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Sunday, May 6, 2018

/b/ a unicorn

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I forewent buying my usual bag of chocolate chips this last week and everything has gone all to hell. Well, I'm doing great managing and juggling and accomplishing, even organizing, but I'm mentally smh (any interpretation on that works just fine) and accidentally doubling or skipping coffee, and once that slippery slope sends me slithering sideways surreptitiously (I have honestly never used that word before, I hate that word because it's used far too much in all things print- seriously, do you ever hear anybody actually use that word in real life?), nevermind, went off course and I no longer care if I properly finish that thought or sentence.

~ the next day ~

I could go on about how cool it was getting my own radishes out nearly all by myself in a number of years and everything hurts because physical therapy but look at me go, or I could just drop it and move on.

Not sure how I'm doing it because super fail on several fronts, but actually remembered to get my own daughter's Mother's Day fleurs ordered before the blackout dates (nothing like having a child right on top of Mother's Day and not one florist would get flowers to her after a really rough delivery 5 years ago and I have somehow mixed up my days ever since), and I can't even with the rest after so much dealing last month. I'm closed for the rest of this month.

Ok, not shut down entirely, just not dealing with any more gooey sappy reminders of sad for awhile. Done with sad. The hangover after finally processing a big sad leaves me nothing for anything else, so this month I am hiding from the world party in a metaphorical bathroom.

I need my chocolate chips back.