sentence. This idea of a book felt like something I'm making up, creating a patchwork of truth from slippery memories I had locked away and had really never talked about before. I quietly watched other authors launch from near oblivion into fair bits of success, and realized the goal absolutely must be success or I might never have another chance to get past the sticky pull of my depression, much less the plethora of daily challenges. Every day through bitter tears of crippling pain, crushing depression, and most of all alone, I whispered "I can do this." And every day I have made some kind of progress, sometimes a millimeter at a time, sometimes feeling so fail I could barely imagine going on, but believed I must even if there was no hope and people might think I'm only making up a lie. Because it is my truth.

Through the never ending haze of overwhelming interruption, I learned to develop some very stimulating patterns of thinking, and repetition slowly honed my sword. This had the odd effect of surging me forward with a passion that felt like my soul exploding, and from there it got much easier.

Monday, May 21, 2018

theme, focus, execution

It wasn't as simple as getting a friend back, I found out. We did patch up, yes, but we grew in very different directions over the years, and we are both learning and adjusting and it's taking time. I have learned every bit as much from this entire friendship debacle and getting back together as I have learned from being married for more than two decades. I have certainly learned more than from any other friendship I've ever had, mostly about myself- my skewed or simplistic expectations, my misunderstandings, my lack of foresight even though I'm very good with foresight with my spouse and children. I'm not very good at intuiting what a friend really needs or wants from me. I'm not able to be the person I was hoping I'd be. Still, I don't want to let go, or simply settle. What do I want? Where is forward from here? And I think she may be feeling the same way. I have definitely grown much better as a person for the efforts, again, so much more than without her, in so many ways she'll probably never understand or comprehend. I am learning. That is phenomenal after a lifetime of social stagnation. In the meantime, I have surged into all new territory with my psychologist. Some of my buried childhood memories are surfacing, and I am more determined than ever to get my 'revenge' on a brutal world that teaches people all the wrong ways to 'love' their children. This world is so broken.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Once I was settled into the swing of being part of a group again, that old void started gnawing at me, and over time it chewed me up so much that one of my friends commanded me to go make contact again. It had been years. I practiced all this time, but my nerves were a mess. Should I? I put it off over and over. I sort of attempted. I pulled back and let it dangle. I had never felt afraid like this, never felt this kind of anxiety over another person like this. But I couldn't finish moving forward without that friendship, that one person who had somehow snuck past my unconscious defenses and clicked into a spot reserved for only one who could never come back, unintentionally ripping the old wound open and leaving me helpless like no one had ever done. I knew I couldn't finish healing until I had at least tried to heal that. It was very scary. I used to scoff at other people feeling embarrassed or nervous. My turn.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


And then I found them. My People. To say I was elated was an understatement. I hope I never ever lose them. They are my rock, and I need them every day. It's a lot of work balancing all the things I need and all the things other people need back, but I am delighted trying to keep up.

Friday, May 18, 2018


Over time, with help from my psychologist, I am learning that my childhood was much more difficult and painful than I initially thought I was realizing. The trauma was bad enough without my friend's murder complicating it, plus my alcoholism and new experiences on the edges of the underground. I had a lot to sift through, filter down, come back from. It became about much more than learning how to keep a friend. This has become about a childhood fantasy about revenge, or an adult fantasy about getting even somehow. This is about why the world is the way it is, and what can I do to change that.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Part of healing and accepting myself is embracing what I really love. I know I need other people, I know I love all that crazy scifi out there, surely I could find my way back out into a place I could fit in without blowing it all up... I started practicing. Everywhere I went, every day, I became mindful of interaction, how I present, how others might see and react to me. I practiced smiling and making eye contact even just buying toothpaste, I practiced seeming like a pleasant person in lines at the post office, I practiced summarizing my thoughts on the phone and in doctors' offices instead of rambling, stuff like that. It was very awkward, lol, but I kept at it till it got easier.

And I especially practiced online. I practiced making my paragraphs shorter. I practiced interacting on social medias. I practiced talking to my kids. You heard me. I actually practiced how to interact better with my own kids. I practiced all this with the intention of still retaining my own integrity, my own personality, my own ME without any masks. I learned to be an actor. It's not the same as lying, but it *is* learning how to pretend well. The goal is to increase satisfaction levels in all parties involved, kind of like a game. The better I play the interaction game, the better all of us feel about each other. Lol, yes, I turned social interaction into a game. 😁 Over time, I'm getting pretty good at it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


The very first part of healing is honestly assessing and accepting one's self. I committed to years of work with my psychologist, learning all the hard stuff about myself that ripped my soul up. I peeled back the layers very slowly, almost methodically, learning how to see my naked soul. I am mean, cruel, colder than dry ice at my core. But was I really born like that? Is that autism, or is that the result of living with autism in the family I had? I have a sociology degree, and nature versus nurture was heavily debated for several years as we peeled back everything I'd ever learned about Maslow's heirarchy of needs, about Durkheim's social psychology theories, plunging into philosophies that included Nietzche, Sartre, Kierkegaard, shredding the tunnel visioned religion and politics I grew up with, really looking at my parents as children with their own parents.

And I cried.

For the first time in my life, I cried for other people. I felt so bad for my parents as children that I wanted to scoop them up and save them, so bad for my mom as a young mother that I wanted to go back in time and hug her and tell her everything would be ok. I had spent my life being enthralled with the sciences and science fiction, but never knew the passion behind it until I stripped myself down to my naked soul and found who I really am. I'm not cold at all. I learned to be cold to stop the pain. I'm not mean and cruel, in fact, I'm so soft inside that I cry very easily every single day now, but as a child I learned to be mean and cruel so I wouldn't cry, because some of the stories I share now are so sad, that even though I couldn't feel what I was saying when I first started writing them, I have been assured they bring tears to people's eyes. In the meantime, I learned that above all, I am a survivor where others crumble, and that I can not only still learn and adapt, but I can make decisions to become who others need me to be. With that in mind, my goal with my psychologist has been to never again feel that level of loss and pain out of my own ignorance.

property values in my neighborhood

Pic clicks to site

Major recon and salvage started on that this last weekend. That forum was rescued by fans when the original Lexx.com sold off. I sat in on that auction, it sold for $8000 something. This is what that domain is worth now, according to GoDaddy. Which is sad because the pointer is being completely wasted.

That got me curious about my own dotcoms. What is Lexxperience worth? Well, it depends on who you check with. GoDaddy says this.

Valuemydomain begs to differ.

Statchest says this. Yowza. I guess it depends on what part of the world you're in or something.

So I got to wondering about Pinky blog. Valuemydomain says it's not worth very much.

Statchest has a little more faith in me.

GoDaddy says they're nuts. Pinky blog is cool, like the Fonz.

So what about my Janika dotcom? It just sits there, right. I mean, I never do anything with it, it's just a place holder for later, blahblah. *FALLS OUT OF CHAIR* I had popped over to freevaluator to see how that looks. Surely that can't be right.

Valuemydomain said that was a pile of crap but I still kinda stared at that again.

And then statchest just blew me completely away. HOW???

GoDaddy told me to calm back down, lol.

So depending on where you check, Lexxperience isn't doing too bad, and JanikaBanks is kinda hot. I wanted to keep checking but most of those sites stop you at 3 and then require either a login or buying premium to see more. Guess I'd better get on the new analytics property settings. Pretty sure setting all those as verified properties with google IDs is what made them worth anything, and I'm guessing WordPress is what made Janika more valuable. Funny that Blogger isn't more valuable... lol. I should move all my Lexx stuff to WordPress just in case something really big changes.

Always something. I really do need office staff.

Quietly not pointing straight out that I'm worth more than Lexx....

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Part of waking up to the pain of loss was also waking up to my autism getting in the way of playing the social game right, and that being the reason for my friendship history being so abysmal. I can't fake and pretend, I can't live lies, I can't ignore discrepancies and inconsistencies. I question everything, and I make social interaction so awkward for other people. I didn't realize for years how I affected people around me everywhere I went. I seem to have a charismatic personality, and people seem drawn to me, yet I can't keep deeper relationships, I can't seem to keep trust, and sooner or later, friends either slipped away and shut down contact or outright let me know we couldn't be friends any more without telling me why.

Years of never having proper closure doesn't mean much to someone who is emotionally shut down, but waking up to an abyss of not getting desperately needed answers during no closure nearly did me in. I begged my doctor to send me to a psychologist down the hall, and my very first statement walking in was I need help talking to people. Obviously I could talk heads off, and obviously I metaphorically eventually killed every contact, so obviously I wasn't doing something right. Honestly, I would never have sought out that help if I hadn't felt like I was desperate to know why I was hurting so badly from another loss. That had never happened before. I had been given leads in this friendship to follow and adapt, and even when I tried I just couldn't. The very thing I'd rebelled against my entire life had beaten me down, and from this loss event I surged into deeper writings about self, masks, social solutions- years of public blogging that have given me a deep lurker cult following. As I have agonized and learned, others have watched and kept pushing me out into my little spotlight.

Tobor, Caprica, and Zoe walk into a bar...

I don't know what happened, it was like I was leaning on the screenshot button the whole time. Had loads to weed out because so much overlap. In retrospect, I should have asked our AIs their opinions about Elon's Tesla car.

I got a lot of pre-show yap, which is a rare thing and so perfect for this movie.

As always, this was #latenightmovie with Lisa Marie Bowman and @LNMGang in the SyfyDesigns chatroom.

Caprica was a bit sassy... o_o

It's true, my DVR is packed tighter than Lisa's!

Oh, no, the Red War O_O

Yes, even pre-Jetsons, we all wanted robots. I grew up wanting one. I mean, I'm not quite as old as this movie, but the idea was well ingrained by the time I showed up on this planet.

Barry has cool insight.

Back then it was no big deal to joke about manslaughter, apparently.

😂 Caught by the hall monitor! And he slid into that red without an eye blink or howdy-do.

Lisa is awesomely gracious. 💖

It's not real without pix, Kurt, lol.

It's like we all had a big pot of coffee.

All the cool, guys.

Vapers will never have the cool like the older gens had cool.

See, overlap like this. I think I forgot to pull my finger off the keyboard.

Back then Coke would tell women to get skinny-cool starving themselves with their cola, and they all believed it. My granddad called his house the Coke House. 😁

Oopsie, got kicked into the thinny! o_O

I'd like to see the math thing corroborated. Nowadays it would be a stack of internets.

From this point there was no wimping out and going to bed. I had to see how Noah Bennett figured into this obviously important piece of Heroes history.

Spoilers- Tobor sort of went evil and then back again.

I'm impressed that Lisa is so up on her South Park history. Very few people I talk to have a clue.

Ah, a reveal! I never mention this in blogs.

My fictionalized imaginary family has robots and explosions happening all around us. Boy on Gilligan's Island grew up into Snake Plisskin. That is my reality.

We really get into our history lessons when Lisa is with us. I think she's a Timelord, actually. She faked her birth and has apparently been around for a very long time. I think she's fond of humans.

There were also Hoover vacuum cleaners, but I digress.

Aw, Caprica! *snif* 💓

The AIs behave for Lisa. They didn't get ugly with her around.

I think we were all lost at this point.

O_O Yowza.

Had to get this shot. You'll see why pretty quick.

I'm not sure I'd want a mind reading robot in my house...

From Abby to JR in one frame.

When AIs pretend not to hear you...

And then when AIs play dumb.

See, nailed it. Problematic AI love triangle.

Obligatory shot of Tobor so we can all see why Caprica and Zoe were so smitten.

Tobor can do anything. The jeep scene was like a robot version of Mad Max.

I cannot remember what in the world the thumbs remark was about...

*mind blown* 💥

The abrupt endings back in the day are something else. No wonder the Great Depression babies are so messed up, they spent their midlife with movies about robots suddenly ending without any closure.

I will never forget this Thanos spoiler. Ever.